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Tyrant's Lover | Taka x Reader by Gaywoo
Tyrant's Lover | Taka x Readerby Gay. Woo!
Growing up, you were friends with the two Prideland Princes. You left for a couple of months and come back to Taka's behaviour totally changed. Can you figure out what's...
The Outlander Siblings ﴾TLG﴿ by FireKilledMe
The Outlander Siblings ﴾TLG﴿by Villainbrine Lives
Kion was just Five Weeks old when Zira and some followers of her's attack Pride Rock while Simba was out with Kiara; having to escape from the coming threat to end the...
Kion and Kovu's Secret Romance by KionTheLeader
Kion and Kovu's Secret Romanceby KionTheLeader
This story happens a few days after the episode 'Lions of the Outlands' from season 1 of The Lion Guard. When Kion meets Kovu again, he finds out Kovu isn't as bad as he...
The Lion King Chronicles: Nala's Tears {Editing} by adelaide_angel
The Lion King Chronicles: Nala's Allison Joy
Nala is born the daughter of Sarafina and Jahi during the reign of Mufasa. Her cubhood days are spent alongside Simba, Tama, Kula, and Malka. The five of them spend thei...
Kion's Betrayal: Revenge of Kion's Pride by SpiderEye-
Kion's Betrayal: Revenge of Kion' SpiderEye-
Kion has been exiled from his home, and with Vitani at his side, he wants blood. This story is on FanFiction.Net Cover by amazingspiderfan110
The Lion Guard: A Dark Secret by CheetahpawTheFastest
The Lion Guard: A Dark Secretby Cheetahpaw
A long while ago before Kion's Lion Guard was made, Nala had a friend, a very close friend. This friend's name was Nirmala. After a forbidden romance, Nirmala was forced...
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A Heart's Desire by PrincessGG101
A Heart's Desireby PrincessGG101
When Kion is faced with a mysterious illness, Queen Rani becomes depressed at the fact that the one she loves might die and is unable to attend her royal duties. With th...
Tree of Life Or Has It Just Begun by Sergeant_History
Tree of Life Or Has It Just Begunby History's Sergeant
Prequel to Tree of Life Love at War. After the Battle for the Pridelands, Kion earned a Venomous Scar via Ushari and needs to seek healing at the Tree of Life. Kion orig...
Lion Guard What If-Kion Grew Up With Rani by amazingspiderfan110
Lion Guard What If-Kion Grew Up Spectacular Spider Fan
I thought of this and its very interesting, so interesting that i didnt put it in my other lion guard book Possibility, where i take a look at scenarios for the show. Bu...
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The Lion Guard Season 4-Legacy of the Night Pride by amazingspiderfan110
The Lion Guard Season 4-Legacy Spectacular Spider Fan
With Kion as king of the Tree of Life with his mate Rani, things are looking very bright for everyone at the Tree of Life. But being King isn't the easiest thing in the...
What If-The Lion Guard Season 1 by amazingspiderfan110
What If-The Lion Guard Season 1by Spectacular Spider Fan
I will explore a few universes that exist out there in the multiverse. You will see a bunch of things like, what if fuli was evil, or what if Kopa came back (but not as...
Whatever It Takes - A Lion Guard FanFiction by ChekaTLK
Whatever It Takes - A Lion Guard Cheka
A story about the lion guard, after season 3. This story is written with the intentions that the reader has seen the third season of the show. If you haven't seen it the...
Tree of Life Love at War by Sergeant_History
Tree of Life Love at Warby History's Sergeant
Things are peaceful at the start with their families but as soon as they return, old enemies start a war with the Tree of Life only with limited amounts of recourses, th...
Life In The Tree Of Life by ZuLL_Was_Here
Life In The Tree Of Lifeby ZuLL_Was_Here
This Story Is After Kion Announced As King Of Tree Of Life And Its In Zootopia Universe.I Decided To Make It Cannon As Possible And Not Following The Other Book That I C...
The Night Pride: Season 1 by ChristopherTLGFan
The Night Pride: Season 1by Disney Wattpad
Kion is now King of the Tree of Life ruling alongside Rani. A year later, the Murder of Rani's parents returned to the Tree of Life seaking revenge
Clouded Mind part 3 #9 by PrincessGG101
Clouded Mind part 3 #9by PrincessGG101
Fuli has finally decided to leave the Pridelands and find her long lost friend and leader, Kion. Scar determines to make it as hard as possible for them to take back the...
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Kion and Rani by Smokeoutthought
Kion and Raniby mexican_guy
This is a story about kion and rani a year after the coronation not copied but idea comes from multiple people if u think I copied you hit me up and I'll tell you there'...
Yuki: The Lion King by BiancaEvans2
Yuki: The Lion Kingby LegolasG5*
I am sure you have all read or watched the Lion King. But have you heard of Yuki Nala's and Simba other best friend. This is a story of how they meet Yuki and how she jo...
Peace for the Soul ~ A Lion King Fanfiction by Warrior_Poetry
Peace for the Soul ~ A Lion King Warrior_Poetry
"Ushari, now!" "No Kion!" "Stop, No!" 'Please be alright' The Pridelands have been at war for many years. Kion has been through much to mak...
The Lion King: The Rightful King by TheAverageWriter13
The Lion King: The Rightful Kingby TheAverageWriter13
It has been three months after Kiara and Kovu's adventure. Everything is now back to normal. For the past months Kovu had been tagging along with Simba and his lectures...