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!Rosario + Bakugan!☑ by KxxkieTea
!Rosario + Bakugan!☑by ㋛
[Rosario Vampire Female Harem X Brawler! Female Reader] !!CREDITS TO TEXTURES.CAFE FOR THE OVERLAYS AND CREDIT TO ANIMETEXTURESH FOR THE BACKGROUND!! (The cover is my ed...
Fallen Angel of Yokai Academy  by JaeZInsane
Fallen Angel of Yokai Academy by Jay Jay
Rosario+Vampire Revamped
Academy of Beasts by Futuralist
Academy of Beastsby Demoness Socialite
The Hunter of the Workshop had finally slain the final adversary of his Hunt. Now with the Dream coming to a close and the one who maintained it slained by his hands, ev...
Skeleton+Vampire by SoraTempezt
Skeleton+Vampireby Sora Tempest
Sans Wingdings. He's a laid back chill Skeleton. He's extremely lazy and intelligent. He has a younger brother named Papyrus who is the total opposite of him Sans has a...
(Rosario vampire x Male Reader) by mariohiginio
(Rosario vampire x Male Reader)by lonelyhearts
A Neko a human a vampire and tons of other monsters! (I came a cross a story like this and was like, "You know what! f!ck it" so yeah :3) 2022/DEC/02 #1 - rosa...
The Testament of the Rosario DxD: Issei hyoudou the Makai Knight(Small Haitius) by NeverIsTheEnd
The Testament of the Rosario DxD:...by Storyteller
After issei had defeated Riser Phoenix in the battle for Rias gremorys hand in marriage, he was betrayed by Y/n Hater and Sirzechs, not only forcing Rias to marry Y/n H...
Grace of an Angel, Sins of a Demon (Rosario + Vampire Fanfiction) by LionSinSunGod114000
Grace of an Angel, Sins of a Demon...by LionSinSunGod114000
An alternate take on the anime, where instead of Tsukune being human, he's instead half Angel and half Demon, both of which are highly respected SS-Class monsters. What...
Burning Dread (Rosario Vampire x male reader) by ISeeNow809
Burning Dread (Rosario Vampire x m...by ISeeNow809
(Y/n) Yuki has been transferred to many schools multiple times due to his relatives until he finally finds a school he'll be spending his high school years at, called Yo...
The minus and the vampire at school  by MihaiAlexandru178
The minus and the vampire at schoo...by Mihai Alexandru
In the past. At a preparatory school. There was a vampire girl. No one belived she was a vampire and all bullied her. But one day she met a strange boy who belived and p...
The Vampire Prince + Vampire by Jedisage
The Vampire Prince + Vampireby Jedisage
Vampires the rulers of the night the masters of darkness. Though the years tells of vampires where portrayed in movies and folklore as unholy devil monsters from hell cr...
Kiva + Vampire by reic2410
Kiva + Vampireby
Un chico tiene que asistir a una escuela donde asisten monstruos. Allí se meterá en muchas peleas y en problemas, pero tiene la ayuda de unas chicas monstruo que estarán...
Ben 10: Alien + Vampire by 1102Smeagol
Ben 10: Alien + Vampireby 1102Smeagol
Ben Tennyson's gone through it all: Aliens, Magic, Warlords, and such. Now he's facing a new challenge: High School. However, the High School he's gone to is one for Mon...
Rosario Titan by BanJoestar
Rosario Titanby BanJoestar
Eren Jeager learns about monsters from his father's journal. Wanting to know about them more, he found a way to go to a school for monsters. That was the start of his cr...
The Vampire Prince + Vampire - Revamp by Jedisage
The Vampire Prince + Vampire - Rev...by Jedisage
A revamp of my Rosario Vampire story. lol Get it? Vampires rulers of the night and masters of darkness. Through the Years tells of Vampires where portrayed in movies an...
Ex-Delinquent In Yokai Academy (Male Human Reader x Rosario + Vampire Manga) by SuperSaiyanJayden
Ex-Delinquent In Yokai Academy (Ma...by Bullet Clears
Fighting is all you did in your gang, all the blood that covered your hands from the beatdowns you gave to those unfortunate to cross your path. You decided that enough...
The Incubus of Yokai Academy  by GodessOfCreation
The Incubus of Yokai Academy by Annik
Kuran is a Incubus by birth , attending a human school and trying to blend into the human society however things dont work out as Kuran accidentally used his Incubus abi...
Aliens and a vampire by humatrix-X-24
Aliens and a vampireby humatrix-X-24
After losing his family, friends and even his home world, Ben Tennyson, hero of the universe gets transported to another world after defeating his greatest enemy. he fin...
Rosario+Vampire: The Vasto Lorde (Male Hollow Reader X Rosario+Vampire) ON HOLD by ShiningGlory574
Rosario+Vampire: The Vasto Lorde (...by ShiningGlory574
Vasto Lorde are the most powerful monsters to ever exist. They were known for their unmatched power and ruthless behavior. They could've rule the world if they wanted, u...
Rosario + Vampire x Male!Reader [DISCONTINUED] by AriaGraystone
Rosario + Vampire x Male!Reader [D...by Aria Graystone
Okay this is my first time ever writing a story like this. So please don't hate me or get at me. I am trying though. So hope you like the book.
Rosario Demon by BanJoestar
Rosario Demonby BanJoestar
Sent by Muzan to be a spy on the monster in Youkai Academy, Akaza enrolls as a student there. Going to school he bumped into a pink hair vampire, who thinks his blood ha...