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My Crazy Life (Launchpad x Reader) ~On Hold~ by Ruby_Pines
My Crazy Life (Launchpad x Reader) Madrose
You start working at McDuck Manor. You meet the triplets, Webby, and Launchpad. He is so sweet and funny that you can't resist falling in love with him. He tries multipl...
Darkwing Duck One Shots by Janey_fnaf_fan
Darkwing Duck One Shotsby Janey
Just one shots I'm making of the 90s cartoon of the superhero duck, Darkwing Duck. So... yeah.
The Family I Needed  by Kim_the_Rabbit17
The Family I Needed by Kim
Charlotte has been living with Donald and the triplets a few months after being saved from the streets and has remained in the same spot since her arrival: the couch/kit...
Ducktales The story of 5 best friends and mysteries by mrico06
Ducktales The story of 5 best mrico06
Your name was Y/N L/N you were the child of some of the greatest adventurers out there. You had an amazing older brother,bruce, who was always by your side. And a very c...
Might Solve a Mystery, or Rewrite Hist'ry! by avatarhay
Might Solve a Mystery, or Avatarhay
Book One!! I fell into the world of Ducktales? By the time the shock settled in I had already been "adopted" into the Duck's family due to Scrooge's love of my...
Collision by ChoirGal000
Collisionby Shush
Andria is a twelve year old foster kid, bouncing around from home to home. At least until she suddenly wakes up in the world of her favorite TV show, Duck tales. With th...
DuckTales: Mysteries of the Past by PokemonSoldier
DuckTales: Mysteries of the Pastby Ian Mahaffey
After a particularly boring day at the Bin, Scrooge finds himself looking after three pre-teen boys who happen to be his nephews. Great, just what he needed. As if havin...
Habits by BacktrackSoCasually
Habitsby BacktrackSoCasually
Marina Duck is many things. She's the eldest of the Duck siblings and the only niece to Donald Duck. She's fair, just, incredibly loyal, and can be a bit cheeky. But ove...
💕Ducktales oneshots💕 by sullylover2025
💕Ducktales oneshots💕by ⚡︎♡CRINGE♡⚡︎
TAKING REQUEST!!! Can be x reader Any ship you want me to write I'll write it!!!! NO LEMONS, OR SMUT!!! Gotta be kid friendly here! 👌 *Ducktales isn't my property or...
Illumination! by Musiclover918
Illumination!by Musiclover918
I've been watching a lot of duck tales and darkwing duck lately, and thought to myself "if darkwing can be an awesome hero and a father...why can't gizmoduck?"...
☆~Ducktales Preferences~☆ by EngineIsSus
☆~Ducktales Preferences~☆by Engine
☆Characters Included:☆ Huey Louie Dewey Webby Lena Violet Donald Gladstone Fethry LaunchPad Gyro Fenton Scrooge Duckworth Magica Glomgold Della Goofy Akita Daisy
Scrooge McDuck x Oc character  by pickle1719yay
Scrooge McDuck x Oc character by pickle1719yay
In this story, Marcella is the only human on the planet but not all human. She lives underground since she has no where else to go. Her mission is the catch every monste...
Ducktales 2017: Gizmoduck's/ Fenton's Duck Of His Dreams (DISCONTINUED)  by wolfchibi27
Ducktales 2017: Gizmoduck's/ wolfchibi27
Maria Rose is the niece of famous adventurer Scrooge McDuck. She was adopted by Donald Duck shortly after Della went missing becoming a big sister to the triplets. Maria...
Ducktales preferences by sherbet-lemonss
Ducktales preferencesby Rubo
we do love some cartoon birds Characters: Donald Duck Della Duck Scrooge McDuck Launchpad Mcquack Gyro Gearloose Fenton crackshell-Cabrera (Gender neutral- they/them pro...
DuckTember by BiancaSantana880
DuckTemberby Bianca Santana
Hurt/comfort/agony/angst Stories about saint canards dark knight, darkwing duck
ducktales || oneshots (discontinued) by asterriskz
ducktales || oneshots ( 💝🔪
I heard you like raw ducks. . . Good day to anyone who has stumbled upon this book! It is an honor to have you as a reader! Ngl, I don't like the humanized versions...
A Ducktales Story {[On Hold]} by GreenBeanGrookey
A Ducktales Story {[On Hold]}by Beanie
Caroline didn't know how she and her best friend found this world in their sleep, but they just know they have to help.
Collision! by ChoirGal000
Collision!by Shush
Andria Isabelle is a twelve year old foster kid who's been bouncing from home to home. That is until she wakes up in the world of favorite tv show, Ducktales. Now with t...