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Kion and Kovu's Secret Romance by KionTheLeader
Kion and Kovu's Secret Romanceby KionTheLeader
This story happens a few days after the episode 'Lions of the Outlands' from season 1 of The Lion Guard. When Kion meets Kovu again, he finds out Kovu isn't as bad as he...
Kion: Fall from Grace (A Dark Kion Story) by Active_Ace
Kion: Fall from Grace (A Dark Active_Ace
Neglected, abused, over worked and under appreciated. Kion, leader of the Lion Guard is constantly being compared to his sister, Kiara, by Simba. Even through Simba's co...
We Can't Be Together (Kion X Reader) by WhiteLioness123
We Can't Be Together (Kion X WhiteLioness123
You were the only lion cub to live in the Outlands. Working for Janja, you were told that the Lion Guard were the bad guys. Always trying to do good and keep the Circle...
Kion and Kiara: Forever Together by KionTheLeader
Kion and Kiara: Forever Togetherby KionTheLeader
Kion and Kiara had a terrible accident. After seeing Rafiki for both healing and therapy, Kion still gets nightmares about the day of the accident and even gets triggere...
Betrayal by CrazyGracie15
Betrayalby Fire wolf guy15
When Kion and Kiara are in danger and Simba is forced to choose between them, he chooses Kiara, and doesn't even try to help Kion. When Kion miraculously survives, he vo...
Kion & Vitani (completed) by williamsm8
Kion & Vitani (completed)by Matt Williams
Kion is bullied by Tifu and Zuri and tries to commit suicide
The Lion Guard Meets Selena Burns by cookiemonsterRULEZ
The Lion Guard Meets Selena Burnsby Kaitlyn N. Lowe
I was a normal girl in biology class one morning, watching The Lion Guard instead of completing my lab when it happened. I was sucked into the computer screen and into t...
Kion: from the Outlands to the Pridelands by Powersword303
Kion: from the Outlands to the Joshua Evans
From young all kion can remember is his life in the outlands. Nobody knows that Hes alive. but he was gone from the pridelands before he was two weeks old. "Kion&qu...
kion x Fem!reader (Lion Garurd)(lion King) by Moons_love_143
kion x Fem!reader (Lion Garurd)( Moons_love
find out what happends(☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞ Still under editing シ︎
Mystery Girl by AellaRune
Mystery Girlby ~AshCanCreate~
A mysterious new lioness? With powers similar to the roar? On top of that, a coat whiter than snow? Where did she come from and how did she manage to capture Kion's atte...
King Kion and Queen Rani by thelionguard220
King Kion and Queen Raniby TLG 💕💕 .
This is a story about Kion and rani .
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A Warrior's Journey  by djwerewolf666
A Warrior's Journey by WerewolfDJ
Kion is accused of a crime he didn't commit. However no one believes him and by the time the truth comes to the surface. He's gone. Years later a threat to the Prideland...
Kion X ??? by Summerrose133
Kion X ???by Summer Dainty
What if Kion, Rani and Baliyo was siblings. Rani being the eldest, Baliyo being the middle, and Kion being the youngest. The Pride Landers, royal family goes on a vacati...
Pain and Stress... - A KionxFuli story. by Powersword303
Pain and Stress... - A KionxFuli Joshua Evans
Fuli just witnessed her sister die. with no one else to go to, she runs away until she collapses. She ends up in the pridelands but lies about her family and lives a li...
What happened by Diseny_girl
What happenedby Ekram
hazel, and oliva want to play a prank and get kion in truble but it goes wrong and they need to fix things but some thing happens.
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Close to you (Kion x reader) [Sequel] by ShunsGirl
Close to you (Kion x reader) [ R.M.Weasley
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What if Kion was raised by Sãhasi And Ãnanda? by Summerrose133
What if Kion was raised by Sã Summer Dainty
Kion was always abused by King Simba, his mother, Queen Nala, and sister Kiara, feeling pity for him, but what if Ranis and Baliyos parents, Sãhasi and Ãnanda finds out...
Time Traveling Sibling  by FlameboyFiction
Time Traveling Sibling by FlameWattpad
One day Kion was lying down in the Lion Guard when Kiara shows up, they find secret paintings which looked like the one's up in the Lion Guard cave but Kion and Kiara de...
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Kion And Fuli - A love story by KionandFuli
Kion And Fuli - A love storyby KionandFuli
Kion is in love with Fuli, but he doesnt know if she likes him back or not. Fuli does in fact, and struggles with the same question. This story is the story, the most o...
You Can't Run From Fear by ritertw
You Can't Run From Fearby Lord of war
Kion is having nightmares, and weird ones at that. He thinks he is going crazy. But when Kion finds out the nightmares are much more than what they seem to be, he finds...