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The Hostage(a Twilight fanfic) by Oncer121598
The Hostage(a Twilight fanfic)by Shannon Brunicke
Eliana Cullen is the 15 year old daughter of Carlisle. She was 13 when he had mysteriously disappeared. Two years later, when she was walking home from a friends house l...
A New Found Love (Les Twins Boyxboy) by maribooperez
A New Found Love (Les Twins Maui
The sequel to "Blind Love". What happens when Laurent tells Larry about the dream?? Does it come true? Does Larry hate him? Read "A New Found Love" t...
You And Me - A Collection of Les Twins One Shots by lestwins101
You And Me - A Collection of Les lestwins101
Laurent and Larry share a bond that is unparalleled to others. This is a collection of one shots based on real moments of their lives caught on camera as well as some ma...
WRONG NUMBER .... ? by tonig73
WRONG NUMBER .... ?by RedLego
Laurent is feeling the loss of an ex-lover around the New Year, and tries to reach out and get in contact again. Will he find him ? Or will he find what he really need...
Please, say yes.(Please Series 1) by Ci9nus
Please, say yes.(Please Series 1)by Cignus
"How can I forget you when you gave me so much to remember?" [On-going]
A Teacher's Love... (Les Twins Boyxboy) by maribooperez
A Teacher's Love... (Les Twins Maui
Regular teacherxstudent love story... Or is it?
Black Nebula by shygirlreads
Black Nebulaby s.j.hayslett
A bloodthirsty Laurent finds Bella in the meadow and manages to bite her before the wolves chase him down. Where will Bella turn when the only vampires she knew are gone...
200 Years Without The Cullens by vulturemonem
200 Years Without The Cullensby vulturemonem
What if Bella never jumped off her cliff? What if Edward never saw her die? What if he never came back? My heart pounded, Laurent would kill me. I would become one of t...
Weirdo (Lestwin Bromance Or B×B?) by Bang3112
Weirdo (Lestwin Bromance Or B×B?)by BANG
Larry has a weird behavior, he always do something bad that make everyone hating him. He was anti-social and lonely, but Laurent always beside him to help him up. Laure...
Captive Prince: The Execution of the Dead by BrilliantGreen23
Captive Prince: The Execution of Brilliant Green
Having overcome the disturbing events triggered by the Regent and Kastor, Damen and Laurent are finally crowned in their realms. But a new enemy seems to be stalking the...
□Along came Laurent□ by __Memma__
□Along came Laurent□by ✨ Simp ✨
□ Edamura Makoto had secret feelings for his friend Laurent Thierry in the past, so he hid them away since he thought Laurent would NEVER love him. Makoto tried so hard...
Book 2: Lune (Twilight Saga: New Moon) by shinigami3yez
Book 2: Lune (Twilight Saga: New A. Shinigami
It's been several months since Serenity went missing. Bella and the Cullens lost hope that she'd ever return to them. After an accident endangering Bella, the Cullens le...
Secrets and Lies (a Les Twins fanfic) by LTMotionry
Secrets and Lies (a Les Twins LTMotionry
Gabriella Peters is a writer for Trend Magazine happily engaged to her fiance' Keith when she is sent to Paris on an assignment to dig up dirt on the French dance duo Le...
This is the story of a modern day princess and her forbidden love. by AlryanaMBriones
This is the story of a modern kia Lee
As the daughter of the President of the Philippines, I never expected to become entangled in a royal drama. But when I met the daughter of the King of Spain, everything...
The Great Pretender (Reader Insert)  by LolOk29
The Great Pretender (Reader LolOk2k6
Makoto Edamura, a Japanese swindler, has been through alot during his life. But one day he meets you and Laurent, what scamming adventure awaits them? Read to find out...
Aro's Daughter Bella by Sammylover2020
Aro's Daughter Bellaby Sammylover2020
Bella is 17 years old and is currently living in forks, on a mission, when she meets the cullens and falls "in love" with one of them. Once he leaves her, trag...
Secret Admirer ✓ by lestwinssugar
Secret Admirer ✓by 𝓓𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓷𝔂
Laurent is a college student who gets bullied and secretly loves to dance. He's constantly depressed and thinks he's not enough, not even to be loved. But he's proven wr...
Tyro // Les Twins by kingpaname
Tyro // Les Twinsby kingpaname
Tyro (n.): a beginner in learning anything; novice No one ever really expects for misfortune to come their way. Neither do the twins. They're living the life as world fa...
Antisocial (Finished.) by GLOCCCESS
Antisocial (Finished.)by 🥰
Laurent Bourgeois Has Noticed Something Strange About His Twin Brother, Larry Bourgeois. Laurent Tries To Help, But Larry Becomes Distant With Everyone Except Laurent, H...
A B U S E  (re-write)  by -OgTatorrrr-
A B U S E (re-write) by Zoe Perez
Laurent Bourgeois has come to terms with his sexuality and has accepted the fact that he is gay. Now out of highschool and a dance instructor he's 21 now, happy and free...