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Tears that stain a cheetah's face #1 by PrincessGG101
Tears that stain a cheetah's PrincessGG101
Legend has it that if a cheetah cries from a certain emotion like joy, sadness, pain, etc their tears stain their face. Kion and Fuli start to have feeling for each othe...
Kion And Fuli - A love story by KionandFuli
Kion And Fuli - A love storyby KionandFuli
Kion is in love with Fuli, but he doesnt know if she likes him back or not. Fuli does in fact, and struggles with the same question. This story is the story, the most o...
The Lion Guard: Desire of the Soul (KionxFuli) by IvyTheChee
The Lion Guard: Desire of the Sorry, too much shit happened...
The Lion Guard return to their home, the Pride Lands, only to find out their true place in the Circle of Life is the Tree of Life. They go back and the Lion Guard leader...
The lion guard vs Scar by PrincessGG101
The lion guard vs Scarby PrincessGG101
Scar is back and he has a plan. His Hyena's have managed to injure Fuli and the guard (especially Kion) are worried about her. This makes Kion realise that he might actu...
Is Kion Dead Or Alive #2 by alextheprotector316
Is Kion Dead Or Alive #2by Alejandro Guard
The Pride Lands Got overwhelmed By outlanders and Kion and Fuli & The Lion Guard Must figure out how to defeat all the Outlanders to save the Pride Lands.
Lion Guard Rogue One by ZuLL_Was_Here
Lion Guard Rogue Oneby ZuLL_Was_Here
Hey guys this is my second TLG Fanfic and sequel enjoy
Kion x Fuli love  by Gryffindor_Gurl101
Kion x Fuli love by Dynamic_Mayhem
Fuli gets jealous when a new lion cub has a crush on Kion
Lion Guard-Tragedy and Loss by amazingspiderfan110
Lion Guard-Tragedy and Lossby Spectacular Spider Fan
The characters we know and Love Like Simba, Nala, Kiara, Kion, and everyone else have Happy Lives. But out there in the multiverse, some are not so lucky. Some experienc...
Return of Kopa #4 by PrincessGG101
Return of Kopa #4by PrincessGG101
Kopa returns to the Pridelands and he wants to be king. With the help of Scar and the hyenas, Kopa drives his parents and the Lion guard away. How will Kion take back th...
Kion x Fuli - is she the one for me { under edit} by OutKDCgamer
Kion x Fuli - is she the one for KDC
Kion is trying his best to be a great king and mate to Rani but all he feels like is that Rani only wants him because of the roar not of them raising a family and be a c...
Love Across The Stars:A KionxFuli Story by amazingspiderfan110
Love Across The Stars:A Spectacular Spider Fan
This takes place during season 1. Fuli has a problem with dealing with her past, and Kion wants to help her. But along the way they fall for each other. But another girl...
Unexpecting Love (Sequel) Stuck Together A Kion X Fuli Fanfiction (DISCONTINUED) by FulitheFastest124
Unexpecting Love (Sequel) Stuck FulitheFastest124
When Kion runs away from home, Fuli, and his friends set out to search for him, they eventually give up and let the lion find his own way back. Kion then meets a golden...
The Killer's Assassin by ForgottenCheetah
The Killer's Assassinby Stella
After years of guarding Fuli gets a phone call from a mysterious person and answers it she gets accepted into a secret highly trained all female spy agency Fuli loves th...
Unexpecting Love A Kion/Fuli Fanfiction by FulitheFastest124
Unexpecting Love A Kion/Fuli FulitheFastest124
Fuli continuously has dreams about Kion. She soon realizes her dreams mean something, but she doesn't understand what they could possibly mean. Kion and Fuli could never...
The Lion Guard Kion X Fuli stories by PrincessGG101
The Lion Guard Kion X Fuli storiesby PrincessGG101
These are stories about Kion and Fuli that I've found on the Internet. As you can probably already tell, I am a HUGE KionXFuli fan. I'll do my best to keep posting and f...
Journey To Kin by asunshinecheetah
Journey To Kinby Cheetah
War. That was all Kion and the Lion Guard had known. With bloody battles and constant vying to keep their home safe... to keep their home at all, their childhood was spe...
Falling in love again #5 by PrincessGG101
Falling in love again #5by PrincessGG101
During an attack, Kion saves Fuli but in the process he loses his memory. Fuli, Bunga, Beshte and Ono need to help their leader regain his memory before trouble occurs...
Stuck in the Outlands #2 by PrincessGG101
Stuck in the Outlands #2by PrincessGG101
Kion and Fuli have been captured by Janja and his pack and taken to the Outlands. How will they escape if Kion can't roar and Fuli can't run. In the Outlands they meet o...
Clouded Mind part 1 #7 by PrincessGG101
Clouded Mind part 1 #7by PrincessGG101
Fuli is confused. She doesn't know the difference between a lie and the truth. Fuli questions her relationship with Kion and doesn't know who to ask for help. In this ad...