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TWICE x Reader ~ One Shots by jjajiki
TWICE x Reader ~ One Shotsby Tsf
TWICE x Reader ~ One Shots. ~ I've tried to not specify the gender of the reader in some chapters but there're a few in which the reader is a female. ~ No smut included...
100 Days Military (Satzu) ||completed|| by TZJJANG_CHOU
100 Days Military (Satzu) ||comple...by CHAEYUNIE
*Completed* Genderbend😉 Highest rank #38 in random and #74 in fan fiction. (ongoing) Sapphires??
terrible chat room ➵ twice by puppyjeong
terrible chat room ➵ twiceby puppyjeong
warning: this group chat is a mess
Highschool love story ✔️ by Secretive_Trasheu
Highschool love story ✔️by Trasheu
🔞Trigger scenes🔞 Full of bullying and unsuitableb for someone who love peace. A twisted story of teenagers falling in love in highschool. Never ending chasing and gett...
Who we are by myouixson243
Who we areby myouixson243
Myoui Mina is a very shy high school student who is having a hard time navigating her way around her senior year after a terrible accident she had. Then enters Son Chae...
Beauty Sleep // Chou Tzuyu✔️ by -jihyology
Beauty Sleep // Chou Tzuyu✔️by 𝐢 𝐬𝐮𝐜𝐤.
The beautiful, Taiwanese maknae of Twice has died in her sleep. The group, Onces, and the JYP Entertainment Family are devastated. Chou Tzuyu is no longer able to occupy...
Dangerously In Love (MiChaeng) by PengMi
Dangerously In Love (MiChaeng)by Pamela K
Highest ranking: #3 in fanfiction as of 07/08/18. She ended up broken. Not sure if she's willing to let someone in and fix it.
Sixteen, What Happened Behind the Scenes by quotingkpopandmore
Sixteen, What Happened Behind the...by quotingkpopandmore
Sixteen, the fierce competition to become part of a girl group. We all know the out come but what was their relationships like off screen? Who were couples? Who were riv...
Twice's 10th Member •Slow Updates• by Imagodfightme
Twice's 10th Member •Slow Updates•by [REDACTED]
Follow the adventures of Lee Kyungji a former trainee who is added into the popular girl group Twice as she faces the challenges of being an idol in one of the most popu...
Are We Meant To Be? (Completed)  by 11Hara_Lee
Are We Meant To Be? (Completed) by Hara
Highest ranking in random #725 Are We Meant To Be? (gxg) Have you ever imagine what would be like when you are a Kpop idol but stuck up in arranged marriage? Impossible...
twice rant ➵ book 1 by puppyjeong
twice rant ➵ book 1by puppyjeong
SEPTEMBER 29 - OCTOBER 13 2016 BOOK 1 OF TWICE RANT ____________________ rant book about twice and also a once-can-relate book behold - i can keep you updated with twi...
Twice Imagines | ×OPEN×  by Tudeungie-jjang
Twice Imagines | ×OPEN× by 🏳️‍🌈
Imagines from your faveorite member/s of Twice!
{TWICE SATZU} Do you still love me? by SmolHappyChaeyoung
{TWICE SATZU} Do you still love me?by SmolHappyChaeyoung
Tzuyu is on vacantion is her homeland Taiwan. But when she comes back, everything changes... what happend to Sana unnie? Why is she hanging so much with Dubu? "I n...
Mina & Chaeyoung ➳  MiChaeng ✔ by httpstwiceu
Mina & Chaeyoung ➳ MiChaeng ✔by naomi
michaeng meets in a ball and falls in love
Dancer | MiTzu | Complete by arcraeiou
Dancer | MiTzu | Completeby Zyren
She's new and apple of the people's eye. --- She's been here and she's been through alot. --- She's a beauty of the place. --- She's the dancer of the Underground.
Please, Just Hate Us by RainDrop-13-
Please, Just Hate Usby RainDrop~
A war that lasted 25 years and happened 50 years ago, has brought the world to where it is today in 2100. Vampires were discovered to exist in 2025. The vampires were hu...
Please, Love Me by RainDrop-13-
Please, Love Meby RainDrop~
The community is thrown into chaos upon hearing of Mina's escape. No one knows how it happened or when even. However, it becomes a problem when a series of deaths occur...
Twenty Days With You | 2Yeon | Complete by arcraeiou
Twenty Days With You | 2Yeon | Com...by Zyren
"It was a nuisance, this shouldn't be happening. I hate her, she's annoying, too clingy, too handful.Yet she helped me.." She muttered,"But that days are...
I'm Here For You by RainDrop-13-
I'm Here For Youby RainDrop~
Snsd, top stars... They have it all. Famous looks and so much more. They are known almost everywhere. You'd think that they have a perfect life, but they do have 1 probl...