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Ultimate Reunion by mishfiction
Ultimate Reunionby Mish
It was the first time he found himself lost to the world while practising music with someone else. Their connect is unshakable. But it is wrong for them to be lovers. He...
Calming The Storm🌌 (#wattys2019)√ by Elegiac_Damsel
Calming The Storm🌌 (#wattys2019)√by Shubhadittya Roy
*COVER CREDITS* @blackue02 #1 indian on 15/02/2020 #1 arrangedmarriage on 04/03/2021 #1 hotheaded on 20/07/2019 #1 mumbai on 17/10/2019 #1 court on 04/02/2020 In the beg...
And they met again by Neha_Maurya
And they met againby Neha Maurya
It's a story of two childhood friends, Anurag and Prerna. After a very long time, they met again. How they gonna meet again? How they will react react? will they be ab...
One More Time by mkamri
One More Timeby Amrita Mukherjee
Ranked 1 in #asian on 09.05.2020 1 in #forced marriage on 29.06.2020 1 in #hope o...
One Step Closer... ( Married to a widower...) by truant_Delilah_xx
One Step Closer... ( Married to a...by Raindrops [ মেঘবালিকা ]
HIGHEST RANKS- #1 IN GENERAL FICTION #13 IN ROMANCE _______________________________________________________________________________ ...
MaNan OS - 42 hours!🛣️ by humeshaforever_
MaNan OS - 42 hours!🛣️by anant×tara_
Manik Malhotra. Nandini Murthy. • isn't that enough for you to read the story?! 😙✨
PEHLA PYAR by kefimysa
On a sudden spring night, when the moon somewhither sulker behind those misty clouds, Khwahish got a call from her friend, asking her to come back to the city she left y...
Till Death Do Us Part... by antara2712
Till Death Do Us Part...by Antara Ganguly
The characters in this story are Indian but the story is written entirely in English, so everyone can give it a read. # 2nd in childhoodbuddies on 07.02.22 # 10th in kol...
Mafia's Innocent Love ( Ongoing) by meghashapui2000
Mafia's Innocent Love ( Ongoing)by ✨ Nikhar ✨
||Book 1 of Mafia Romance Series|| 'Get ready we are going to get married' He said before leaving . ' I don..n't wa..ant to mar..rry you' She sobbed . She couldn't for...
The Name Of Love : An Invisible Bond  by IllusionOfImaginaSn
The Name Of Love : An Invisible Bo...by TAEKLY
***~*~*** " WHAT IS LOVE? " ***~*~*** ===========***************============ " Will YOU BE ABLE TO GIVE A DEFINITION OF LOVE? " Is It A Kind Of Ment...
Barrister Babu (A New Tale) by Sugerysweet23
Barrister Babu (A New Tale)by Sugerysweet23
(This is a fanfiction of populer indian serial Barrister Babu) In 1920's India which is ruled by British Goverment.... Barrister Anirudh Roy Chowdhury, A 20 year old Gol...
The Rajputs..Story Of Love And Revenge •||Coming Soon||• by Merakii08
The Rajputs..Story Of Love And Rev...by .
Rajveer Rathore, Virendra chauhan, Uday Rawat.....The heirs and the prides of their respective clans. None of them can tolerate the other one's presence and starts to bl...
I can't leave you.  Book 2 by swarnadipa
I can't leave you. Book 2by swarnadipa
This is the spin off for my first book that is"from good manager to loving wife". This is the story of a girl name Arna a famous fashion designer and a famous...
One Shorts Of Tejran  by Sam_062002
One Shorts Of Tejran by Sammy
This One Short is about Tejran and there journey outside house. This story is gonna be a one short inspired from a real life incidents happening in tejran lives and taki...
The Leaves of November | Complete✔ by Roozieh
The Leaves of November | Complete✔by Fai
A love story through the words of a man whose life turns upside down after one fateful accident. His love, loss and the journey beyond
Lovesick » A. Sharma by KookieMilkFics
Lovesick » A. Sharmaby Devi
love•sick | adjective "In love, or missing the one someone loves, so much that one is unable to act normally" -------------------------- This is a story of h...
One Indian Love Story ✔ by smokedcoffee
One Indian Love Story ✔by \(✿^‿^)/
In a country where their love is almost considered forbidden, will they break the shackles and stay together? Completed ✔ Highest Rankings: #14 in Bangalore ❤ #6 in Kol...
Doctor by Sanaxavier
Doctorby Sanaxavier
She was very little when she lost her mother ,her dad was loving until her step mom came , she grew up gradually ,but the torture of her family was increasing in a cease...
The Game by RicheekDatta
The Gameby Shadow_x_Dusk
A high school boy fell in love with a girl. But little did he know what was awaiting him? Read more to find out.... 𝙉𝙖𝙧𝙧𝙖𝙩𝙤𝙧- Reyan 𝙈𝙖𝙞𝙣 𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙚𝙧...
DID HE loved?  by DzAnanya
DID HE loved? by Ananya Das
Its basically a short fanfiction of Darshan Raval, who falls in love with his fan and how their love story begins and gets a happy ending...🌀 Hope you will enjoy readin...