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𓂃⋅Promise Ring⋄ by RestartMySoul
𓂃⋅Promise Ring⋄by 𓂃⋅Aila⋄
𓂃⋅🍙⋄ Bakugo and Uraraka are in a relationship that consists of tooth-rotting fluff, cuddles, and some smut 𓂃⋅🥛⋄ Art belongs to @mhasophy on twitter https://twitter.c...
My Queen (Kacchako) by NaviPear
My Queen (Kacchako)by Kujó
Ochako is useless without her staff and is frantically trying to search for shelter from this unforgiving storm. She sees a dark cave up the mountain and makes her way u...
Someone Special by ThrowawayFanfics
Someone Specialby ThrowawayFanfics
Uraraka always said that her first kiss would be with someone special, but it turns out promises you make don't mix well with alcohol. When a tipsy Uraraka accidentally...
Lost Without You| Kacchako by ELXSPELL-
Lost Without You| Kacchakoby INACTIVE
currently under revision
She's Mine! [ A Kacchako Fanfiction ] by jinniebabiee
She's Mine! [ A Kacchako Fanfictio...by uwu
Rumors are spreading that Katsuki Bakugou and Uraraka Ochako are... dating?! Both of them deny it, but that will cause more problems... DISCLAIMER! I DO NOT OWN BNHA! MA...
Wish You Well by MysticalMeasures
Wish You Wellby Megan
Uraraka Ochako is looking for a new band due to a rather messy breakup. Both in relationship and band. After auditioning for a few groups that she just didn't mesh with...
Kacchako Headcanons For The Soul by kacchako_100_works
Kacchako Headcanons For The Soulby !HAnnAH!
Just a bunch of random headcanons I have for my two little idiots. I'll add on once I think of more. If you have any you'd like to add, leave them in the comments :D
Her Hero Bakugou x Uraraka by MarieEnfield
Her Hero Bakugou x Urarakaby Marie Enfield
It's the 10 year class reunion for class 1A. They all met at a bar to reconnect. Deku and Uraraka had just broken up last month and is already with someone. Bakugou noti...
Caramel || Kacchako by smolliz
Caramel || Kacchakoby lizzie the smol
bakugou and uraraka are too fluffy together ~~ "Caramel. That scent was always there when she hugged him, the sweet scent that always lingered on his body. Katsuki...
Kacchako: Made for each other by animewatcher132
Kacchako: Made for each otherby
It all began with the fight at the sports festival. Then everything changed for young class 1-A students Ochaco Uraraka and Katsuki Bakugo. All characters belong to Bnha...
Movie Night (Kacchako Fanfiction) by kuler_les_rite_mor
Movie Night (Kacchako Fanfiction)by kuler_les_rite_mor
Mina insisted that a movie night with the Bakusquad was needed, Bakugou really didn't have any say in the matter when she said that it would be in his dorm room. That mu...
The Unlikely Pair {Bakuraka/Kacchaco} by katie_todoroki
The Unlikely Pair {Bakuraka/Kaccha...by katie_todoroki
{Uraraka POV} I always had my eye on the spiky headed hot headed in class usually to make sure I don't get caught in his raid of destruction, but recently is it getting...
kacchako alphabet by nekomasbabe
kacchako alphabetby usu-chan
i am obbsessed with this ship i swear i have a problem enjoy
His daughter  by bnha_life
His daughter by bnha_life
Katsuki Bakugou, newly debut hero finds a abandoned baby during a fight with a villian. As he tries to put the baby in adoption, his partner insist that he keeps it, say...
Roller Coaster (Kacchako) by notyouraveragebug
Roller Coaster (Kacchako)by bug
Uraraka finally got what she wanted. To date deku. The one boy who's been on her mind for ages.... but it doesn't last. He brakes up with her giving no reason. Still br...
Cussed (Kacchako) by Jasnahnah
Cussed (Kacchako)by Jasnahnah
First, credit to the artist for the cover: https://twitter.com/dailykrumbs?lang=en and for the color: https://www.deviantart.com/bellanakaya2002/art/Kacchan-and-urara...
To relieve the anger ~Kacchako Smut  by Kayreads333
To relieve the anger ~Kacchako Smu...by OopsAMistake22
Bakugou is angrier than ever and kirishima suggests a way to not be so angry. (Smut) (they are 18+) (use of weed) (influence of weed)
Talking {Kacchako} by TotallyNotBi
Talking {Kacchako}by TotallyNotBi
When Ochako Uraraka's parents let her live on her own, she becomes lonely and starts asking people if they want to be roommates. When her only option is Katsuki Bakugou...
Tease ~ smut  by r4nd0mp3rson
Tease ~ smut by r4nd0mp3rson
Bakugo and Uraraka start texting one night after a dare. Now who will back out first bakugo or uraraka. Hello my eggs! It's been a while since I have written anything s...