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Met you ( Wangxian, Xuanli, Xicheng) by Jeffthekillervegas
Met you ( Wangxian, Xuanli, Acé not asleep
A modern era where the young trio were cursed too tiny figures with animal ears and tail they're finding their way survive the city streets later they find the people th...
Black Greed by ErinNightshade
Black Greedby ErinNightshade
Wei MeiLan. Wei WuXian's twin sister. Decades has passed since her twin brother, the Yiling Patriarch, died from Nightless City Raid. After the betrayal of their sworn b...
Wei Wuxian's Older Sister  by despeauthor
Wei Wuxian's Older Sister by despeauthor
Wangxian Fanfiction Read the MDZS novel first or watched the 'The Untamed' drama to understand the story. This is a FANFICTION story. #1-lanwanji 03/23/22 #1-mdzs 04/05...
The Second Madam Lan by Jeon_SongHan
The Second Madam Lanby Tashi Jeon
Wei Ying was left alone to fend for herself once her parents died in a night hunt in Yiling. In another universe she grew up under a major sect, but this time she grew u...
Shades of Grey Spills From My Veins by Jeon_SongHan
Shades of Grey Spills From My Veinsby Tashi Jeon
Summary: This was why he didn't like to leave the Unclean Realm, Nie Mingjue thought with dismay. Guileless dark eyes blinked up at him, tiny hands clutching at his robe...
It started with a whisper by Zerokuniscool
It started with a whisperby Zero
Lan Shizui, Lan Jingyi, Ouyang Zizhen and Jin Ling were on a night hunt when Jinling, the troublemaker of the group ran into a magic array which may or may not have sent...
Change the past? by dashi_run00
Change the past?by DASHI-RUN
A disciple with the whip stood behind him as he kneeled on the cold ground. He braced himself for the impact- "STOP" All heads turned to a young woman who imme...
✓ ukiyo ; mo dao zu shi oneshots by Blue3___M00n
✓ ukiyo ; mo dao zu shi oneshotsby 甜心
the untamed x reader oneshots ' I attempt to write one shots for you guys ' the untamed / mdzs x reader oneshots o. started june 25th, 2021 o. completed...
The Third Jade [MDZS Fanfic] by Jeweled_Lotus
The Third Jade [MDZS Fanfic]by Lotus
[Jiang Cheng x OC] Lan Zhu, courtesy name Lihua, is the younger twin sister of Lan Wangji, younger sister of Lan Xichen and the pride of the Lan Clan, after her two elde...
Gege ai ni! {MDZS Chatfic} by Chen_Wenxin
Gege ai ni! {MDZS Chatfic}by 陈文鑫 CWX
GEGE AI NI! 《MDZS BOYS Chatfic》 Starring in the main chat: -Jiang Cheng -Wei Wuxian -Lan Wangji -Xue Yang -Song Zichen -Xiao Xingchen -Nie Huaisang -Wen Ning -Jin Zixu...
𝙱𝚊𝚌𝚔 𝙸𝚗 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙿𝚊𝚜𝚝!? (Slow Updates) by L0nLyCh1Ch1
𝙱𝚊𝚌𝚔 𝙸𝚗 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙿𝚊𝚜𝚝!? ( chiChiミッチ
"Ok so what's you're plan?" "No idea" . . . On a particular night hunt lan shen must have touched something to bring her and his big brother to...
only "cultivation partners" | 🐇XICHENG🌸 by LOS3RZXX
only "cultivation partners" | 🐇 ..-xÑÿxīî
in which a story where meng yao and his sworn brothers try to find cultivation partners. but for xichen and jiang cheng, their dating life only forms while being partner...
Are We Really In Past?? by coldcoffee29
Are We Really In Past??by COLD COFFEE
What will happen if our favorite juniors time travel back? How are the people in past gonna react? This is going to be my first story , I am new to this as well . Hope y...
Back To The Past (Girl AU)(Jiang Ying,Jiang Wuxian) by ZWangxianY
Back To The Past (Girl AU)(Jiang Janelle
wei wuxian came back to past or should i say different universe what if in this universe he is a girl and a biological daughter of madam yu and fengmian what if she is a...
My Little Mate by Totalgirldreamer
My Little Mateby Shan
(WangXian X WeiLan) The legendary wolf who holds the power of destruction along with his other half who holds the power of creation. This two along with two more joined...
MDZS Memes by FanficsLittleDevil
MDZS Memesby 小艺术家
(COMPLETED) Mo Dao Zu Shi/The Untamed/Founder of Diabolism memes. All memes and pictures in this book are from google. I do not own anything. Does include some mature la...
A Lotus Blooms Within || Lan Xichen x Jiang Cheng Fanfic by Yoru_Nii
A Lotus Blooms Within || Lan E.ve_ning
•A Lan Xichenx JiangCheng Fanfic •Characters are from the Novel Mo Dao Zu Shi by MXTX• - All was well within the cultivation world when Jin GuangYao was gone. Things beg...
Secrets Revealed by -RyleeEzrael-
Secrets Revealedby -재화-
Future modern Wuxian visits the basement in their house while cleaning the house with his husband and son. He found a mysterious box placed in the corner and decided to...
The Fake and Real Wei Wuxian  by HarukiUsagi46
The Fake and Real Wei Wuxian by Rika
What happen if Wei Wuxian drop his fake personality when Yu Ziyuan try to whip him with Zidian? He use his fast speed and went to slashed Wen Chao women across her thro...
You are you ... but different ... by dim2512
You are you ... but different Dim_2512
Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian came to the past time, in their original body when they were 16 years old, but with the power that they have when they were in their timeline...