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Weirdo (Lestwin Bromance Or B×B?) by Bang3112
Weirdo (Lestwin Bromance Or B×B?)by BANG
Larry has a weird behavior, he always do something bad that make everyone hating him. He was anti-social and lonely, but Laurent always beside him to help him up. Laure...
Les Twins - Gossip & Musings by lestwins101
Les Twins - Gossip & Musingsby lestwins101
Interviews, Body Language and Speculations/Theories. This will be a meta-book about the twins - their past, present and future. I would really like to share some of my t...
You And Me - A Collection of Les Twins One Shots by lestwins101
You And Me - A Collection of Les lestwins101
Laurent and Larry share a bond that is unparalleled to others. This is a collection of one shots based on real moments of their lives caught on camera as well as some ma...
armored core:infinte stratos by bloodedge_alter_god
armored core:infinte stratosby 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖆𝖟𝖚𝖗𝖊 𝖇𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖉�...
621..olso know as raven..have done many things ..he defeat many acs face rubicon's toughers weapons create even face corporations and help out the rubiconias and defeat...
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Will Love Win? by Crazyyybks
Will Love Win?by Crazyyybks
When a poor woman meets a dangerous French man, he is put to the test on whether or not he will give his lifestyle up for the woman he has fallen in love with.
Les Twins BxG and  BxGxB  by Zasha2109
Les Twins BxG and BxGxB by Zasha2109
So I have many one shots and some longer. I hope you enjoy them
Les twins little space one-shots by bxbyprincess22
Les twins little space one-shotsby God's princess
Collection of Les twins but as littles and their journey as they face this big world! How they will handle new challenges? As long as they are together they can do anyth...
LT ONE-SHOTS (BoyxBoy) by LTwins4life
LT ONE-SHOTS (BoyxBoy)by 🤍L.O. & L.A.🤍
Just some random one-shots (Requests are allowed) 🔞🔞🔞
Is It Larry... Or Nickolas?  by Zasha2109
Is It Larry... Or Nickolas? by Zasha2109
Larry has a dark side, that is dangerous in more ways than one.. How will Lau handle it when the darkness is unleashed on him and brings out his own hidden dark side and...
Unknowing by TyShanee17
Unknowingby Les Twins Lover
Larry and Laurent didn't know they had a twin, all they knew that something was missing from their heart, but didn't k now what was. Laurent was living with their dad in...
Les twins (The reason we fight) by KontonSei
Les twins (The reason we fight)by Konton Sei
(disclaimer: this story is rated 18+ and is completely fictional, I do not own the rights to anything mentioned in this story other than the creative writing directions...
Obsessed (On Hold) by Zasha2109
Obsessed (On Hold)by Zasha2109
When a member of the criminalz crew falls in love with Larry from a far. Will he be ok when he finds out Larry's in love with his twin, and they've had a secret affair g...
Saved by JJ2215
Savedby JJ
Twins aurora and Ariel are being abused by their mom and dad so they run away what will happen...
The Jock and The Nerd (completed) by lettieirvin
The Jock and The Nerd (completed)by Lettie
Hi i Larry Bourgeois twin brother to Laurent. Im the smart twin he the cool popular twin. Everybody love Laurent but bully and tease me. I no care. I only care when Laur...
I'll Kill For Him [BOOK #1] by GLOCCCESS
I'll Kill For Him [BOOK #1]by 🥰
This Story Is About A Boy Named Larry Bourgeois Falling In Love With The Boy Of His Dreams. Little Does Larry Know, Laurent Hue, Has Been Stalking Him Ever Since He Has...
Antisocial (Finished.) by GLOCCCESS
Antisocial (Finished.)by 🥰
Laurent Bourgeois Has Noticed Something Strange About His Twin Brother, Larry Bourgeois. Laurent Tries To Help, But Larry Becomes Distant With Everyone Except Laurent, H...
Livin a Thug Life, Got a Hood Love by mrsLarryBourgeois101
Livin a Thug Life, Got a Hood Loveby LarryLover101
"I want a family! I want kids, I want you to stop what you're doing! I want you to love me!" "I can't do that! A'ight, this is who I am!" "Then...
Entangled // Les twins BxB by xoxoxoxo_xixixixi
Entangled // Les twins BxBby 🕷
✗ They've been entangled together for 31 years. One whose affairs had become second nature, and one who was depressed and liked to torment himself. Cracks cannot be mend...
Secret Admirer ✓ by lestwinssugar
Secret Admirer ✓by 𝓓𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓷𝔂
Laurent is a college student who gets bullied and secretly loves to dance. He's constantly depressed and thinks he's not enough, not even to be loved. But he's proven wr...
Tyro // Les Twins by kingpaname
Tyro // Les Twinsby kingpaname
Tyro (n.): a beginner in learning anything; novice No one ever really expects for misfortune to come their way. Neither do the twins. They're living the life as world fa...
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