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And They Were Roomates. (KiriTodoBaku) by ATakenUsername1
And They Were Roomates. ( ATakenUsername1
Bakugou, Kirishima and Todoroki move in together after leaving UA. Bakugou and Kirishima walk in on Todoroki naked. Everything falls apart from there. (Or maybe pulls to...
Be Mine - Ruikasa [Drunken Confession] by stan_Ruikasa
Be Mine - Ruikasa [Drunken You are KING
Taking care of a drunk friend is not an easy task... Additional tag(s): Aged-up characters
'Darling' - Ruikasa [Mafia AU] by stan_Ruikasa
'Darling' - Ruikasa [Mafia AU]by You are KING
Making money in illegal ways, that's what a mafia do. Rui and Tsukasa, in this story, they work together to commit crimes and became a very dangerous duo. But as time pa...
The Club Owner  by Wolfspirit921
The Club Owner by Wolfspirit
Izuku owns and manages a club
A Hero's Call by PrimeA1999
A Hero's Callby PrimeA1999
Life was never fair to Izuku, being born in a world where everyone has powers and you don't, being looked down on as if you were nothing but shit on a shoe. After an enc...
✨bakushima oneshots✨ by cece_was-here
✨bakushima oneshots✨by cece_was-here
•smut •fluff •probably not gonna do angst •sometimes bakugo is top •sometimes kirishima is top *Credit to Meyly on zerochan for the Cover art*
How Miya Atsumu Found His Mate  by vavril
How Miya Atsumu Found His Mate by Lynn!
omegaverse + business AU Miya Atsumu is the eldest son of the Miya family, the heir to the biggest restaurant chain in Japan, passed down from generation to generation...
an Aideku story cuz why not- by yEet_TvT
an Aideku story cuz why not-by ✨ ! N A T E ! ✨
this will be an AU where U.A is a college. Why? because I don't want to get a lot of hate for making this, even tho it's legal in Japan. if Izuku was under 13 it wouldn'...
The Demon's Bride by LilMissAqua
The Demon's Brideby LilMissAqua
One cursed soul. One soul that longs for adventure and romance. Two souls meant to be connected. Noremma x Beauty and the Beast AU Now finally on Wattpad!
(abandoned work) I won't call you senpai! (Kaminari Denki's Little Sister) by DarkErrors
(abandoned work) I won't call Dax
HIGHEST RANKINGS #1 - #protectiveolderbrother #1 - #kirishimaxoc #4 - #bakugouxoc Kaminari Mira is a first-year student and younger sister to Denki, starting in her j...
Good boy. BakuDeku by KageyamasTiktok
Good boy. BakuDekuby KageyamasTiktok
"Yea?" Bakugo said as he pulled back with a pop, his usual smirk spreading wide across his face. "I don't know Deku.. you haven't been very good today.&qu...
A Second Chance (IzuOcha Future Story) by hiccuptoothless4ever
A Second Chance (IzuOcha Future Priscilla
Izuku has been a pro hero for 6 months now, fighting villains and protecting citizens with a smile. He gets a big job by patrolling at one of the biggest festivals in Ja...
Josuke x Reader Fluff by josukesupremacy12
Josuke x Reader Fluffby Mel
Josuke is literally my favorite character of anything right now, so I thought I would dedicate some little stories to him. Enjoy, and feedback is always appreciated. I...
Wolf, The Hunter, and Green riding hood by FlutterBlackHD
Wolf, The Hunter, and Green Sashy Gaybright
Amphibia was separated into 3 towns, Wartwood, Toad Town, and Newtopia. they have unique status and traits and history throughout the years. each one keeping a stone, th...
Avengers Academia by ghostofIzukuMidoriya
Avengers Academiaby Fire Hero: Inferno
Izuku Yagi-Rogers. The Grandson of Steve Rogers aka Captain America and the son of All Might... and the only person in the world who doesn't want to be a hero. Watch as...
The Energy of a Chosen Teen in a New World [DISCONTINUED] by Digi707
The Energy of a Chosen Teen in a Digital Simp
This is a story about you, you're a pretty ordinary 14-year-old girl named Y/n L/n and one day you were intrigued by a message and ended up unknowingly accepting a role...
Lost Kitten by MackenzieZollner
Lost Kittenby Mackenzie Zollner
Chat Noir has been gone for nearly 2 years now, so has Adrien. No one knows what happened to them, not even Ladybug. What is the mystery behind their disappearances? I w...
It Must Be Fate When You and I Met by magdefeuer
It Must Be Fate When You and I Metby Magde
27-year-old editor Gulf Kanawut's calm journey towards parenthood where all he wants is having a baby of his own. Enter 34-year-old Mew Suppasit, a university lecturer. ...
Talking to you where no one knows (MHA Tsuchako Soulmate AU) by CryshDelaCruz
Talking to you where no one DJShadowacc2
Everyone has a soulmate in some way or another, sometimes even more than one person is your soulmate. Though, the only time you could see and find your soulmate is at a...
Pokémon: Ad Astra Abyssosque by youngwild_shipper
Pokémon: Ad Astra Abyssosqueby 4NEMO
Pokémon x Genshin crossover Crossposted on ao3 ~~~ The Pokémon League is a group that organizes Pokémon competitions for registered Pokémon Trainers. It serves as an umb...