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The shadow's truth (Fang and Kaizo) by NURAZANI
The shadow's truth (Fang and Kaizo)by NURAZANI
Fang becomes corrupted and learn the truth about Kaizo. ~Just for fun so don't sue me~
~Ejen Elemental~[on going] by WhiteFalcon_XP
~Ejen Elemental~[on going]by F@lc0n
-____-____-____- Ali is one of MATA Agent who uses Iris, created by his mother and (____). Although Ali has been bullied by the other young agents, he doesn't look sad a...
[Boboiboy ĐN] Chị gái của Boboiboy  by Alena_william
[Boboiboy ĐN] Chị gái của Boboiboy by Howell Jenkins
Mình viết để thỏa mãn bản thân, thỏa mãn trí tưởng tượng thôi, nên các bạn đọc xong cảm thấy không thích, đừng có ném đá vô nhà mình, mình quạo là mình ném lại á _______...
Boboiboy Shitpost Book by _Amethyx_
Boboiboy Shitpost Bookby emotional damaged
Warning: Theories, Foreshadowing, Cursing, and indefinite sarcasm. Leaf is trying to figure out what shipping means. Solar is too embarrassed to help.
{Ramenman x Kaizo} Cấp dưới, đi theo tôi! by KhnhNhi000
{Ramenman x Kaizo} Cấp dưới, đi th...by Khánh Nhi
Ramenman và Kaizo, là một trong những thành viên của TAPOPS. Tuy nhiên, từ khi Kaizo vào làm ở trụ sở thì Ramenman lại có một tính cách hoàn toàn kì lạ, đến nỗi Kaizo cũ...
Past Tense: Kaizo X Reader by JhanSa
Past Tense: Kaizo X Readerby JhanSa
Y/N and Kaizo were married for three years. Threy have one child boy named Cavin. The couple lives in their space ship and they said their lives would be better if they...
Our Past And Present Together by Qianyu17
Our Past And Present Togetherby Qianyu17
Amaterasu, the Sun goddess drops a single drop of her tear, and from it bloomed a magical golden flower. But evil wants this precious gift from God, and someone has stop...
Do you even Care? (Fang and Kaizo) by RoselineHatsune
Do you even Care? (Fang and Kaizo)by RoselineHatsune
Fang envy Boboiboy who had loving twin siblings (Even though that is him, just permanently split into 7) while he claims that Kaizo never loved or cared about him.
Soul Wings [Boboiboy Fairy AU] by Pearlshadow
Soul Wings [Boboiboy Fairy AU]by Nightlight/Pearl
Two myths laid among the Fairies of Seasons. The myth among family. A myth not as rare, though neither is it so common. The Familiar Eyes, of which the color of your ey...
I need your Love (fang x boboiboy) by Misshangel
I need your Love (fang x boboiboy)by WinglessAngel
what if boboiboy likes fang... while fang was confused whether he likes boboiboy back...he always says to himself that he's not gay and he will never fall for boboiboy...
Operation: A Death Wish (A FangBoy FF) by Aquarius03Egnar
Operation: A Death Wish (A FangBoy...by Shadow
Would you fulfill someone's wish, even if they asked you to kill them? (Might not be fully FangBoy (?)) (At least that's what I think) (Is it rated mature? I have no ide...
Mission for Us by tupaioren
Mission for Usby ish.
A Power Sfera Universe's fanfiction. Disclaimer ; Boboiboy and Mechamato belong to Monsta. A surprise visit from the Armoured Hero shocked the team, especially the leade...
A Family's Past, Seperation and Reunion  by Qianyu17
A Family's Past, Seperation and Re...by Qianyu17
During the begining, there lived thirteen siblings in harmony. After the incident,two of them went away. Fang, one of the siblings went to another place on Earth, Pulau...
Master x Slave by Neko_Equinox_112
Master x Slaveby Neko_Equinox_12
Quake is kidnapped by Kaizo! The siblings panicked and tried to find a way to save Quake. Without them knowing, Quake was treated like a slave by Kaizo! Meet new charact...
Loving you is Suicide by Aisyah_stern
Loving you is Suicideby NuraisyahMohdMizzan
A boy,age 13,had been a slave to his own brother. He been tortured so badly and then been sent to planet earth in a haunted house. There,he found friends that willing be...
I'm Sorry Love ( Fayi FF)  by prixponi
I'm Sorry Love ( Fayi FF) by blackrose
This story take part after boboiboy season 3 episode 26 ( from original series) Fang proposed ying but she said something which make him hate her and leave the planet b...
Mr. Right || Kaizo X Reader  by writethv
Mr. Right || Kaizo X Reader by Ray's Emo Haircut
Tapops Academy, a very popular academy which every teen power sphere holders has to join to make themselves perfect. "Kaizo, I have a new mission for you but this...
Adventure Word by chowulli123
Adventure Wordby
Gimana jadinya boboiboy dan kawan kawan masuk kedunia ninja, gara gara ochobot salam mengirim mereka, apalagi setibanya mereka dikejutkan dengan apa yang dilihat merek...
BoBoiBoy ( New Adventure ) 📖 by Thalassophile_2125
BoBoiBoy ( New Adventure ) 📖by 𝒯𝒾𝓈𝓎𝒶 🦋
Boboiboy and his friends got a new mission , which is to help all of the Laskar Station crews to track and save all of the Power Spheres . A little son and dad moment as...
Boboiboy Headcanons by Draculaura8
Boboiboy Headcanonsby Saiko
According to fanlore: Headcanon (or head canon, head-canon) is a fan's personal, idiosyncratic interpretation of canon, such as habits of a character, the backstory of a...