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We Are Species by Wingydingdims
We Are Speciesby Anya
A billion years ago, in the Planet Lindogon, after the King in Black purged a whole planet and took all its resources. One of the warriors he was still breathing, he lif...
🕸Spidey Son by The_Greacus_Avenger
🕸Spidey Sonby Marvel's Rick Riordan
-edit- I started writing this back in 2020, and so the beginning is a bit... um, meh. But it gets better I promise!!!!! Peter Parker has lost a lot. First his parents, t...
♡•Symbrock•♡ by FirstNameLastName568
♡•Symbrock•♡by Melanie Martinez
Cute, fluffy, angsty, and sometimes smutty oneshots of sweet little Eddie and his alien life partner Venom. Requests are open!
Venom and Acid《Mina Ashido x Male Symbiote Reader》 by ShallotStudioz
Venom and Acid《Mina Ashido x Haedn
The way we see it, we can do whatever we want. Do we have a deal?
Time to Lash out (Senran kagura harem x male Lasher reader) by DJMM15
Time to Lash out (Senran kagura Vortex’s Multiverse
Y/N L/N son of D/N and M/N L/N they were both scientist and they were working on something weird that Y/N did not know has he live a happy live with them until something...
Many Shades( A Succubus Love Story) by XxMyBitchyAlterEgoxX
Many Shades( A Succubus Love Story)by Nika
He took one more step towards me, fitting our bodies flush against each other. I could feel every hard ridge and elegant plane of his chest. “What is your name?” he aske...
THE IMMORTALS by AllanFisher
THE IMMORTALSby Allan Fisher
Immortals may walk among us. Where did they come from? What do they want, and to what lengths will they go to get it?
Lasher&Venom by venomloverlol
Lasher&Venomby venomloverlol
Lasher's just roaming around and meets venom ((again -_-)) he doesn't like him but he decides to help venom get something he needs..
💥FAN THEORIES💥 by Mother-Brocker
💥FAN THEORIES💥by Eloise Venom Brock
All the crazy predictions I make about upcoming Marvel projects, most importantly "Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness" and "Venom 3"!!!
We Are Deku Rewrite(Adopted By Sidouzumaki9126) by Alexander_Halsen
We Are Deku Rewrite(Adopted By Alexander Halsen
Izuku found two symbiotes named Toxin and Lasher they combined together to survive they managed to keep their minds separated but still in one body. They wanted to save...
Scorch - Marvel & Venom by nimbusfall
Scorch - Marvel & Venomby nimbusfall
random book about a another parasit- symbiote
Symbiotic Heroes [Hiatus(Sort Off)] by Phantomous_Author
Symbiotic Heroes [Hiatus(Sort Off)]by Daiki Nakimura
A meteor shower is about to happen which excited most people and a group of teens went to a certain location which one of them calculated where the meteors will land so...
The new venom by aresdoo0667
The new venomby Onn
Peter Parker reunites with the venom symbiote and becomes venom to take down his symbiote five spawns, scream, lasher, phage, agony, and riot. His actions will have cons...
Symbiotic Hero : Lasher by NightmareFuel6666
Symbiotic Hero : Lasherby NightmareFuel6666
What if a kid had stumbled around and found an alien life form. What if that alien life form could promise you power you didnt have. Would you take it? Well Izuku Midory...
A Symbiote Weakness Can Also Be Its Strength by alienator999
A Symbiote Weakness Can Also Be alienator999
Meet Y/n a kid who was quirkless. His family still loved him along the people of his school. His entire school even the bullies said he deserved a quirk for who he was...
Revenge (a symbiote story) by Puppeteer-skills-101
Revenge (a symbiote story)by Darth Nuvae
(Comic inspired) What would happen if the symbiotes were captured and shipped to a lab and forced to have offsprings? What if years later a young girl is a host to an im...
A symbiot rouge Vehicon by GhostR3x1
A symbiot rouge Vehiconby GhostR3x1
This is a fanfic of a rouge vehicon who betrayed to stop the death of cliffjumper but Starscream killed him anyway but then he find an unknown meteor and it was leaking...
Ghost is born! Op Male reader x Movies/Tv shows by 25whitlockc8055
Ghost is born! Op Male reader x Black Ghost
You are unknown to whole multiverse, you killed the god of symbiotes, Knull and Destroy Thanos. Nobody knows who you are, where you came from etc. This is the story of m...