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LIKE LIKE || Walker Scobell by DanceQueen14
LIKE LIKE || Walker Scobellby s <3
IN WHICH Cover artist and self proclaimed bad tiktok dancer Evangeline Graystone goes live on tiktok to answer questions. She ends up confessing to a celebrity crush on...
The Three Tier ✓ by yuktsakaria
The Three Tier ✓by Yukta
What's the best way to begin a new year in highschool? Staying quiet and doing your homework, being invisible and hoping that the school year finishes without any probl...
Creature inheritance (On Pause) by AlphaSlytherinQueen
Creature inheritance (On Pause)by AnnSlytherin
Harry Potter always thought he knew who he was. This changed one night when he came into a creature inheritance. Harry Potter characters are not mine I do not own harry...
Our Llittle bunny. by Btsarmy_ot7_78
Our Llittle BTS ♡
In this story taehyung and jimin is married and have cute baby jungkook.. Further you will know in the story. Hope you will like it. Ignore my mistakes. Don't copy my wo...
Texting Jimin by _amxnx_
Texting Jiminby amxnx
Park Jimin, who was secretly known as Loverboy, launched an online service for helping out students with their crushes. And you, the popular girl, who was rumoured to h...
Cedrick Salazar: Hiding The Billionaire's Twins [✔️] by Urdebaclepen
Cedrick Salazar: Hiding The Reese Kim
"I still love you even though you don't know me anymore." Amel Rose Ortega is a woman with a desire for a happy family, ever since her father died when she was...
Not Who You Think by 0Aratay0
Not Who You Thinkby Aratay
Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Fred, George, Luna, and Ginny have being working in the shadows against Dumbledore since the start of the Triwizard Tournament. They thoug...
BE RED by dalkomhan_shots
BE REDby 🐰
Sung Han Bin Kim Gyuvin Han Yujin Arranged by Dalkomhan_shots Start : Aug 1, 2023 Published date : Aug 1, 2023 End :
Time Turner Mishaps {Under Editing} by JcBelle32
Time Turner Mishaps {Under Editing}by JcBelle32
"It's one of my many talents. Pranking, annoying you, and being a pillow." "You can add kissing to that list." ~ ❈ ~ In an attempt to impress Davina...
I Want You, Obviously by MsQuinzel
I Want You, Obviouslyby octøpussy™
Jordyn King has been a player for a good portion of high-school. That is until someone catches her eye-Kamryn Jackson. Kamryn Jackson is your average nonchalant teenage...
Knock on our  destiny  by AuthorEleanor
Knock on our  destiny by Eleanor
The love story of a trio these 3 girls a incomplete without each other they love everyone and they all are kind soul these three girls fell in Love with 3 best friend...
You Belong With Me || Yang Jungwon by Xia_Taex
You Belong With Me || Yang Jungwonby >]Xia[<
This is a story of Two Best Friends, Yang Jungwon and Kang Jia wherein they need to get married to each other for the sake of their family's happiness... But the thing...
Izuku: Principal's Kid by IceQueenXXI
Izuku: Principal's Kidby IceQueenXXI
( Don't own anything unless I say I do, like PLOT) What will Nezu do if he find's a baby swaddled in blankets at the front gate of UA with potentially a dangerous biolog...
kiss me ✶ charles leclerc  by iheartln4
kiss me ✶ charles leclerc by 𝒎. ౨ৎ
you wear them shoes and i will wear that dress ! - ! ❛ 𝒊𝒏 𝒘𝒉𝒊𝒄𝒉 two childhood best friends realise they may be something more
Heart of Crystals by Berlykate
Heart of Crystalsby BerlytheBookworm
"Always have to get in my way, don't you?" The girl sneered coldly. He shrugged sending her a knowing grin, "I guess I just can't resist trying to capture...
When the sun and the moon collide by Bloodyinspiredk98
When the sun and the moon collideby k
What happens when fate pushes two people together. Asir Imran walks by the coffee shop and meets Maha Malik and her two best friends After recognising her years later, t...
The Artist and His Art (PPG Series #1) by urfavoritehunyo
The Artist and His Art (PPG MARIPOSA
For her, Love is like an Art that you express how you feel towards someone. It's like a painting or sculpture that you saw in an exhibit. You will feel the emotions, and...
La verdad... (guapodouxquackity) by _usmex_
La verdad... (guapodouxquackity)by O_nieves_O
Nieves busca trabajo y no encuentra un mejor trabajo que ser cuidadora de la esposa del matrimonio de lange o de Luque ya que casi no puede hablar y está en silla de rue...
Tomb Robbery Chronicles Eng Sub (盗墓笔记) Daomubiji by Hannahlou620
Tomb Robbery Chronicles Eng Sub (盗 Hannah lou
The grave-robbing adventures of Wu Xie, a young man hailing from a family that had been tomb-raiders for centuries."Always believe in science" said wu xie even...