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Speak (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader) by xKaguraYatox
Speak (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)by kikyo
[Soulmate!AU-In which the first words your soulmate ever speaks to you are written on your body] Your admittance to U.A seemed like a blessing from above, but you find y...
Milky Sweet by SylverMine
Milky Sweetby SylverMine
Opening his eyes fully, he saw the area he was placed on. There were no traditional beds in the room, instead there was one big nest in the center of the room - which he...
Secrets I Have Held In My Heart by maple_mackintosh
Secrets I Have Held In My Heartby maple_mackintosh
If Spencer Reid was an Unsub and if his ex got caught up in his charades.....
Fire Will Reign | Aemond Targaryen ☾ by impossibletofix
Fire Will Reign | Aemond Targaryen...by impossibletofix
Naerys Velaryon, daughter of Rhaenyra Targaryen, is the heir to the iron throne. Her legitimacy questioned and her mother's claim weakening, she must ensure her right to...
Shigadabi 💙💜 by ImStupidPleaseHelpMe
Shigadabi 💙💜by B!tchWhoReadsYaoi
I had no clue what to title this :') - gay (obviously) - cursing - possible triggers - cringe I have noticed the lack of shigadabi so I decided to make one of my own...
Screw the Cullens, I'm a Mikaelson [Rewrite] by OmegaDirewolf
Screw the Cullens, I'm a Mikaelson...by OmegaDirewolf
Different from the moment she was born, the unplanned twin of the newly mated/wed Edward and Bella Cullen, sets out to carve her own path in the world- but when that pat...
Ace of Spades (BxB) by Solum_Solace
Ace of Spades (BxB)by Solum_Solace
[This is an original story] Ace Phillips is a troublesome boy wandering the streets. After being on his own for years he encounters Mason Swann, a kind caregiver who off...
The Emperor and his Gege by PeerlessKoko
The Emperor and his Gegeby PeerlessKoko
Xie Lian ascends for the third time!!! But a lot has changed in the heavenly realm. The emperor takes a liking to Xie Lian and a romance slowly blossoms between the two...
That Damn Mutt (Kankuro x Kiba) by bunnyboi88
That Damn Mutt (Kankuro x Kiba)by bunnyboi88
The sand siblings were strong and were able to save the leaf nin from the sound while Naruto went off to find Sasuke. Kankuro didn't plan on finding himself in confusion...
Infliction by koofears
Inflictionby may
In which Kim Taehyung - a rookie detective - get's a case. He didn't expect to meet Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook. He for sure didn't expect to meet them.
I like you, and that is not fake 🤍 by simon_wilhelm2
I like you, and that is not fake 🤍by N🤍
Prince Wilhelm had recently come out to his family, they weren't very fond of it, but they let Wilhelm do what he wanted. Wilhelm wasn't supposed to be crown prince, but...
*_-I Love You-_* (Rayla x Female Reader) by Im_Jing_Okay
*_-I Love You-_* (Rayla x Female R...by Jing :)
All your life you thought everything would be simple. Protect the princes. Stay out of trouble. Stay alive. Find your soulmate. All those simple things change when a dra...
Like Lightning - Carlando by user141309777
Like Lightning - Carlandoby ari
Carlos Sainz Jr. discovers his feelings for his British ex-teammate, Lando Norris. Will the Spaniard be able to control his feelings or will someone out him? Does the Br...
i would never like someone like you by gay_unicorn_69
i would never like someone like youby gay_unicorn_69
well it's an au where Wednesday and Enid are soccer players if anyone interested in this story don't hesitate to read it, I don't know who owns the cover I found it on t...
Lovesick Witches by lunawxtch
Lovesick Witchesby 𝕂𝕚𝕣𝕤𝕥𝕪 ℝ𝕠𝕤𝕖
Anastasia Willow is nervous to attend Cackle's Academy for Witches for her fifth and final year of magical schooling. After leaving Pentangle's because of the distractio...
The Dark Handmaiden | Anakin Skywalker by moonageoddity
The Dark Handmaiden | Anakin Skywa...by Moon|age
Valis Palpatine is secretly a Sith apprentice. Whilst serving as handmaiden to Senator Padmé Amidala, she is tasked with turning Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side. Anak...
Have I forgotten how to love; remind me once again by harrystylesisgod24
Have I forgotten how to love; remi...by harrystylesisgod24
After a serious accident, Harry suffers from a case of retrograde amnesia where he hasn't only forgotten the fact that he is a part of the world-famous band, One Directi...
Bad Liar (Miguel O'hara x reader/male oc) by Crannibalism
Bad Liar (Miguel O'hara x reader/m...by Crannibalism
Celphius, a seemingly unaware historian living in Spider-man 2099's world, ends up working as his private doctor. With an angsty secret and a special power, how will thi...
ᴄʜᴀɢʀɪɴ (Tokyo Revengers) by Apple-Crispy
ᴄʜᴀɢʀɪɴ (Tokyo Revengers)by Apple-Crispy
"Let's run away from here, together!" (Y/n) slowly turned to look at his friends, about to open his mouth to reply jokingly until he noticed the tears in all t...
ATEEZ : One Shots by yourlocalmusicaddict
ATEEZ : One Shotsby yourlocalmusicaddict
I get prompts from various places and turn them into ATEEZ stories! ps: requests are open, so if you wanna see something from me, just ask! ✍🏻