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Demons (Mha) by just_here_ig
Demons (Mha)by just_here_ig
She slowly starting walking again and the car slowly drove next to her. "How about I give you a ride? I'll take you home." 'Not good. Not good.' Mai thought gi...
I love everything you do (Kirishima x oc)  by Birdyfoley
I love everything you do ( Birdyfoley
*takes place during the Mha movie, Two Heros* A world wide singing idol, a hero in training, and a moving island secretly being taken over by villains. What could go wro...
My second chance...(Book 2) by wifeofkuroken
My second chance...(Book 2)by wifeofkuroken
I'm Izumi Midoriya you may remember me from my first life when I wasn't a hero...It seems as though God had other plans for me which brings us here...I'm back and I'm he...
Red  (e.kirishima) by ifuckedyourmum104
Red (e.kirishima)by ☆♡
"I'M GONNA SHOVE MY FOOT SO FAR UP YOUR ASS DENKI. You'll be in pain for WEEKSS" "Okay. I think we should all take a step away from eachother....maybe you...
A Semi-New Beginning (Kirishima x OC)*Ongoing* by dancelife011
A Semi-New Beginning (Kirishima Sof
This does follow the main storyline of the anime, but it will be different than the actual story. It won't be saying exactly what characters say and the rankings will be...
Qᵤᵢₙₜₑₛₛₑₙₜᵢₐₗ  - Yₐₙdₑᵣₑ Bₙₕₐ by Slaininsanity
Qᵤᵢₙₜₑₛₛₑₙₜᵢₐₗ - Yₐₙdₑᵣₑ Bₙₕₐby Death's fuck buddy
BEING EDITED AS I GO I own nothing but Adaliah. ***************************** Feel free to read this as an X reader! I personally just prefer writing about an oc for sim...
}Deaf Heart Beats{ Bakugou and Kirishima by gaylien_girl
}Deaf Heart Beats{ Bakugou and HSCD
[loving both of them was easy for her, one contradicted the other. one was the sun while the other was the moon. she was the stars that laced them together] -after b...
My Red Boi ( Kirishima X OC ) by RawrZkittenZ
My Red Boi ( Kirishima X OC )by RawrZkittenZ
"That's pretty manly of you" I smile reaching for his hand. He meets me halfway and pulls me to him "I love it when you call me manly." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
What it takes to be a hero (Kirishima x oc) •●DISCONTINUED●• by Kazuhajjndhdh
What it takes to be a hero ( Jasmine
Raito Sazuki, a quirkless girl who has always been in her twin sister's shadow gets into UA. What happens when she meets a certain red haired boy? (All rights go to MHA...
The Angel Worth fighting For(Bnha various x OC) by LimeNell
The Angel Worth fighting For( LimeNell
The days are strong and prominent for people to become heroes especially Yuki Tenshi. She is young promising hero striving to become successful and help all of the peopl...
Puurrrk Me Up! Cat Caffe by CrinkleMonsterr
Puurrrk Me Up! Cat Caffeby CrinkleMonsterr
[COMPLETED] "MOVE IT EXTRA!" Akiko looks up to see two pro hero's, one running towards her at full speed and one blasting past with his quirk and gets run into...
the fairy hero (ON HOLD) by Glitchykuro
the fairy hero (ON HOLD)by Glitchykuro
Izuku Midoriya was known as an outcast all the kids bully him for not having a quirk what happens if he meets two kids his age that changes his life forever
The Pyro Circus Freak (MHA Todoroki sibling reader x Kirishima fanfic) by TheMasked_Skye
The Pyro Circus Freak (MHA Khloe Hoffman
Himari Takao: Quirk- Pyro Fabrication She can create anything with fire with her hands. When she double taps the creation, her fingers spray water so that it disappears...
Kidnapping A Riot by MaskedCoon
Kidnapping A Riotby 💙Rin💙
The daughter of a famous mafia boss has an insane obsession with #6 Pro Hero Red Riot. Her birthday is coming up and guess who makes an appearance? Red Riot. Will Kiris...
Born Into It by natsophia
Born Into Itby natsophia
Sophie Kotara never argued with what she was dealt, but when she meets someone who could change her life, would she be willing to turn her back on her family?
Facade by siarhei_silvanus
Facadeby siarheii_silvanus
"I'm fine!" She said that with a smile on her face, he new it was a lie. She too had red puffy eyes under her eyes, indicating her cry from earlier. Truth is...
The Moon Shines Brighter On The Other Side by s4turn03
The Moon Shines Brighter On The saturn <33
In which the daughter of a notorious villain strives to become the no.1 hero and finds solace in two boys with completely opposite personalities. bakugou x oc x kirishim...
Be My Hero  by SilverWolf163
Be My Hero by SilverWolf163
Saya Yamazaki got in on recommendations for U.A High School. Learning to be a hero like her mother as she tries to makes friends. But along the way she learns new things...