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Her Family by Shriya1813
Her Familyby Shriya
Pain. That was all Isabella Rosanna Moretti had known all her life. Wherever she's been, she was neglected, abused, and kicked out. Love and Joy were foreign to her. Fro...
His Delicate Queen  by thehappysoul_22
His Delicate Queen by ✨❣
Book One in Royal kingdom SERIES. "Come here..." He said huskily. She gulped and made her way towards him, dare she looked up. "J..ji.." she said st...
My Husband With Scholar Syndrome by lenelu22
My Husband With Scholar Syndromeby lenelu22
STORY NOT MINE!!!!! ALL CREDITS TO THE AUTHOR/S AND TRANSLATOR/S!!! FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSE ONLY!!! Description Mu Xiaoya lived for twenty-six years before she knew...
I can only wish by alivebutdead28
I can only wishby Guin
I can only wish for a perfect life or does it get taken away? Nevan and Talia cannot both have children so the last resort is to adopt kids. They adopted four kids in th...
The Avengers Mikelson by multi_wh0res
The Avengers Mikelsonby ILY<3
Have you ever heard of Valerie Nora Mikelson no because she was an unwanted daughter. They only wanted one child so they only paid attention to Hope thinking she was mor...
Attached By String by ikc_writes
Attached By Stringby IKC
Elsie Taylor knew nothing more than the life that involved the constant moving around. She had always thought that it was normal to not have a place to call home, as she...
The Alpha's Omega Mate by Rai-Tries
The Alpha's Omega Mateby Rai27
Eclipse is the omega of the star pack. Her pack treats her like a maid. When Eclipse was younger she always wanted the fairytale ending, but as she got older she realize...
The Arrangement {Timothée Chalamet x Reader} by HonestlyWhatIsLove
The Arrangement {Timothée Schizophrenic
He smiles wryly. "I'm sorry, love, I don't think I caught your name." You keep your face blank. "Sharp." You turn to leave. "Oh, and it's queen...
Her Healer ✔️ by _AestheticWriter22_
Her Healer ✔️by A Dreamer🌸
A broken girl with a broken past.... An ambitious man with a beautiful past.... He became her healer.... She bacame his life.... To know about the two open the book...
Sold Herself To Him ||•Taehyung ff•|| by Mucflurry_Oreo7
Sold Herself To Him ||•Taehyung тαєнуυиg'ѕ σяєσ
You sold yourself to a dangerous Mafia because you need money to save your sister's life who was sick and in hospital . . . 🚫NO HATE COMMENTS 🚫 Hate comments will be r...
The Beast's Possession [ON GOING...] by Fatima_Akbar
The Beast's Possession [ON Faaa.feee💎🫶🏻
*Previously known as YOU ARE JUST MINE!♥* Alizey Tariq. An 18-year-old university girl, the apple of everyone's eyes, the best daughter, not only an amazing sister to tw...
Alone Together... by STAY-CALM-IM-HERE
First waking up in the body of a character in Naruto, then meeting their inner personality was never a good thing. Follow Kazumi Yukimura as she lives her life as Sakura...
Tom Kaulitz imagines🎸💋 by MIGUELLOVER15
Tom Kaulitz imagines🎸💋by Theblackphonelover
basically it's gonna be imagines of tom and you give me ideas in the cmts or message me👍 :)= fluff ;)=smut
Black Mafia 4: Khairo Feliciano by RHNA24
Black Mafia 4: Khairo Felicianoby Rhiena Manunulat
[COMPLETED ✔️] -I'm scared to loved. And I'm scared to be loved. When I realized that it's not- Khairo Feliciano is a typical bad boy. A man that is part of organization...
Be My Princess [Editing] by dandan101
Be My Princess [Editing]by Danielle
Kiara's been an orphan for as long as she can remember. A promise made to her as a little girl by a then very young prince is all she holds on to as she dream of a be...
Princess Frances Cynthia Charlotte Elizabeth is the youngest daughter of Diana the Princess of Wales and the favourite of her father Prince Charles. She was 11 years old...
Loving Miss Innocent : The Tendilla's Story #1 by Ace_of_Queen
Loving Miss Innocent : The Solace_09
"Your voice is a whisper, soothing, and sweet. It brings me comfort, making my heart skip a beat.." - Seirin Roku Sions "Being with you, my heart takes fl...
Bat-Bogey Hexers by sandpipergirl
Bat-Bogey Hexersby {on hiatus}
Ginny Weasley is a bright, vivacious girl born into a loving family. Despite seeming small, and helpless Ginny is like a game of exploding snap: full of surprises. Being...
The Wounded Heart by KimEmily1912
The Wounded Heartby Kim Emily
Hi, Army's! This " Taehyung Fanfiction," is a tale purely from my imagination, where I've created original characters alongside mentions of idols like Taehyu...
Loved You First- A Larry Fanfic by sassylarrystylinson
Loved You First- A Larry Fanficby Jennie
Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are best friends, but maybe they're secretly something more? When Louis gets a call from management his whole relationship with Harry ge...