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The First Champion | BOTW Link x GN!Reader by MintieCakes
The First Champion | BOTW Link x Elailas
Contains spoilers - gender neutral MC One hundred years ago, you took part in a prophecy of old. Having being gifted the ability to hear the voice of the goddess Hylia...
a knight's promise // botw link x reader by bleachbub
a knight's promise // botw link bleachbub
a cute lil story between you and link before the calamity! (side note! this story is not related to 'silent memories' in any way!) ✫*゚・゚。.☆.*。・゚✫*.✫*゚・゚。.☆.*。・゚✫*.✫*゚・゚。...
Eventide || Link x Reader by XxInsanity9870xX
Eventide || Link x Readerby XxInsanity9870xX
Post!BOTW ~ Right when they were about to celebrate the start of a new beginning.. everything started crumbling downㅡall over again. Link didn't know what's worse, The f...
feather friends by Aaironn1259
feather friendsby Revali
this is my first fanfic in this ship topic so i hope you like it. this story is about if Revali and Link met as children then after a while become friends, once they bec...
~The sweet Red candy and the Lime~Sidon x reader by Purple1108
~The sweet Red candy and the Tae_with_some_suga
~I'm not good at descripton's~ Y/N was a toddler when her power awakened so she had lot's of presure to be a champion at a young age. She never really got to be a kid. W...
The Sky Above  |  BOTW Link x ftm Reader by quiet_crybaby
The Sky Above | BOTW Link x Hayl
Calamity hits when least expected, leaving (y/n) all by himself. With his family gone he had lost his purpose... Or at least what he had thought was his purpose. . . . I...
Sidlink comic Yaoi (gatcha edit?)  by glorgborg
Sidlink comic Yaoi (gatcha edit?) by glorgborg
A short yet beautiful story of a hylian that fell in love with a Zora prince that one day turned into a human.
Memories by Anxious_Boy_17
Memoriesby anxious_boy
Links one job was to beat Ganon, to seal him away for the next hero to deal with but something goes wrong. How could he have expected this to happen? Where could that be...
Broken Relationship. by minsland
Broken Min
Impa fixes her broken relationship with her dear sister Purah. Will things go well, or fall to ruins once again? this is my very first fanfic I've ever posted so uh... i...