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Fresh Beginnings by deekido57
Fresh Beginningsby social addict
Katie parkers life seem to be getting worse by a second ... what happens when her strict neglective mother throws her and her two siblings a bomb shells after announcing...
Her New Life by Theaustralianwriter1
Her New Lifeby Theaustralianwriter1
Ariana Smith is a sarcastic, caring and kind 17 year old who is living with her mother. She is a high school student who helps her mom in the bakery. She may have a cari...
Forbidden Love  by Lordwolfie707
Forbidden Love by Lordwolfie707
step dad and step daughter endup making love Parts will get longer when you keep reading next Top Rankings #1 lovemaking #1 daddyissues #1 Heart #2 stepfamily #3 lust
Behind the Hoodies by fallen18angel
Behind the Hoodiesby Paige Bishop
Skylar Heart has been through a lot in the 16 years she's lived. Her father is an abusive, alcoholic rapist who lost custody and was sent to jail. She lives with her mot...
My New Step Family by Autumn9737
My New Step Familyby Autumn
Colby Adams. Sounds like a boy name but its actually a girls. Colby lives with her mom, Marian, and little sister, S.J. Colby pretty much keeps to herself. She doesn't...
Alessia  by armyblinkgauri6
Alessia by gauri
Alessia cooper was a savege ,cheerful , and a smart 16 years old girl. who lived a normal life with her mother. what will happen when they moved to another city ? when...
Little Angel by btslil_bitch_ot7
Little Angelby btslil_bitch_ot7
This is my first time writing. English is not my first language. I don't like to ship BTS with anyone not even the members. The story revolves around a little innocen...
Stepsisters (Twice ff) (Completed) by IceQueen1485
Stepsisters (Twice ff) (Completed)by Ri
When my mom married Mr. Lee, I had no idea that I was going to get 9 stepsisters... Much less that they were Twice, the group of nine girls which I was a fan of! I was h...
His Lovely Murder  by NotEverett
His Lovely Murder by Everett
Marcus is dead. All so out of the blue. Alexa is determined to find out who did it but not determined enough. Will she overcome her low level depression and find out who...
The Giant Step Family by T10180
The Giant Step Familyby Avery
Neal has become sheltered and no longer lets people come close with him anymore after losing his father. His life has become regular until his mother tells him she is ge...
Lone Survivor (g/t) (on hold) by Crystalk17
Lone Survivor (g/t) (on hold)by CrystalK17
Have you ever felt ultimate loneliness? Chesher has. He is the last human on EARTH! Human looking people who are at least 80 feet tall appear on earth. Reports are the...
Let Me In by stylesharry1117
Let Me Inby stylesharry1117
It's always been Nina and Francesca, them against the world Nina would tell her. Nina and Shaun had a child together pretty young and it's safe to say Shaun is way more...
Soooooooo for this book I'll be replacing characters this will have no quirks soooooo yeah
The Family by third_grader
The Familyby third_grader
This story is about a 13-year-old girl named Lindsey, she loves music, comic books, and watching movies. What happens when her mom sends her off to go live with her dad...
Beyblade Burst: Brother Dearest by ZenNX_21
Beyblade Burst: Brother Dearestby ZenNX_21
It's been a year or so since the two became brothers. It was a lot to take in at first, but they managed; somehow. Based/Inspired by the BeyBurst fanfic "Family&quo...
Grayson Griffin-The Stepfather Of Gohan by No_Body_Home
Grayson Griffin-The Stepfather Stranger_On_Earth
After the death of Goku, Chi-Chi remarries to a man who saved her son's life during the events of Bojack unbound. He looks like Goku. He saved Gohan like Goku would. He...
Don't Leave by BGwolf
Don't Leaveby BGwolf
Erik Lensheer has been in town for less then a week and already gotten into a fight. He can't help it. He's been the new kid before and it doesn't usually go his way so...
My Father is a Fire Demon (Rewrite) by Mortalkombatfanboy21
My Father is a Fire Demon (Rewrite)by Nikolas Eldridge
in this story my OC Hiroshi Hisashi is the Biological father of Amity Edric and Emira Hiroshi returns For Amity's 15th Birthday
Finn and Neal: Another Giant Adventure  by T10180
Finn and Neal: Another Giant Avery
In this third story of the Giant Step Family series, Finn and Neal return after a heartwarming reunion. Now, they're facing the biggest challenge for any family: the Hig...
Son of Thor and Wonder woman (DCAu) by Mortalkombatfanboy21
Son of Thor and Wonder woman (DCAu)by Nikolas Eldridge
this will Go in The Justice league and Justice league Unlimited Cartoon Orion Thorson Is the 8th Member of the Justice league starts after Injustice For All