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KOTLC- Short Stories by xumillia
KOTLC- Short Storiesby ✶Ordnance✶
Series of short stories, One Shots, fluff, reacts, etc... Some are funny, sad, cute, interesting, et cetera... all with different ships and characters. Some even inclu...
kotlc oneshots! by lipstickcat
kotlc oneshots!by lipstickcat
this is just a little collection of nice moments of kotlc characters that are in my mind. I'll include all ships, friendship or romantic. these are most likely going to...
When Shadows find Light (SOTAM FF) ✔️ by wait-4-it
When Shadows find Light (SOTAM FF) ♬
A KotLC story: Sophie Foster is heartbroken. Fitz has broken her heart, and she's waited too long for Keefe. Now they have Biana and Linh. Dex is happy with Marella. But...
The Burning Light with Shadows (A SOTAM Fan Fiction) by AlwaysStaySunny777
The Burning Light with Shadows ( AlwaysSunny777 _
A KotLC Fan Fiction: Sophie and Fitz lay waiting in the Healing Center, when Linh comes by and manages to help heal Fitz's echoes. Fitz and Linh start dating around the...
Junior Year by kinbee34
Junior Yearby kinbee34
Lauren goes to King, which is the top basketball team in the conference. Camila and Lucy both attend Valley High, who hasn't won against King in ages. Lucy is a new stud...
Keeper of the Lost Cities Ships by LillyJoel
Keeper of the Lost Cities Shipsby LillyJoel
Short stories for all the ships in Keeper of the Lost Cities! I'll be writing everything from popular ships like Sophitz and Sokeefe to ships with only a few fans like L...
Kotlc Texting by -elsbug
Kotlc Textingby ❛ 𝓔𝗟𝗟𝗜𝗘 ❜
Sophie and her friends get phones! This is the third book/writing to Team Sophitz or Foster-Keefe, and A Kotlc Christmas! Read those too!!! This isn't all going to be te...
MY TRULY LOVE by camrenmoooon
MY TRULY LOVEby camrenmoooon
Camila and Lauren have been bestfriends, since age five. They are now in college. Camila is a lesbian who is out and proud and has a girlfriend, Keana. Lauren is in a ab...
THE GARDENER by camrenmoooon
THE GARDENERby camrenmoooon
Camila is the new gardener for the santos couple. When she shows up at the Santos residence, she sees lauren..her old love. Lauren left Camila thinking Camila cheated on...
Hero: Rebirth by elecelecman
Hero: Rebirthby the best is the greatest
Hello. This is a Rewritten Collection of stories I've written from the past. Specifically these are Hero Book 1, Hero Book 2,and Hero Book 3. They are rewritten so now...
See You Later Keana by Mrthadp
See You Later Keanaby StarBook
"Jauh ditempat sana dia sudah bahagia. Jauh di tempat sana dia tidak merasakan sakit yang luar biasa. Dan jauh di tempat sana dia bisa membawa cinta sejatinya."...
Huellas de Lauren | Camren by KarenMoreno719
Huellas de Lauren | Camrenby Karen Moreno
Camila se había mudado a un pequeño pueblo cerca del bosque de Yellolouston. Intentaba huir de su pasado, sus padres había fallecido en un accidente. Un conductor borrac...
A Dose Of Love by bolinhocamren
A Dose Of Loveby bolinhocamren
Hoje vamos apresentar a historia de alguns adolescentes, vamos começar com os melhores amigos: Lauren Jauregui que tinha toda pose de Bad girl mas na verdade era apenas...
MY FAVORITE CUSIN by TristonStafford
MY FAVORITE CUSINby Triston Stafford
A story about my favorite cuz
text at first sight (5h) by backtokeana
text at first sight (5h)by kashish
Dinah Jane Hansen adds 7 girls to one chat. Friendships blossom, and some become more than a friendship. au (this is literally every fan fiction known but im not creativ...
LOVE ME AGAIN by sbtayag
LOVE ME AGAINby sbtayag
Jadine fans read the story 👆
O Anjo (Camren) by dudihahhhhha
O Anjo (Camren)by LoloDacamzCDL
Camila era um anjo rebelde, que quase foi expulsa do céu para o inferno. Mas o todo poderoso deu uma segunda chance para ela. Mas ela teria que se comportar e cuidar de...
KEANA by prlappcy
KEANAby dreams
"Karena kau telah menjatuhkan harga diriku, tunggu alam semesta memberikan hadiah untukmu" -Nairaya keana lingga "Kau hanya seorang lavender. Tapi kenapa...