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Fuck You Too // COMPLETE  by lawleycats
Fuck You Too // COMPLETE by lawleycats
What happens to London when she finds her boyfriend sleeping with someone in the bed that she has to sleep in every night, and has nowhere else to live? Does she leave t...
My Bullies *o2l* by _alonetogether_
My Bullies *o2l*by Loäding
Renée was just a quiet kid. She never had done anything to the our second life boys, yet they still torture her every day. One day she just can't take it anymore but on...
Teenage Daddy by la_baby5
Teenage Daddyby 🌴💙LA Baby💙🌴
19-year-old YouTuber, Kian Lawley, adopts a 2-year-old boy for a dare. He didn't exactly want to, but if he backed out of it, Jc and JJ would never let him hear the end...
My girl | Cameron Dallas  by atshae
My girl | Cameron Dallas by SHAE
Just two teens in love
To be Frantastic by CoffeeForTheSoul
To be Frantasticby CoffeeForTheSoul
I should introduce myself; my name is Connor Franta, very nice to meet you. Maybe you would like to join me inside my head? I would like someone to listen to my story.
Instagram ▷ Kian Lawley by Bilinxi
Instagram ▷ Kian Lawleyby Lex
@KianLawley requests to follow you She never thought she would love anyone like him. Never thought she would actually meet him. Until one day, when he commented under he...
JC's little sister(Kian Lawley fan fic) COMPLETED  by rd123__
JC's little sister(Kian Lawley R
*COMPLETED*Jc caylens little sister Rilee, aka R to some people, kitten to Kian sometime.... Jc and his best friend Kian, sense 1st grade always picked on Rilee, jc cuz...
The Kian Effect [Completed] by sweetsucc
The Kian Effect [Completed]by pimp s
In which a young girl is thrown into a whirlwind of trouble when she gets involved with the town's bad boy. © sarah Disclaimer: I wrote this shit when I was legit 11 yea...
Is he the one? (Kian Lawley) by user83656628
Is he the one? (Kian Lawley)by KianLawley
you're a new youtuber that has recently moved from a small town to LA. you meet this guy named kian at your friend franny's house. what happens next is... Characters: y...
Kian Lawley Imagines by caaileey
Kian Lawley Imaginesby Cailey🤪
Imagines of Kian Lawley
lovesick -- kian lawley by superrkiki13
lovesick -- kian lawleyby lawleypops duh
everyone's a little lovesick. but in there own way. take me for example. i love myself so much that i make myself sick. lovesick. what do you expect? i dont have anyone...
Kian Lawley Imagines by fanfictionersss
Kian Lawley Imaginesby em and m
Pretty self explanatory. Requests are open :)
I hate you but, you're my best friend (k.l x r) by cloutthegreat
I hate you but, you're my best lil shit
a friendship that is the cutest, but is still the most fucked up. (ongoing)
Kian Lawley Imagines by CringeCass
Kian Lawley Imaginesby Cass
The title says it all
YouTuber Imagines by FrantasticFanfics
YouTuber Imaginesby .
A book full of imagines of YouTubers. You can request YouTubers and if You want it Sweet, Sad, Dirty, etc.
My One in a Million by SarahBeth9500
My One in a Millionby Sarah Elizabeth
Not really much to say but just saying it's my first one so cut me some slack
Adopted by Kian and JC by dearfandoms
Adopted by Kian and JCby dearfandoms
Bekah has been in foster care with her BFF Hannah for as long as she can remember and never expected to get out. What happens when this all changes drastically? (im doin...
Harrison Webb Imagine's  by sophiefanfi
Harrison Webb Imagine's by sophie🌹
Probably a collection of Imagine's of Harrison Webb but also from other youtubers 🌹
My brothers BFF by Ashykinz88
My brothers BFFby Ashykinz88
When Lizy moves to California with her brother, she meets his friends and maybe falls in love with one of them?
The Bad boy and The Good Girl by kianlawisbae
The Bad boy and The Good Girlby kianlawisbae
when hope moves to crystal high she doesnt know that theres on bad boy waiting for her.