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Lion Guard Season 4 by WillNinjaYT
Lion Guard Season 4by William Png
(Lion Guard Season 3 Ended and Lion Guard Season 4 haven't came out so i started to dream about it and i decided to try fan-fiction) Lion Guard Season 4 took place after...
Kion and Rani: Coincidence Meet by WillNinjaYT
Kion and Rani: Coincidence Meetby William Png
This story took place after Kion beat Scar and got his Scar from Urshari. But Kion accidentally used his roar in anger causing him to get hit into a river. Will he survi...
King Kion and Queen Rani's Life at the Tree of life by WolfieKingxx52
King Kion and Queen Rani's Life Wolfie.Kingxx52
(Book being rewrote) Kion and Rani's life at the Tree. (Modern English) Kion and Rani's life living at the Tree, but the resurrection of Scar, and a childhood friend of...
King Kion & Queen Rani ( Rulers Of The Tree Of Life ) ✅ by Thalassophile_2125
King Kion & Queen Rani ( Rulers 𝒯𝒾𝓈𝓎𝒶 🦋
Adventures of Kion and Rani as King and Queen of the Tree Of Life with their pride , Day Pride and Night Pride . (If you're someone who never watches The Lion Guard, the...
A Heart's Desire by PrincessGG101
A Heart's Desireby PrincessGG101
When Kion is faced with a mysterious illness, Queen Rani becomes depressed at the fact that the one she loves might die and is unable to attend her royal duties. With th...
Whatever It Takes - A Lion Guard FanFiction by ChekaTLK
Whatever It Takes - A Lion Guard Cheka
A story about the lion guard, after season 3. This story is written with the intentions that the reader has seen the third season of the show. If you haven't seen it the...
lion guard season 4 by absy23
lion guard season 4by absy233
kion becomes king of the tree of life. with rani by his side, he has to rule the tree of life . he loves his family and his wife , rani more than anything or anyone el...
Kion and Kovu's Secret Romance by KionTheLeader
Kion and Kovu's Secret Romanceby KionTheLeader
This story happens a few days after the episode 'Lions of the Outlands' from season 1 of The Lion Guard. When Kion meets Kovu again, he finds out Kovu isn't as bad as he...
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Kion's Betrayal: Revenge of Kion's Pride by SpiderEye-
Kion's Betrayal: Revenge of Kion' SpiderEye-
Kion has been exiled from his home, and with Vitani at his side, he wants blood. This story is on FanFiction.Net Cover by amazingspiderfan110
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The Outlander Siblings ﴾TLG﴿ by FireKilledMe
The Outlander Siblings ﴾TLG﴿by Villainbrine Lives
Kion was just Five Weeks old when Zira and some followers of her's attack Pride Rock while Simba was out with Kiara; having to escape from the coming threat to end the...
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Kion x Rani: Together by AkinRoyal
Kion x Rani: Togetherby Glory Akinsola
In this book, kion and rani will have a forced marrage, but unlike other books, they will start to like each other from the beginning, so.... yeah, lets just see how tha...
Kion and Rani: Kion's Darkside by Keelyirwin22
Kion and Rani: Kion's Darksideby Keely Irwin
Kion has just become king of the Tree Of Life. He has Rani by his side, his friends, and his scar is finally healed. But as the days go on, Kion starts acting differentl...
The Lion Guard: Desire of the Soul (KionxFuli) by IvyTheChee
The Lion Guard: Desire of the Sorry, too much shit happened...
The Lion Guard return to their home, the Pride Lands, only to find out their true place in the Circle of Life is the Tree of Life. They go back and the Lion Guard leader...
The Lion Swap: Return of the Roar by ethomson15
The Lion Swap: Return of the Roarby THE CHILD OF BOOKS
What if... Kion and Kiara were twins? What if... Kion was older then Kiara by a few minutes? What if... Kiara led the Lion Guard? Kiara is the daughter of King Simba, tw...
Lion Guard What If-Kion Grew Up With Rani by amazingspiderfan110
Lion Guard What If-Kion Grew Up Spectacular Spider Fan
I thought of this and its very interesting, so interesting that i didnt put it in my other lion guard book Possibility, where i take a look at scenarios for the show. Bu...
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Unexpecting Love A Kion/Fuli Fanfiction by FulitheFastest124
Unexpecting Love A Kion/Fuli FulitheFastest124
Fuli continuously has dreams about Kion. She soon realizes her dreams mean something, but she doesn't understand what they could possibly mean. Kion and Fuli could never...
Kion and Kiara: Forever Together by KionTheLeader
Kion and Kiara: Forever Togetherby KionTheLeader
Kion and Kiara had a terrible accident. After seeing Rafiki for both healing and therapy, Kion still gets nightmares about the day of the accident and even gets triggere...
Kion X Vitani: Unlawful Love (On Hold) by Jakeskell
Kion X Vitani: Unlawful Love (On Jskell (INACTIVE)
Kion is the leader of the Lion Guard and has dedicated his life to the Pridelands. Though when he falls in love with someone his farther hates, he has to make the decisi...
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The Lion Guard Kion X Fuli stories by PrincessGG101
The Lion Guard Kion X Fuli storiesby PrincessGG101
These are stories about Kion and Fuli that I've found on the Internet. As you can probably already tell, I am a HUGE KionXFuli fan. I'll do my best to keep posting and f...
The Lion Guard Season 4-Legacy of the Night Pride by amazingspiderfan110
The Lion Guard Season 4-Legacy Spectacular Spider Fan
With Kion as king of the Tree of Life with his mate Rani, things are looking very bright for everyone at the Tree of Life. But being King isn't the easiest thing in the...