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My Idiotic Simps (OCHAKO HAREM) by bb_nobodycares
My Idiotic Simps (OCHAKO HAREM)by bb_nobodycares
This is an AU in which many of the boys like Uraraka. I tried so hard with this and I hope it is a success, don't hesitate to tell me some ideas in the reply section. 😊...
MHA - Ship or Rip by Elaine-Playz
MHA - Ship or Ripby Elaine
Just me telling you my opinions and asking for ur opinion of some ships I know existed
Love Me Not || kirikacchako by lemochigirl
Love Me Not || kirikacchakoby Le Mochi Girl
Ochako has been torn on liking Katsuki and Eijirou. Once she learned they started dating, she was distraught. Eventually, Katsuki and Eijirou warmed up to Ochako, lettin...
baku's girl || kirichako by randommochi
baku's girl || kirichakoby randommochi
Ochako and Katsuki have been dating for a while, the thing is that katsuki's best friend, eijirou, has a crush on Ochako. Does Eijirou eventually date ochako?
-->Bnha one shots<-- by FatherxErebus
-->Bnha one shots<--by FatherxErebus
Ask kirikacchako  by starshg56
Ask kirikacchako by Chibi-chan
(Any questions left in the comments will be answered also any art in this book is NOT MINE I REAPET THE ART IN THIS BOOK IS NOT MINE!) The first chapter is a interview t...
KIRIKAMIOCHA- If we are by WitheringKrowBird
KIRIKAMIOCHA- If we areby WitheringKrowBird
Based kind of off Denki Darling on tiktok monoshinkami story (using their characters) but also not much. Denki learns about sexuality and also has crushes on Kirishima...
Valentine's Day Stamina  ( Kiri x Uraraka x Bakugou) by user13314763
Valentine's Day Stamina ( Kiri
( NSFW themes) Ship: Kiri x Uraraka x Bakugou In this short, the three discuss their plans for the special night ! 😍 All characters here are agged up of course, but we...
乇uphonius | Uraraka by reeii-
乇uphonius | Urarakaby reii
[ ʜᴀʀᴇᴍ ᴍᴏᴅᴇ ᴀᴄᴛɪᴠᴀᴛᴇᴅ ] [ request back open ] | oneshots of uraraka with almost everyone ʕ •́؈•̀ ₎ | next post in : after kenma chapter in my other book <3 )
Love Can Mean War (KiriChako Fanfic/Fantasy AU) *DISCONTINUED* by xXAceBeanXx
Love Can Mean War (KiriChako Unknown Ace of Spades
Dragons have been a problem over the years, a group of hero's I guess you could call them have been sent to destroy this kind. There mission won't be completed until eve...
Peace or war by starshg56
Peace or warby Chibi-chan
(I couldn't find any fantasy au pictures so I used something else)
Diablo [Kirishima x Uraraka] by Unnamable7
Diablo [Kirishima x Uraraka]by Sarah Lezcano
Definitivamente, Mina Ashido era el diablo mismo. Y Kirishima solo pudo pensar en que amaba a Satán en ese momento. Pareja: KiriChako. Género: Romance/general. Capítulo...
All Things Must Come To An End  by lowkeyhighkeygae
All Things Must Come To An End by Naomi
UA, the best hero school in the country of Japan, possibly the world. Where children learn how to fight villains and protect civilians. Where kids learn how to survive...