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Hayley Iris Potter by Lyra_Potter_03
Hayley Iris Potterby Lyra Potter
I don't own Harry potter it belongs to J.K.Rowling After her friends abndoned her in the summer after 4th year Hayley starts to question her life and decides to give up...
Gobbledegook by MrsDiablousRiddle
Gobbledegookby Sarah Buttler
Harry James Potter was born on July 31, 1980. On the night of his second Halloween, October 31, 1981, Harry and his parents, James and Lily, were attacked by the True Da...
Giving Them Hell by darry_obsessed
Giving Them Hellby darry_obsessed
Cover art not mine Harry Potter was adopted by a Sirius Black after Dumbledore named his brother Charles the boy who lived, wrongly might I add. Will dumbledore realize...
The Boy Who Lied by snapewasatruhero
The Boy Who Liedby Nix
DISCLAIMER: All characters and the story line belong solely to JK Rowling. Trigger Warning! Contains Rape and Child Abuse ------------------------------ Alastair (the so...
To Be Little by nightwing2
To Be Littleby Alfred F. Jones
Harry Potter was severely abused. He is a little and afraid of what will happen when others find out. Snape is the first to care for him as Harry, not as the Boy Who Liv...
The Queen of Insanity  ||  DISCONTINUED  by melrose_1010
The Queen of Insanity || Melissa Rose
A (Female) Harry Potter Fanfiction... Harriet Lilith Potter was always a bit strange, especially to her perfectly normal family, the Dursleys. They believed her a mute...
Save me by Jace_is_ded
Save meby Jace
this is a Oliver wood x harry Potter x cedric diggory fanfic, you don't like it then don't read it. *set around harry's 4 year*Cedric is still alive* harry have been...
Slytherin Queen by Peacabeth123
Slytherin Queenby GJ
Voldemort did not care about the prophecy. The night he came to the Potters house was for one reason only to get his daughter back. Grace and Harry were both raised by t...
There's Something About Potter by slytherinnette
There's Something About Potterby slytherinnette
There's just something particularly strange about Aria Potter this year. Unfortunately, the new 8th year Slytherins are determined to find out exactly what everybody's f...
The Headmaster's Only Mistake by IaMvErYb0rEd
The Headmaster's Only Mistakeby 🥂your favorite idiot🥂
When Harry Potter is receives a letter from Gringotts on his eighteenth birthday he is more than confused. But once there, he is far more than just confused. He feels an...
Love Me Like You Do - HP by Pcrw1233
Love Me Like You Do - HPby Hellowerewolf1
Harry has some kinks that's he's interested in but has tried or done before other than the natural fingers and wank but what happens when he goes to someone to help his...
Through Sickness and Health  by Pcrw1233
Through Sickness and Health by Hellowerewolf1
Harry gets ill and needs help through his appointments who better than the one and only who eventually finds out what wrong will they finally say how they feel about eac...
The Egregious Engagement by huffinglepuff
The Egregious Engagementby Huffinglepuff
After hiding their relationship from all of their friends for four and a half years, Harry and Draco decide to come out - by sending out invitations to their wedding. Le...
Tale Of Death Land - HP  by Pcrw1233
Tale Of Death Land - HP by Hellowerewolf1
Death was bored of lift and had and amazing idea, eight years later Harry Potter was born but not born alone has a twin brother, Harry's parent abandoned Harry giving hi...
Deep Within - HP  by Pcrw1233
Deep Within - HP by Hellowerewolf1
Harry never felt like he was like everyone else, he was famous for defeating voldemort when only seven months old, people thought he was spoiled at home when he is abuse...
Magic Feet - HP by Pcrw1233
Magic Feet - HPby Hellowerewolf1
Harry has a fetish knows one knows about it not even that he is also gay what happens when someone finds out that secret will the tell or will they be interested - C.W.
Hogwarts and Others read Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone by FreeLancer32
Hogwarts and Others read Harry FreeLancer32
This is my first work. Umbridge gets 7 books late at night depicting the life and according to her lies of Harry Potter. She gathers the whole school and some others to...
Harry Potter and The Cursed Shifter - HP by Pcrw1233
Harry Potter and The Cursed Hellowerewolf1
Harry get cursed and turns into a turns out he quite likes it especially it touches his feminine side that he had hidden away before when a male how will everyone react...
Harry Potter and The Mysterious Pregnancy  by Pcrw1233
Harry Potter and The Mysterious Hellowerewolf1
Similar to my other story Harry Potter and The Pregnancy Curse but this time it is different only three people get pregnant and how will they react epically now that Har...
My Eternal Darkness - Harry Potter by PCRW1234
My Eternal Darkness - Harry Potterby PCRW1234
when Voldemort attack the potter's and tried to kill harry with the killing curse it damaged his eyes turning him blind, wait until everyone in the world see the true Ha...