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Bullied & Abused ✔️  by Franta_21
Bullied & Abused ✔️ by Gabbie
Ever have something happen in your life that changed your whole world? Well, the night Ariel Reed's mother was murdered, changed hers. For two years, her father has bee...
Often ~ a Kian Lawley Fanfiction by SortOfShannon
Often ~ a Kian Lawley Fanfictionby Sort Of Shannon
Kian Lawley was a player Spending ever night in a new bed, with a new girl. That is, until he met Samantha. A dirty blonde girl who was living the American Dream. Or so...
twitter dms ▷ Jc Caylen by Bilinxi
twitter dms ▷ Jc Caylenby Lex
@jccaylen followed you back In which a girl gets tied up with a certain curly headed youtuber for life. HIGHEST RANK: #434 IN FANFICTION
iMessage | Kian Lawley {#wattys2016} by softgrungemalum
iMessage | Kian Lawley { aye Beka
It all started with iMessage. (this is a ff i wrote back on 2015 and took down but due to demand, published it again)
My girl | Cameron Dallas  by atshae
My girl | Cameron Dallas by SHAE
Just two teens in love
Who's Kian Lawley? || Text Messages. [DISCONTINUED] by ZaynsBedroom
Who's Kian Lawley? || Text ♛ 𝐙
@KianLawley liked your photo. 1h @KianLawley liked your photo. 20m @KianLawley liked your photo. 13m @KianLawley liked your photo. 55s @KianLawley started follow...
All I want is to love- Kian Lawley fanfic by youtube_is_my_life_
All I want is to love- Kian youtube_is_my_life_
All I want is to love someone and have them love me back. But I constantly get screwed over by Dbags and A*sholes. Until I came across this tall very good-looking boy. H...
Kian Lawley Imagines by caaileey
Kian Lawley Imaginesby Cailey🤪
Imagines of Kian Lawley
Dead End, A Jian Story // Book One, Complete by ColorMeJian
Dead End, A Jian Story // Book Sailing Ships
Book One // B1 ••• "Are you sexually attracted to me?" Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuckity fucking fuck. The lie detector was still hooked up to me. Stupid fucking Buz...
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kian lawley imagines  by harrysXD
kian lawley imagines by harrysXD
self explanatory, lower case intended slow updates⚡️ favorite and vote♥️
The Story of Us (An O2L / Kian Lawley Fanfiction) by HeyThere_Delilah
The Story of Us (An O2L / Kian Delilah
When Madison Banks moves to California with her dad after her parents divorce, she's ready for the sun, the waves, and the beach Hotties. Little did she know she would m...
That Broken Girl ⇒ Kian Lawley by kiwilolli
That Broken Girl ⇒ Kian Lawleyby kiwi
i think i hit the point in my life, where i'm just done. i cried, i fought, i tried, but everything is crashing down. my demons are screaming louder, trying to eat awa...
Kian Lawley Imagines by fanfictionersss
Kian Lawley Imaginesby em and m
Pretty self explanatory. Requests are open :)
JC's younger sister ~k.l by arigrier7
JC's younger sister ~k.lby Ari
JC lives in California with his best friend Kian. What if his younger sister comes to visit. Will she fall in love with Kian or will Kian fall I love with her. Will some...
Kidnapped (our 2nd life fanfic) by baby2kismine
Kidnapped (our 2nd life fanfic)by baby2kismine
What happens when a girl who gets stalked by o2l get kidnapped by them? How will her life turn out to be? And will she ever return home? Read to find out
Rebel Lawley // Kian Lawley's Sister by lavenderambition
Rebel Lawley // Kian Lawley's R
What is life like as the sister of Kian Lawley? (I wrote most of this as a 10-year-old. It's cringey but pretty good. The later chapters are better as I wrote them when...
Permanent Marker, Stuck In My Head, A Collection of Jian Stories by ColorMeJian
Permanent Marker, Stuck In My Sailing Ships
- Jian Oneshots - /Twoshots - /Threeshots -Sneak Peeks - Pickles -Story Ideas - Basically me constantly rewriting different scenarios where two "straight"...
Kian Imagines by maddiwriites
Kian Imaginesby maddiwriites
Lol I'm in a 2013-2017 YouTube phase right now again and need to get these off my mind. So please enjoy and don't hate on them I can't stop my imagination. It's not my f...
Brothers Bestfriend  by o2lfever
Brothers Bestfriend by #TEAMJIAN
most of my friends know me by Jc caylens little sister