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The Parker hybrid by carmiya1414
The Parker hybridby Mia
Nora Johnson didn't expect to be reborn in her favourite TV show and she most certainly didn't Expect to fall in love with the wildest mikealson. I don't own the TVD or...
The Littlest Mikealson Has Returned by AaliyiahComley
The Littlest Mikealson Has Returnedby LeeMinhoIsPerfect
Y/n Mikealson is the youngest, she was older than henrick before he got killed bye wolves so it now makes her the youngest Mikealson. Y/n disappeared before Klaus could...
His Love{Niklaus Mikealson Fanfiction} *Completed* by paulanicole621
His Love{Niklaus Mikealson Fanfict...by Paula Nicole
Amelia Gilbert is the older sister of Elena and Jeremy Gilbert. Her father, Grayson Gilbert, had her due to one drunken night. Amelia had a son at 15 years old named Jay...
Kol's Daughter  by Teenwolfmk55
Kol's Daughter by Makayla
Kol Mikealson is the sarcastic, playful younger sibling of the Mikealson siblings, he's certainly not ready to care for a child. One day, he hears a cry from an alley w...
Imagines | TVD by unholylie
Imagines | TVDby 失恋
These imagines are Character X Reader. This includes any character from The Vampire Diaries. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this book.
ruby mikealson the unwanted twin by saffron_mcarter
ruby mikealson the unwanted twinby
hi im ruby but probably never heard of me here's why
Kol Mikaelson/ Kaleb westphall  Imagines by teenwolffangirl8000
Kol Mikaelson/ Kaleb westphall Im...by teenwolffangirl8000
Happy/sad imagines of kol mikaelson and kaleb westphall Request open ❤❤
The anchor ( editing at the moment)  by ash_lynn_04
The anchor ( editing at the moment...by (Ashlee )_(Lynn)_<3
Y/n Donovan had been able to see ghost since she was a kid. Nobody believed her other than her friend Jeremy Gilbert. One day she sees her sister Vikki and finds out she...
TRUTH by KolMikealson12
TRUTHby Anastassia
When he is left alone and abandoned he meets her and instantly think she has some ulterior motive to approach him but what he never expected was to have a marriage contr...
Mikealson mates (tvd soulmate au )  by tvdgirl1864
Mikealson mates (tvd soulmate au ) by Tvdgirl1864
Avery is a young girl in high school 16 years old when ahe gets sucked into her favorite show and now is a tribrid well ...heretic wearwolf hydrid and finds her mate i t...
Young Love by curly1307
Young Loveby curly1307
Roselyn Mikealson the youngest of Mikealsons. She's Henriks twin.
The Salvatore Princess ( Under Editing) by Alora_Mikealson
The Salvatore Princess ( Under Edi...by Alora_Mikealson
Rosalie Estella Salvatore. Damon and Stefan's little sister. She's 16 . She's beautiful and ofcourse a Salvatore. She is the Salvatore Princess or the Salvatore Beauty a...
Little Blondie [] TVD by Falls_Flower_Crown
Little Blondie [] TVDby Flower Princess
Caroline Forbes, a blonde girly girl who happens to be a vampire who is friends with a witch, a doppelganger, a werewolf, a human, and many other vampires like the Salva...
Always And Forever (Kol Mikealson) by Eilli_Daley
Always And Forever (Kol Mikealson)by Eilli_Daley
What happens when the person that you were supposed to spend forever with is killed by the people that you call family. That's what happens to kol in order to save his h...
The dragon queen  by got_123478
The dragon queen by MoonMani
(FIRST SOTRY) I only own my character and her story line I am NOT going to be following All the tvd and the OR storyline
The Choice: A Klayley Fix it by orionwolf1999
The Choice: A Klayley Fix itby orionwolf1999
A sentient being takes an interest in the lives of klaus and the original family but was not happy with how it ended. So he gives Klaus a chance to regress and change t...
The Baby Salvatore (*EDITING*) by BerryCloudy
The Baby Salvatore (*EDITING*)by BerryCloudy
Kylie Stamon Salvatore. The youngest craziest love-struck Salvatore. She wanted love, life, and everything else that came in the package. She was so beautiful, every bo...
Tribrid Mikealson Wife (disconnect) by Lynlyn7343
Tribrid Mikealson Wife (disconnect)by Vampire207343
What if Bella Swan has an older half-sister by the name of Diana Aphrodite Swan who came from a powerful witch line and long line of merpeople.
Kol's Mikealson little witch ( Slow updates) by Daydayrocks
Kol's Mikealson little witch ( Slo...by Laney Winchester-Mikealson
what if every time Klaus daggered Kol there was a good reason. you might be wondering what that reason would be. well let me tell. maybe he would dagger him because his...
The Name Mikealson》[DAMON SALVATORE] by Falls_Flower_Crown
The Name Mikealson》[DAMON SALVATOR...by Flower Princess
The name, Mikealson. We all know of the Original family. Henrik the youngest who died. Rebekah the girl who loves too easy. Elijah the noble gentlemen. Klaus the hybrid...