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Will they be KarEena?!? by Lost_soul_yuki
Will they be KarEena?!?by Lost_soul_yuki
Imagine that Karishma Singh was assigned Mission Jeet in place of Anubhav Singh and she had to trap HM in her love.
KAHO NA PYAAR HAI 💕 by Helloiamthere
KAHO NA PYAAR HAI 💕by Helloiamthere
This story doesn't contains any pedophilia or anything. This is just a cute romantic love story of our Beloved KarEna who's main concept is AN AGE GAP which doesn't even...
❤Teri Meri Kahani❤ by yukti_x_inspiration
❤Teri Meri Kahani❤by yukti_x_inspiration
This story is based on a friendly and flirty girl KARISHMA SINGH who will fall in love with a sweet and humble police officer HASEENA MALLIK..But what will happen when s...
Maddamsir:KarEeena: Prem Mein Tohre.. by overthinking019
Maddamsir:KarEeena: Prem Mein Tohr...by ᗩᗩᖇ丅Ꭵ ❤🧿
it's another fiction story on beloved #KarEeena it's a pure fiction.. don't campare it with the real life..
Discovering the Bonds!  by withtherains
Discovering the Bonds! by withtherains
The Story describes the bonds of Mahila Police Thana team (MPT) As well as it discovers few, which we all once wished to see in the show. Note: All the characters are s...
Be Meant To Be by Crazycreature0101
Be Meant To Beby Crazycreature0101
Story of two people who are meant to be, even though they have much differences and story revolves around two different time zone(Past(Flashback story) and Present). Let...
CHANCE AT LOVE  by sofss_17
A love story of KAREENA but in a different style. Haseena who loves Karishma from her college time but Karishma is unknown about Haseena's feelings. A tale of love so st...
Nanad-Bhabhi Series : You are My Beautiful Sin | Kareena {Two Shots} ✅ by _Unknown_creature
Nanad-Bhabhi Series : You are My B...by ___𝐌𝐞𝐫𝐚 𝐌𝐚𝐧𝐧♡︎
If loving my brother's wife a sin then lemme be the sinner. I am happy and proud being a sinner bcz YOU ARE MY BEAUTIFUL SIN💜🦋. _𝐅𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠_ Karishma Singh Has...
Infatuation  by nyctophile020
Infatuation by Skye
Tu bin bataye mujhe le chal kahin, jahan tu muskuraye meri manzil wahin.
This story is based on Madam sir Serial .... but it's different from the Show ... This story has an different Love story of Two oposite people 💕💕💕
Meri Bhabhi ♥️♥️ Kareena x Nannd Bhabhi (Completed) by Maddamsirxfanfiction
Meri Bhabhi ♥️♥️ Kareena x Nannd B...by Maddamsirxfiction
I am here with a new story... Kareena Nand Bhabhi Duo....
Tum Saath Ho 😊 by Maddamsirxfanfiction
Tum Saath Ho 😊by Maddamsirxfiction
Actually this story is based on kareena friendship. In this story u will read how karishma and haseena take care of eachother
Sometimes you fall in love with person who is with you without being with you 😉❤️ ummm nhi smjhe.... to story pdh ke dekh lo smjh jaoge😜 Special thnx to @kareenaxlove...
RAJ PARIWAAR. by SinShinJoyaRimshee
RAJ PARIWAAR.by Kareena x yuki
Ek SAPNA Ek RISHTA aur RAJ PARIWAAR. Note : It's a fanfiction. All infos are not real.
Will anyone understand KS  by MalarvizhiRamya
Will anyone understand KS by MalarvizhiRamya
The misunderstanding between Karishma and Haseena
छल/CHHAL(Mission Behroopiya ) by CoolWeAre
छल/CHHAL(Mission Behroopiya )by CoolWeAre
Anubhav died ,Mission is over ,Karishma knows the truth but is Karishma Fine ? Especially after what happened with her in the past 4-5 months ? Is she really not at all...
Past BFFs- KarEena😍 by so_lo_1997
Past BFFs- KarEena😍by so_lo_1997
this story says abt the past connection of Karishma and Haseena Their thick bond in the past and separation caused by a mere misunderstanding and how they meet after yea...
rula ke Gaya ishq tera ft kareena by storylover2625
rula ke Gaya ishq tera ft kareenaby SB💫
jab do dil salo bad milate hai to kya hota hai 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 it's my third story on Kareena Kya hoga jab do dil Phir se milenge.
mine only ft. KareEna by MSpsycho689
mine only ft. KareEnaby MS.psycho.689
hello everyone this is my first story kareena love #romance #mature scene #jealousy #takrar #language #violence (lil bit) so let's start plz like share follow an...
Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahaan by FreeBird_FreeSoul
Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahaanby Chikorita
Hey! I am not actually a new writer here. As I am a big fan or KarEena, I am writing a fanfiction story of it. Do read my another story 'Ham Saath Saath Hain' at @Bahaar...