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Kion x Rani: Together by AkinRoyal
Kion x Rani: Togetherby Glory Akinsola
In this book, kion and rani will have a forced marrage, but unlike other books, they will start to like each other from the beginning, so.... yeah, lets just see how tha...
TREE OF LIFE: KION AND RANI by Fanfic___Stories2009
This is my first lion guard story so this will start off when kion and the lion guard reached the tree of life and Nirmala is starting to heal Kion
kion and rani's  reign  by Southernmoonlight
kion and rani's reign by Eli playz
this story takes place the the day after kion becomes king of the tree of life. NOTE : I'll refer to the tree of life as the tree in this story.
Kion and Rani: The Twist by JawsonProductions
Kion and Rani: The Twistby 100% Original Username
What if, The Pridelands and Tree Of Life were at war? Going all the way back to Ahadi's fathers, Mohatus, reign as king, The Pridelands had been an enemy to the Tree Of...
a future life by fierce_lover256
a future lifeby subramanian
hey guys this is a sequel i have thought about for a story read to find out .
kion x rani: Our Love Is True by Southernmoonlight
kion x rani: Our Love Is Trueby Eli playz
it's been a year since kion became king along side rani everything seems like it going great for the king and Queen until someone from rani's past renters her life. read...
Young love (Kion x Rani) by tHeEmOhAsIrA
Young love (Kion x Rani)by Giyuu Tomioka
Kion has to pick a mate depending on there personality and how they help him on his way to the tree of life
The Lion Guard: Season 3 Reimagined by Fictionknight2
The Lion Guard: Season 3 Reimaginedby Fictionknight2
A reimagining of the Lion Guard Season 3 and Prequel to Lion Guard: King of Life introducing new characters and reimagined characters as well as a proper main villain fo...
The Night Pride: Season 3 (Final) by ChristopherTLGFan
The Night Pride: Season 3 (Final)by Christopher Kal
2 Years has passed since the series premier of the series. The Night Pride are now on new adventures, with an old face that the old Night Pride has face many year ago, Z...
Kion and Rani have cubs by forestcaller123e7
Kion and Rani have cubsby Saanvi J. Hud
Kion and Rani Have cubs. But it turns out it isn't as easy as it looks. Protecting cubs are hard. Many old enimies come back from the past. And the person who's behind i...
The Lion Guard Season 5: Divided and United by amazingspiderfan110
The Lion Guard Season 5: Divided Spectacular Spider Fan
[SEQUEL to "Legacy of the Night Pride"] Kion, Bunga, and Fuli are seperated from the rest of their team after a suprise attack from a clan of fire lions. With...
Gone, But Not Alone (A KionxRani AU) by Kingdom_Of_The_Free
Gone, But Not Alone (A KionxRani Kingdom Of The Free
In this story, Kion and Rani meet in a different way. After an accident occurs, Kion finds himself far away from home. After an accident occurs for Rani too, she finds h...
So in this story here are the main points Kion is Swahili:The God of Africa reverted to a mortal lion. The pic above is what Kion looks like in his Swahili mode There ar...
The lion king 4: Lexi's story by Thelionking_leah
The lion king 4: Lexi's storyby Princess Leah
This story is about kion and rani's cub alexia (Lexi for short) and about her Adventure as a princess and finds her king Zack who is a shadowlander. Read to find out wha...
Kion and Rani life by KionxRani319
Kion and Rani lifeby lionguard
This story takes place after the coronation of Kion, Kion and Rani fall in love over time, but an evil lion named Kimba tries to get into the tree of life and seize it...
Kion : The Recovery by TudorVETEAZUL1
Kion : The Recoveryby That One Annoying Guy
Overworked. Abused. Neglected. This was Kions life before he finally left the Pridelands, a thing he would have never thinked of if it wasnt for his father. He didnt eve...
Bookishalice's KION AND RANI by bookishalice211
Kion has become the new King of the tree of life. This is his and his mate, Rani's story.
The Lion Guard: Destinies Combined by BrackishTheAnimus
The Lion Guard: Destinies Combinedby Storm_Flower
When Kion and Rani have a litter of cubs for the first time, Kion is still trying to get used to being a father. But worse then that, Kion is also forced to choose-Pride...
King Kion and Queen Rani's Life at the Tree of life by WolfieKingxx52
King Kion and Queen Rani's Life Wolfie.Kingxx52
(Book being rewrote) Kion and Rani's life at the Tree. (Modern English) Kion and Rani's life living at the Tree, but the resurrection of Scar, and a childhood friend of...
The Lion Guard-A Brand New Generation By: Mj (ON HOLD) by Kalia23498
The Lion Guard-A Brand New Mj Sumg
Kion and rani's work get harder when they have kids. What will Happen to the twins? What kind of secert will be told? I do NOT own the characters and pictures used in th...