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The Outlander Siblings ﴾TLG﴿ by FireKilledMe
The Outlander Siblings ﴾TLG﴿by Villainbrine Lives
Kion was just Five Weeks old when Zira and some followers of her's attack Pride Rock while Simba was out with Kiara; having to escape from the coming threat to end the...
The Avengers Academy (ON HIATUS) by AwezomeStorytellerz
The Avengers Academy (ON HIATUS)by WhyIsGamora
An Umbrella Academy and Marvel Cinematic Unviserse Crossover What if the Avengers met the Umbrella Academy, specifically Five Hargreeves? Who would clash and who would b...
Deigo x reader smut TUA by XlowscoutsX189
Deigo x reader smut TUAby XlowscoutX
You and Diego have a special bond. You and him like knives..SHARP knives. Y'all got a really messed up sexy nasty kink for each other😏. This is for the Diego simps...
Warhammer 40k rp by N8DaGr8Boi
Warhammer 40k rpby FOR THE EMPEROR
Didnt see any active warhammer 40,000 rps, so i decided to make one.
The Umbrella Academy Preferences by ThatMarvelLoser
The Umbrella Academy Preferencesby 🐍
Only doing the boys, sorry!
Family {David Castañeda} by stanningastro
Family {David Castañeda}by Tom Holland
Just a imagine of David being your husband and father to your kids🥰 ***
Heroes for the greater good by Bfghunter2
Heroes for the greater goodby Bfghunter2
Izuku through some cosmic joke on Tzeench's behalf has gained the knowledge of each T'au cast. With the knowledge of how to build combat suits and drones along with the...
YOU CAN RUN ᵀᴬᵁ ✎O.H✎ by thesupernaturalTeen
YOU CAN RUN ᵀᴬᵁ ✎O.H✎by thesupernaturalTeen
James Hargreeves is haunted by the memories of a certain house and a certain parent. So,when he had to go back to that house because of a death,how will he react? Cover...
The Last Stand by LeonardoTheHedgehog
The Last Standby LeonardoDHedge
Hey, just so you know that this is my first time writing a X-over in Wattpad, so please, take it as a story and not based or inspired by any real events between this sto...
Tempestus Scions by AdeptusHistorica
Tempestus Scionsby Historica Adept #7673
The Tempestus Scions of the 734th Thenxa Wolves move to bring a xenos infested world back into compliance, those blue skinned freaks won't know what hit 'em.
Dead Space 4: "Moonrise of the Serpent" -a  crossover fan sequel by CalinRaul
Dead Space 4: "Moonrise of the Ser...by Reverse Fuhrer
A Dead SpacexAvP 2 Crossover where the main characters are: -Ellie -Isaac -Carver -the playable LV-1201 Predalien This story does not connect these characters from diffe...
Warhammer 40k: Remembrancer by Shadow_trooper
Warhammer 40k: Remembrancerby Shadow_trooper
The story of a Remembrancer who has is thrown from issue to issue, and is documenting his travels
The Death Guard: Eternal Blight by MrSpud233
The Death Guard: Eternal Blightby MrSpud233
The Death Guard have arrived on but another planet and intend to show its residents Nurgle's gifts. The cheif of this operation a Death Guard sorcerer proven true leader...
Resilience by b-man101
Resilienceby b-man101
This is the story of a lone Imperial Guardsmen in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. I wrote this for English class but I can add on to it at a later date if you like it. Co...
Deathwatch by themadnessman
Deathwatchby Damus
A Tau battlecruiser makes a desperate trip back to their empire. A Deathwatch kill team moves to intercept them A chase ensues over a savage planet In the grim darkness...
Phobia's Fraternity by Paularene_323
Phobia's Fraternityby Paularene_323
La Universidad Southtree, la universidad más grande de toda California. Miles de alumnos pasan por esta universidad, pero aun así, muy pocos saben los secretos que guard...
The Tales Of A Shy Girl And Her Demon Friend  by Zixalzane
The Tales Of A Shy Girl And Her De...by Zixalzane
Zixal take part in art contest, but didn't know it will change her life.