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High school Agents by yamivee
High school Agentsby yami.v
Korra and her parents work in a Organization as agents. Korra's Parents adopted, Bolin, Mako, and Kai and made them part of the Secret Organization. Korra, Mako, Bolin...
COMING OUT - Korrasami by my_name_is_dani
COMING OUT - Korrasamiby Dani Potter
One night-stand. It's a familiar word. How about a two-night stand? Three maybe? Korra and Asami's drunken mistake led them to have the best night of their lives. That w...
Omegas Gambit 1/4 by haha_dont_ask
Omegas Gambit 1/4by weeee
I do not own this book it is from ao3 I just put it here so people could read it all credits go to RaeDMagdon on ao3.....so yeah also I will be posting parts when I have...
That Girl by uh_bum_writes
That Girlby Borii
Korra is a new kid to Republic City High. She instantly clicks with Asami's new friend group. While Korra is all smiles and bouncy around them she has to face her realit...
The Princess and The Servant  by Airtempleavatar
The Princess and The Servant by Korra avatar
Asami is a princess. Not an average princess. She is the princess of Encanta, a magical realm. She has everything from a loving family to magical powers to amazing best...
Welcome To My World by oceanwaves21
Welcome To My Worldby ⚡️ Jessi ⚡️
Korra Waters. The new kid at school trying to hide her past and present. What will it take her to open up? Asami Sato is curious about the new kid. What is her story? Wh...
Home by SuitAndTieGirl
Homeby SuitAndTieGirl
Korrasami x Catradora crossover. Takes place post season five of She-Ra and post Book 4 of LOK. Asami and Korra leave for their vacation through the spirit portal but fi...
My Duty [korrasami] by in_jail_out_soon45
My Duty [korrasami]by in_jail_out_soon45
Korrasami fanfiction. I'm not sure if anyone else has done this before but oh well heres my shot of it. No bending I'm just mainly using the characters. Set in the Victo...
In Her Eyes, I See The Stars Dancing by tokwatbaby
In Her Eyes, I See The Stars Danci...by Pancitcanton
Legend of Korra. Korrasami fanfic. Post battle with Zaheer where Asami takes care of Korra. When she leaves for South Pole to heal and didn't come back, Asami looks for...
Back to B4 by zMayaa_
Back to B4by Hello :)
Asami hadn't seen Korra for a hot second and starts to become suspicious. She stumbles across a guilty looking Bolin and realised something. REMINDER: I do not own the...
Aftermath by zMayaa_
Aftermathby Hello :)
A fanfiction of what happened after the battle between Korra and Zaheer. REMINDER: I do not own the Legend of Korra, nor did I create any of these characters. All right...
korrasami oneshots. by queerquest
korrasami oneshots.by queerquest
little shorts of the day in the life of Korra and Asami's relationship. Smut and Fluff.
The Missing Necklace (on editing/revision) by histmex
The Missing Necklace (on editing/r...by histmex
Republic City during the 1920s was certainly a place to visit. The city that never sleeps, they call it; music, bars, cigars, drinks, you ask for it and they have it. I...
What are we? by Korralicious
What are we?by Korralicious
Asami has conflicted feelings for the Avatar. When one night the girls have a sleep over, some stuff happen. Now it's time for them to decide what they are and if it is...
What if? A Korrasami love story by royalshroom
What if? A Korrasami love storyby Royal Shroom
Hi this is kinda based on a forced marriage thing i saw a story like this and i wanted to make one similar sorry if some facts are wrong in this story i havent seen the...
The Missing Avatar by yamivee
The Missing Avatarby yami.v
The Avatar has gone missing for 18 years, where is she now? No one knows. Asami Sato, the new girl at school meets new friends, but one girl in particular caught Asami's...
Adventures of The Southern Water Tribe - A Korrasami Story by daddykyoshi
Adventures of The Southern Water T...by daddykyoshi
This is written as if Asami did go to the Southern Water Tribe with Korra after her battle with Zaheer. Lots of fluff and some smut. Cover art by Kuvira-Protoge.
The Girl in the Street by SavaneLion01
The Girl in the Streetby Savane Lion01
Korra and Asami had decided not to have any child. Well... decided... People might say that it wasn't really a choice. What they didn't plan was Asami saving a very youn...
Asamis lunch break by Princeyoghurt
Asamis lunch breakby Princeyoghurt
korrasami; what more is there to say? smut!!!!!!!!!!
Soldiers Eye by Kovirasami_5
Soldiers Eyeby JB Davis
Korra is a military vet that come back from war and can not walk, Asami is a volunteer at the VA and is trying to help