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Pieces of Us by iamynz
Pieces of Usby iamynz
This is the sequel to Images of you. "You know, life fractures us all into little pieces. It harms us, but it's how we glue those fractures back together that make...
Gökyüzüne Düşmek by 11_doctor
Gökyüzüne Düşmekby 11_doctor
Ben bir açıklama yazma özürlüsüyüm. Yazdıklarımı özetleyemiyorum =/ Yine de umarım bir şans verirsiniz.
My Fanfic Collection: Emanet Edition by val-dreams
My Fanfic Collection: Emanet V. Cruz
A collection of one shots and other fun stuff based off Turkish series "Emanet". (Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters.) Note: May contain season...
EdSer One Shots- FANFICTION by dijakhattab2006
EdSer One Shots- FANFICTIONby Dija K❤️
One shots about what I want to change in the series or something that would have been a good story based on the characters in the show Sen Çal Kapimi.
I'm hero by queennexx
I'm heroby queennexx
Am I a father? Am I ready for that? I have a daughter? Did I deserve her? Why does life play with me? I don't rise to the light, I sink into the dark. Or maybe I will fi...
Wait For Me by izzy_vibz
Wait For Meby izzy_vibz
Annyeong armieess.. Oru teakook yoonmin love story ahn WAIT FOR ME. Enn karuthi namjinhope illen alla..avarum und. Pinne vereyum ningalde fav charactersineyum kaaanam. L...
The fight for our love by queennexx
The fight for our loveby queennexx
AU: What if Eda lost her memory but not Serkan?
the bolat family by justchilling0424
the bolat familyby justchilling0424
this is story about edser and their children after years, they are grown up. i really wanted to read something this, there are many stories about it but most of them are...
Başımdan geçenler by Mavizamanlar120
Başımdan geçenlerby Mavizamanlar120
Neptün savaşcısının başından geçenler anlatılıyor
Ayaz und Öykü ❤️ by alyks01
Ayaz und Öykü ❤️by alyks01
In diesem Geschichte geht es um öykü, die eher im Gegensatz zu Ayaz noch arm ist. Ayaz ist ein Player, doch Öykü eher anständig. 'Liebe fängt mit Hass' wird es stimmen...
Kiraz Mevsimi by xKirazMevsimi
Kiraz Mevsimiby Kirazxo
Merhaba Arkadaşlar :) Aranızda kiraz mevsimini izleyen vardır diye düşünüyorum :) Hikayeyi değiştirdim :) yeni kişileri keşfedeceksiniz :) yıldızı koldurun hikaye kısa s...
The Clumsy Princess  - An AlKir Short Story by LKTzu5
The Clumsy Princess - An AlKir LK Tzu
Ali takes Kiraz out for an ice skating date that ends up with hilarious results.
The Bullet Wound by LKTzu5
The Bullet Woundby LK Tzu
Kiraz prepares a remedy for Ali's old wound not realising the cure actually lies with her.