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Sword and Shield by mitskis_baby
Sword and Shieldby mitskis_baby
(Breath of the wild OC fic) Mae is an ordinary girl who isn't really good at anything until one night she makes a wish so powerful that she wakes up in the game breath o...
a knight's promise // botw link x reader by bleachbub
a knight's promise // botw link bleachbub
a cute lil story between you and link before the calamity! (side note! this story is not related to 'silent memories' in any way!) ✫*゚・゚。.☆.*。・゚✫*.✫*゚・゚。.☆.*。・゚✫*.✫*゚・゚。...
Apothecary by TypeCastWriter
Apothecaryby PlayingAgainstTypeWriter
Twilight Princess Link X Reader (Post-Game) The reader runs a small apothecary in Castle Town two years after the Twilit Crisis. One day she stumbles upon a mysteriou...
Eternity [Link x Reader] by UnlikelyKing
Eternity [Link x Reader]by S. King :3
You didn't choose this, you didn't want this. But it was a destiny decreed by the Gods. You were his soulmate. You would love him through life, through death, and into t...
The Runaway Princess [Link x Reader] by BoyohboyDX
The Runaway Princess [Link x BoyohboyDX
[y/n] Hyrule, the second princess of hyrule, who has always been second right after her sister Zelda. She never felt liked she belonged with royalty, she felt like she w...
Want (Ghirahim X Reader X Link) by ESKT_26
Want (Ghirahim X Reader X Link)by about26noobs
•Ghirahim X Reader X Link• (I don't own LoZ/its characters/any art, just this story) *Slow updates* The calm and confined atmosphere of the floating islands always left...
The House Full of Links - Bunch of Links x Reader Fanfic by tetraishere
The House Full of Links - Bunch Link’s Shawty
You didn't expect to wake up to different versions of your favorite Nintendo character surrounding your couch! What will happen next? Enjoy a fanfic full of romance, co...
Twin of Wisdom | A Breath of the Wild Fanfiction by tLoZSponge
Twin of Wisdom | A Breath of the Sponge
The royal family of Hyrule was in quite the predicament. By tradition, the first born daughter of the royal family shall carry the family name Zelda, bear the Triforce o...
The Best Knight? (Link x Reader) by HarmonySoul
The Best Knight? (Link x Reader)by Harmony
"The title of Best Knight will be mine and I will do anything and everything to take it back." -Link "You don't deserve that title. Not after everythi...
Remember When...(Link x Reader) by Maple_The_Awesome
Remember When...(Link x Reader)by Maple The Awesome
100 years ago, a group of Champions had planned to destroy Calamity Ganon the moment it showed its face in Hyrule again. No one could have been prepared for what ended u...
Everything Stays (Link x Reader) by Maple_The_Awesome
Everything Stays (Link x Reader)by Maple The Awesome
Link and (Y/n) have always been the closes of friends, as most would say, there were inseparable. But after Link mysteriously reapers after being gone for seven years, t...
BoTW Oneshots by rin-nacht
BoTW Oneshotsby börgar
sorry my writing was absolute shit lmfao, anyway enjoy - CONTAINS SPOILERS! Alrighty, y'all want some BoTW fluff? You came to the right place. Idk it's everyone with a...
му нєяσιиє (Prince!Link x Hero!Reader) by TheTrueTVFG
му нєяσιиє (Prince!Link x Hero! 𝕋𝕍𝔽𝔾 𝕊𝕥𝕦𝕕𝕚𝕠𝕤
""Everyone knows the tale of the Princess of Goddess Blood and the Hero of Legendary Spirit. How they are reborn every generation to fight the forces of Darkne...
Head in the clouds (Skyward Sword Link x reader) by -Wishi_Washi_Writes-
Head in the clouds (Skyward ✧・゚: *✧・Corrupt Link ✧・゚: *✧・゚
In a split second Y/N's normal life at the academy had turned upside down. A mysterious tornado had swallowed Zelda up, casting a shadow on the wing ceremony. Link, conv...
Link Vs. Cuccos (Link X Reader One Shot) by katpad01
Link Vs. Cuccos (Link X Reader Lots Of XReaders
It's been 7 years since you've seen Link. Ganondorf had taken over and everyone was now living in Kakiriko Village. You were doing the laundry when a green clothed man c...
{The Alluring}  =||Fierce Deity Link X Reader||= by MysticEclipse360
{The Alluring} =||Fierce Deity MysticEclipse360
There's not enough of them... Please understand that I am a late updater, so please be prepared. They both have discarded love from their lives, until they fell in love...
The Sky's The Limit  (Link X Reader) by catfishhamsterlady
The Sky's The Limit (Link X Sword
COMPLETED- 2016 Editing completed- 2018 Edit pt 2 -2022 babey #17 in Legend Of Zelda "You're a monster. You're a tool used as power, you're already dead. If you thi...
Skyward Sword Link x Reader ||*Oneshots* (Requests Open) by TheBlueBassoon
Skyward Sword Link x Reader ||* Attracted to Lamps
I love Skyward Sword with all my heart. And I thought there should be a book of Link oneshots all about Skyward Sword. I'm not saying it's going to be Shakespeare writin...
The Sky Above  |  BOTW Link x ftm Reader by quiet_crybaby
The Sky Above | BOTW Link x Hayl
Calamity hits when least expected, leaving (y/n) all by himself. With his family gone he had lost his purpose... Or at least what he had thought was his purpose. . . . I...
Shine in the Night (Link x Reader) by acidlashes
Shine in the Night (Link x Reader)by Levislover
Growing up in Ordon proved to be one of the most boring, albeit humbling experiences. You knew little about the world outside your small town. Yet, you found comfort in...