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I Remember You Laughing [Larry Stylinson] by joydilouis
I Remember You Laughing [Larry joydilouis
When Anne's childhood friend passes away, she is inclined to read all past emails she never opened. Those emails reveal startling news that prompt her to make a bold mo...
written on these walls||larry by cqlamityaep
written on these walls||larryby madi
"I don't wanna teach you English, I wanna kiss your lips." Or where Harry is a cute Italian boy who needs a tutor and Louis is a messed up boy with bad grades.
Blind-dating by bluegreenerlarry
Blind-datingby bluegreenerlarry
Louis is blind and therefore hasn't had the best experiences with dates in the past, so when his friend Liam suggests that he tries blind-dating, he isn't exactly thrill...
irresistible||larry by cqlamityaep
irresistible||larryby madi
"What are you doing?" "Putting my tongue in your mouth, what the hell does it look like?" Or the one were Harry and Louis have a special job. Louis...
Desire | Larry Stylinson by 1D_HarryStyles_1D
Desire | Larry Stylinsonby 1D_HarryStyles_1D
Is it hatred that Louis and Harry have for each other? Or are they in denial of their feelings for one another? -- Cover by: @LiamsPleasureMan1984 Copyright 2017 to @1D...
Would You Want Me? by GoldenHazandLou
Would You Want Me?by K
Harry and Louis have been friends since they were young, only living a street apart for years. They played with toy trains and paper airplanes, they walked into their ve...
Home - a short soulmate larry story by bluegreenerlarry
Home - a short soulmate larry storyby bluegreenerlarry
A world in which soulmates can send each other money... Harry is a popular singer and louis is a famous songwriter. Harry is scared that even his soulmate will only lik...
Therapy // Larry AU ✔️  by harrysnightingale
Therapy // Larry AU ✔️ by r
Harry has a personality disorder that causes him to lose control of his own mind sometimes. His best friend is over it and doesn't want to be around him anymore. In wal...
Larry Stylinson Proof ✔ by _HeyItsMaggie_
Larry Stylinson Proof ✔by _HeyItsMaggie_
The title says it all! :))) #6 in #larryshipper 5/17/18 # 2 in #larryshipper 5/19/18
3AM VISIT by larrywinning
3AM VISITby Cassady
Harry escapes to McDonald's every night and Louis notices the bruises that cover him. started: july 27th 2016 ended: ongoing #79 in larry: 5/24/18 #1 in larrie: 5/25/1...
Yours truly, princess (AU) by louxstylesxxx
Yours truly, princess (AU)by Sam
Louis Tomlinson, who is tired of no one having a crush on him, feels overwhelmed with joy when he receives a love letter for the first time ever! NO SMUT, 36K WORDS
Venti // l.s by Larry_smilinson
Venti // l.sby bottomlinson
Another short story about two boys secretly admiring each other. (German translation available) • Larry Stylinson • © larry_smilinson
The Bagman's Donnism by luxurydonnie
The Bagman's Donnismby luxurydonnie
Sequel to: The Bagman's Direction •Completed• Donnism (Noun) - Self Importance; Loftiness of carriage Loftiness (Noun) - arrogance or haughtiness Carriage (Noun) - refe...
It starts with a follow.. •HarryStyles Just followed Louis91•
Reading Harry Styles - L.S by dinosaursmatelarry28
Reading Harry Styles - L.Sby 🦕 🦖 💙 💚
Harry Styles is a twat, He smells and is blind as a bat. He looks like a frog, Has a dog, Yes Harry Edward Styles is a twat. Not bad ____________________________ Louis T...
Corney Story: One Sided Love? by parishparishparis
Corney Story: One Sided Love?by Parish
Corey gets famous, and he accidentally kissed an actress which leads to breaking him up with Laney and the band. 5 years later everyone has their separate ways (but the...
Dignified Minds, Tempted Hearts by bluegreenerlarry
Dignified Minds, Tempted Heartsby bluegreenerlarry
To get away from all the complications of his fame as a singer, Harry moves away to a quiet town named Bibury where no one knows his name or occupation - or so he though...
Bedeviled | Larry Stylinson by 1D_HarryStyles_1D
Bedeviled | Larry Stylinsonby 1D_HarryStyles_1D
Harry is usually a bright, sunshiny person that always brought joy into any room. Louis loved him more than anything and would do anything for him. All of the boys would...
Pizza Boy - l.s. by its__sia
Pizza Boy - its__sia
"There's nothing to eat in this house!" "Just order some pizza!"
nothing to you [ l.s. ] by nightcuddle
nothing to you [ l.s. ]by z'
louis broke harrys heart, but lou didn't care. - larry stylinson ff © all rights reserved nightcuddle in august 2016