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Auctioned off by lestwinfan12
Auctioned offby lestwinfan12
Laurent "I have no problem treating you like this... like a princess as long as you remember you belong to me"
LT ONE-SHOTS (BoyxBoy) by LTwins4life
LT ONE-SHOTS (BoyxBoy)by 🤍L.O. & L.A.🤍
Just some random one-shots (Requests are allowed) 🔞🔞🔞
The Bourgeois Effect by ChynaSymmone
The Bourgeois Effectby Chyna
What happen when a famous dancer/model/ actor meet a fiery fashion designer/ business woman. FIREWORKS but what if there was someone out there ready to put out that fire...
Les Twins BxG and  BxGxB  by Zasha2109
Les Twins BxG and BxGxB by Zasha2109
So I have many one shots and some longer. I hope you enjoy them
Les twins (The reason we fight) by KontonSei
Les twins (The reason we fight)by Konton Sei
(disclaimer: this story is rated 18+ and is completely fictional, I do not own the rights to anything mentioned in this story other than the creative writing directions...
Story of Our Lives  by lestwinfan12
Story of Our Lives by lestwinfan12
The sequel to My hot best friend
Secret Admirer ✓ by lestwinssugar
Secret Admirer ✓by 𝓓𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓷𝔂
Laurent is a college student who gets bullied and secretly loves to dance. He's constantly depressed and thinks he's not enough, not even to be loved. But he's proven wr...
His Humanity by EurasianRein10
His Humanityby Dark Side
They were abused but soon that would all be fixed. Larry was his last piece so what would happen when someone tried to take that from him?
Les Twins - Gossip & Musings by lestwins101
Les Twins - Gossip & Musingsby lestwins101
Interviews, Body Language and Speculations/Theories. This will be a meta-book about the twins - their past, present and future. I would really like to share some of my t...
Ups And Downs by MaryseJannelle
Ups And Downsby MaryseJannelle
This is my very first story so bare with me. I am a huge Larry fan so most of the story will be focused on Larry. Once I get into Larry , I will do a Laurent book. this...
Promises (COMPLETED) by sweethoneybey
Promises (COMPLETED)by sweethoneybey
That Mother (sequel) [BOOK 2]
The Jock and The Nerd (completed) by lettieirvin
The Jock and The Nerd (completed)by Lettie
Hi i Larry Bourgeois twin brother to Laurent. Im the smart twin he the cool popular twin. Everybody love Laurent but bully and tease me. I no care. I only care when Laur...
Livin a Thug Life, Got a Hood Love by mrsLarryBourgeois101
Livin a Thug Life, Got a Hood Loveby LarryLover101
"I want a family! I want kids, I want you to stop what you're doing! I want you to love me!" "I can't do that! A'ight, this is who I am!" "Then...
Obsessed (On Hold) by Zasha2109
Obsessed (On Hold)by Zasha2109
When a member of the criminalz crew falls in love with Larry from a far. Will he be ok when he finds out Larry's in love with his twin, and they've had a secret affair g...
Les twins little space one-shots by bxbyprincess22
Les twins little space one-shotsby God's princess
Collection of Les twins but as littles and their journey as they face this big world! How they will handle new challenges? As long as they are together they can do anyth...
A B U S E  (re-write)  by -OgTatorrrr-
A B U S E (re-write) by Zoe Perez
Laurent Bourgeois has come to terms with his sexuality and has accepted the fact that he is gay. Now out of highschool and a dance instructor he's 21 now, happy and free...
Les Twins One Shots by QueenMandii23
Les Twins One Shotsby QueenMandii23
Once you can tell them apart there is no going back... So in that case, welcome to the clique sisters.
Entangled // Les twins BxB by xoxoxoxo_xixixixi
Entangled // Les twins BxBby 🕷
✗ They've been entangled together for 31 years. One whose affairs had become second nature, and one who was depressed and liked to torment himself. Cracks cannot be mend...