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Knights & Magic & Quirks?  by Lotus_Moonveil
Knights & Magic & Quirks? by Lotus_Moonveil
Centuries ago an idiot dabbling in the lost dark arts caused The Change. Demon beasts began to roam the lands and humans to evolve in some strange ways. When humans turn...
Knights & Magic: Crimsion Light [Novel] Book 1 by Owl_Legend
Knights & Magic: Crimsion Light [ ⨶ฬ𝐋♞ᏞᎬᎶᎬᏁᎠ♛
Jocosa Raneviller was once a young japanese lady working at a Cafe shop located in Nikko, Japan. Her name was Yuki, and she always served her customers with a smile, whe...
Various! Knight's & Magic Series x Princess! Knight! Oc Insert by CasonArtSweet
Various! Knight's & Magic Series CasonArtSweet
Join Princess Hiromi, as she joins a young Japanese man, who dies in a car accident and reincarnates as a child in an alternate world where magic and giant robots are re...
The Magic Swordsman  by NullAzatoth
The Magic Swordsman by Null Azatoth
what if he died not only as an Otaku but a battle hungry fool who has always craved adventure, his love for Robots added with his love for weapons, Fighting and combat. ...
The Dragon's Bride by AnissaNikoleC
The Dragon's Brideby Little Mouse 🐁 ❤️
**As seen on Webnovel ** "He wanted her, she wanted freedom." Forced into a strange world and learning that she "beloved" princess, Miriam is thrown...
Toymaker by TheVoidGrail
Toymakerby TheVoidGrail
In another world where three prominent occupations of fantastical proportions exist, Jeff decides to plagia- oh sorry! bring the characters from his past life to LIFE, a...
A king in another world (I refuse to be your tool) by kitty036
A king in another world (I Kitty036
I refuse to be your tool. King Sebastian Augustus, after defeating the invaders of their home planet, was suddenly summoned to another world to become a hero to defeat...
Another Genius (Knights & Magic Fanfic) by roxy639
Another Genius (Knights & Magic roxy639
Nala was Kurata Tsubasa best friend, they both loved robots and that love was what made them best friends, but not just that they liked to call each other soul mates or...
silver hair boy by iamkimaks
silver hair boyby iamkimaks
Ernie always being bullied since he was a little kid, all of this because he has a weid hair colour lest, the vampire prince was looking for a human with silver hair