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Texting Lachlan Power  by Aussielachy
Texting Lachlan Power by Aussielachy
~COMPLETED~ "Shit, wrong number." I typed as I realized that I sent the message to some random person. "No worries. What's up?" The message came an h...
RUBY ~ Mason Mount  by Dis_Be_Us
RUBY ~ Mason Mount by Dis_Be_Us
A social media Mason Mount book.
Sidemen and Buttercream imagines by buttercreammaynard
Sidemen and Buttercream imaginesby Chloe
Imagines about the Sidemen and the Buttercream Squad
The Pack and Sidemen Oneshots by user189289
The Pack and Sidemen Oneshotsby .
Still Gay GAy gaY GaY gAy gAyYyYyYy (literally nothing had changed since the last book)
The Pack/Sidemen Imagines and Preferences [COMPLETED] by bri_leon823
The Pack/Sidemen Imagines and bri_leon823
The title kind of explains it haha. REQUESTS ARE FOREVER CLOSED Each imagine type will have like two parts so that I can do everybody so yeah. :) Hope you enjoy and fe...
The Conditor-Alpha Wu (IN EDITING) by BrambleWish
The Conditor-Alpha Wu (IN EDITING)by ✨Bramble✨
(Book one) "Decades ago, the werewolf kingdom was on the brink of survival, but luckily our kind was saved by the Golden Wolf. This wolf was said to be a powerful...
Adopted by The Sidemen by user189289
Adopted by The Sidemenby .
Lily is 14 years old, 12,000 miles from the country she once called home; England. Living in a care home for mentally disabled children and teens she tries her best to g...
The Pack and Friends One Shots by user189289
The Pack and Friends One Shotsby .
Gay gAY GAy gaY GaY gAy gAyYyYyY
Minecraft story mode (Male Jesse x reader) Who's the white pumpkin? by Darkrose0324
Minecraft story mode (Male Jesse Elsa Darkrose
Captainsparklez,Stampy,Lizze,Cassie,Dan,Aphmau, Lachlan,TorqueDawg,Stacy,Sky,and last but not least (Y/n).They all got an invitation.But Jesse and his group did to.But o...
885 Days [A Vikklan/Sidemen/Pack Story] by user189289
885 Days [A Vikklan/Sidemen/Pack .
Lachlan goes missing. No one knows why, or who took him, or where he went. There was a man, a lone, unidentified man on the security footage that lead him away from the...
The Hunger Games: Wroetostar, Merome, Pooflan & Minizerk by user189289
The Hunger Games: Wroetostar, .
None of them ever expected to be reaped, none of them thought they were going to be forced into fragile alliances for their very survival. They never expected that they...
The Boyfriend and The Possessive Ex| Mrfreshasian x reader by ActuallyReady
The Boyfriend and The Possessive L
Fresh (Harley) is a lonely kid that just loves games in downtown Sydney. But when a lovely girl moves in with him. His whole world flips over. An abusive boyfriend is...
Building bridges [Vikklan] by kneesofmyheart
Building bridges [Vikklan]by aaaaa
Two teams. Sworn enemies, bound to forever fight. Red and Blue. When Vikk and Lachlan meet, they spare each other's lives, and spark something new. Can they survive in...
The Highlander's Servant (Book One of the Highlander Possession Series) by foreverhopeful
The Highlander's Servant (Book Savannah K. Vining
For Kirstin Croft, the lowlands of Scotland have always been a sanctuary for protecting her sense of virtue and purity. After she becomes involved in an unfortunate occu...
Side pack + Friends One Shots by M1ckyj789
Side pack + Friends One Shotsby The Psychic Gaymer
One shots involving British gaming power group the Sidemen and the Once leading providers of Mine craft the Pack and their host of friends.
Out of Everyone✯Vikklan by hereliesnobody
Out of Everyone✯Vikklanby goodbye
Out of everyone in the school, you choose me. You can have anyone you want in the school, and they would die for you. Everyone loves you except me, yet you refuse to giv...
The Pack in High School Merome Vikklan Poofless by ParisMarieLily
The Pack in High School Merome ∆PeteZahSmut∆
Lachlan, Mitch, Jerome, Vikk, Preston and Rob are all back in high school for their last year. Join through their hardships, relationships, and ships.
Sidemen and The Pack Imagines/Preferences by heyhannahSDMN
Sidemen and The Pack Imagines/ [SDMN] [PACK]
Sidemen and The Pack One-Shots and Preferences. May I remind you that this book is just full of my opinion and not the boys' decisions. Sorry if you don't agree to some...