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Our Side of the Strike by seriousitee
Our Side of the Strikeby yes indeed homo
(Completed) Manhattan newsie Spades Giovanni is one of the most observant (and VERY obnoxious) newsies there are, allowing her to see flaws in the system that the others...
Newsies one-shots by F_writes_alot
Newsies one-shotsby F
Believe me: it (might) get better after a while. I try to have a equal amount of angst and fluff, but there is a high chance that there will be more angst since I'm mor...
Newsies One Shots by Runner_Weirdo
Newsies One Shotsby RW
《C O M P L E T E D》 Uh... Newsies One shots... pretty much it...
Newsies Imagines by heliads
Newsies Imaginesby heliads
Collection of imagines about Newsies Live from Broadway. Right now, characters include Race, Spot, Specs, and general Newsies. Feel free to leave a request!
POV You Steal Spot's Cane (Spot Conlon x Reader) by ishouldprobstop
POV You Steal Spot's Cane (Spot Co...by ishouldprobstop
A game of truth or dare gets you in a lot more trouble than you expected.
New Boy (A Javid Story) by musicalnerd1423
New Boy (A Javid Story)by Alley
Davey Jacobs was the new kid. And boy, did he hate being the new kid. His whole life, Davey had gone to private school but now, since his father hurt his leg at work, he...
I Never Planned on You // Davey Jacobs by criskearbs
I Never Planned on You // Davey Ja...by Khione
I hate writing summaries. Just read it. Please. You probably won't regret it.
Kairos | Newsies: The Broadway Musical by evermorejordans
Kairos | Newsies: The Broadway Mus...by evermorejordans
KAIROS | "The right, critical, or opportune moment; a propitious moment for decision or action." In which a female newsie and the daughter of a publisher join...
my erster (racetrack higgins x oc) by tswiftiegirlsgirl
my erster (racetrack higgins x oc)by Multiple_Fandoms<3
Ten years ago in 1889 there was a little girl at the age of 6 running away and her name was Emma. Emma ran away from her abusive parents and she ran into the infamous J...
Destructive - Newsies | Sprace by SomeFormOfWriting
Destructive - Newsies | Spraceby SomeFormOfWriting
Winter. A time of year the newsboys of New York City wish they skip over. It got cold- real cold. Newsies all over would start showing signs of sickness within the first...
The Strike (A Newsies fanfiction) by peaches_the_fruit
The Strike (A Newsies fanfiction)by peaches
It's basically the Broadway Newsies, except it's told from Race's POV. Also some Sprace (Spot x Race) stuff.
How To Save A Life by Teddy006
How To Save A Lifeby Teddy006
Racetrack Higgins has lived a fairly normal life for a New York newsboy. That is until Jack brings home a new kid. Danny Glaspy. Danny or Stut as the boys start call...
The Truth About The Moon (Jack Kelly x OC) by -girlinyellowdress-
The Truth About The Moon (Jack Kel...by 🎼𝒜𝒷𝒷𝓈🗞
🎶 Moon. A natural satellite of the Earth. Latin name: Luna. Hundreds of thousands of miles away from here, no signs of water or life or atmosphere. This is the truth ab...
Courage by yourbrothercrutchie
Courageby yourbrothercrutchie
"What about your pal, Davey, and his baby brother, ripped from their loving family, and tossed to the rats..."
Love Will Do What It Does by pandafangirl2
Love Will Do What It Doesby Rose
The strike is over, the Newsies are hawking headlines once more, and all seems right in New York City. Jack and Katherine's relationship is going steady, and they're bot...
My Erster ~ a Ben Cook story ~ DISCONTINUED by newsiesnerdandarmyy
My Erster ~ a Ben Cook story ~ DIS...by Just me.. :)
'I blushed as he smiled at me from across the table. "Hi, I'm Ben, I play Race and I'm the understudy for Crutchie. Nice to meet you." "You too." I s...
Newsies Imagines by AbbyReads03
Newsies Imaginesby AbbyReads03
**SLOW UPDATES** Newsies x Reader Imagines/One Shots If you have any idea for an imagine, don't hesitate to send me dm or comment in one of the imagines. I can't promise...
Life With the Newsies- One Shots- OPEN to OCs by PineapplesAndPapes
Life With the Newsies- One Shots...by Aisling Kiley
A collection of one shots starring everybody's favorite newsboys. These will be Modern AU's, Post-strike, Pre-strike, and other ones post 1899. I would love to do a cast...
Jackine one-shots by JackKellyscap
Jackine one-shotsby JackKellyscap
I know, I'm really late to the Newsies fandom... this is just a bunch of Jackrine one shots.
wouldn't you like to know by bizarrelilbrunette
wouldn't you like to knowby bizarrelilbrunette
An eager Brooklyn newsie is passionate about the newsie strike in Manhattan and falls in love along the way... (Albert DaSilva x oc) book 1 "you tryin' ta get yers...