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Beauty And The Beast | Kadaj X Reader  by Kittywriteshorror
Beauty And The Beast | Kadaj X Rea...by Kittywriteshorror
Kadaj X Reader Was It Beauty That Killed The Beast?
Kadaj's New Story by Angelic_Silverette
Kadaj's New Storyby Out haunted
If Kadaj were to survive the fight at the end of Final Fantasy Advent Children, and out of Sephiroth's control, what would his new life be like? Will Cloud and his frien...
Dominant Reader Insert. by NihilisticIre
Dominant Reader Insert.by "Stacey" HR.
As the title says! Dom reader inserts, though not exactly dominant in the BDSM way. Just a more take-lead reader. I really wanted to write a book with such a reader due...
Kadaj X Reader And Yazoo X Reader by Kittywriteshorror
Kadaj X Reader And Yazoo X Readerby Kittywriteshorror
Kadaj X reader and Yazoo X reader
Remnants of Sephiroth X reader  by Kittywriteshorror
Remnants of Sephiroth X reader by Kittywriteshorror
Vol. 2 of.. Kadaj X Reader Yazoo X Reader Loz X Reader
Tainted Wings by SharkFace97
Tainted Wingsby Camme
[Written in 2009] Skylar was born with wings, which was a plus, until she was kidnapped by Christopher, a scientist with plans to create a new species. He took her from...
Kadaj's love by one_winged_ayaya
Kadaj's loveby one_winged_ayaya
After getting his heart broken Kadaj meets a girl that makes him think about his actions.
Kadaj x Reader Baby Daddy by Kuro_nee-san
Kadaj x Reader Baby Daddyby Kuro_nee-san
I'm finally (after 5 years) bringing my Baby Daddy over from DA...
Posion, Love and Choices by StarrLilyyyy
Posion, Love and Choicesby mσkσ
Kadaj was the remnant of Sephorith. Felicia was the sister of Reno Sinclair. What happens if those two cross paths. Will they try to kill each other or will something e...
Final Fantasy Short Stories |  (2016-2017) by FantasyStories14
Final Fantasy Short Stories | (20...by ✨fαитα✨
This is a book filled with random short stories of Final Fantasy characters that just come to mind, hehe. ^_^ From Final Fantasy VII to Final Fantasy XIII and even Dissi...
Kadaj X Reader by RemnantFan
Kadaj X Readerby Kadaj_Lover GONE
"Let me go, you freakish old monster!" I shout, as the grip just gets tighter around my neck. "I shall not let you speak to a leader that way!" The...
Feel It All by KiiKat92
Feel It Allby Betty
"Kadaj always knew where to go. Kadaj always knew who to look for. Kadaj had the entire city on the tip of his fingers. Kadaj always knew who to ask. Kadaj had alwa...
final fantasy 7 scenarios by Snakes21
final fantasy 7 scenariosby Snakes21
characters Cloud Reno Sephiroth Genesis Angeal Tseng Zack Kadja, yazoo and loz Vincent valentine Rufus Shinra Barret Tifa Yuffie Aerith Jessie Rude
}{ Final Fantasy + Kingdom Hearts }{ Sea of Boys without a Paddle by ChesireCatXIII
}{ Final Fantasy + Kingdom Hearts...by Scary Girl
This world isn't like those in fairy tales. It not just some simple romance and love at first sight. Women aren't seen as important as men, only tools that do housework...
The Revenants    -Final Fantasy VII fanfic- by MushkaQuiroa
The Revenants -Final Fantasy VI...by P-Twice
Three years have passed since Deepground attacked. Marlene, now twelve years old, ponders how everything has changed... for good. But who knew that a visit to the church...
Kadaj x you by MiniLatte13
Kadaj x youby MiniLatte13
Its after the whole story, you meet Kadaj. It takes him a while to warm up to you, but... when he does, its a match made in heaven!!
Final Fantasy: Better Than I Know Myself | Yazoo's story (2016-2017) by FantasyStories14
Final Fantasy: Better Than I Know...by ✨fαитα✨
(My first story on Wattpad . . . Oh my.) *.~.* Through out Yazoo's story of love, loss, grief and fear, he's finally come to realize that Serah Farron, is the only one...
Character X Reader Short Stories (Final Fantasy 7) by RemnantFan
Character X Reader Short Stories (...by Kadaj_Lover GONE
A lot of people must have a fictional crush, and would like a story with them in it. Well for FF lovers, you can get: CloudXreader, SephirothXreader, KadajXreader, Zack...