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PAINKILLER [Eijiro Kirishima x OC] by kiwisneakers
PAINKILLER [Eijiro Kirishima x OC]by Kiwi
Denki Kaminari will happily take credit for being the greatest matchmaker on the planet. After fighting that tentacle monster and getting his leg crushed, he somehow man...
Flowers Of Hasahaki          (Mha/bnha) by AlphaDasiy
Flowers Of Hasahaki ( AlphaDasiy
I'm mainly doing this to torture my friend @HimikoTogaIsTheBest but it also sounded like a good idea in general. So here goes. In my AU the Hasahaki disease can start...
Sometimes...It's Not Enough by Slee1221
Sometimes...It's Not Enoughby mhabasket21
In a world full of quirks, there has yet to be a pro-hero with a werewolf quirk and Harmony Roboto took it upon herself to change that. With her best friend Yui Honda by...
Parent! Reader X Pro hero! Kirishima   by kittyKuromi5
Parent! Reader X Pro hero! ABottom
I don't even know just read it please🧍‍♀️ (Your child is a boy named Kato)
Brute Force // Eijiro Kirishima x reader by 0Melon-pan0
Brute Force // Eijiro Kirishima Melon-Pan
{Discontinued} ~Character description~ -her name is Y/N Togata (Mirio Togata's little sister) -her brother has always been her inspiration for everything, since they wer...
mha - gf - crystal heart & hard soft boi by whateveriwantowirte
mha - gf - crystal heart & hard mirio's wife
meet crystal runaway teenager with a quirk can make her body into any material she wants, for example crystal or diamonds as well. she was raised on a amish farm in am...
The Stars Won't Save You Now. || KiriBaku by Reader061406
The Stars Won't Save You Now. || Libby B
Hey lol so i'm going to be writing a FF about one of my head canons that KiriBaku would end toxic and it would be a very abusive relationship. It is in Ejiro Kirishima's...
KirishimaXreader |a Flirty fanfic| by otakubunnycakes
KirishimaXreader |a Flirty fanfic|by Otakubunnycakes
After heading to a party at Kirishima's dorm, you noticed he'd been eying you the entire time. But what happens when the parties over? You don't plan on going home... Do...
Red Crossed Heroes (Kirishima X Reader) by SoullessKahfee
Red Crossed Heroes (Kirishima X Soulless
As a quirkless individual, you always assumed that you wouldn't be of any help. However, once you joined the JWA Nursing Academy, you realized the amount of potential yo...