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Eternity [Link x Reader] by UnlikelyKing
Eternity [Link x Reader]by S. King :3
You didn't choose this, you didn't want this. But it was a destiny decreed by the Gods. You were his soulmate. You would love him through life, through death, and into t...
Legend of Zelda Chats (Mostly BoTW) by abbietung11
Legend of Zelda Chats (Mostly BoTW)by -ˏˋ archaic tunicˊˎ-
(link has created 𝖈𝖍𝖆𝖒𝖕𝖎𝖔𝖓 𝖈𝖍𝖆𝖙𝖘) link: ....... link: hello zelda: well hello there! daruk: little guy, what's this? revali: tch. urbosa: oh revali shut i...
desert flower by starbiits
desert flowerby angelqqq
[ link + f!reader oneshots - requests open ] perhaps he could make her happy. *** " a desert flower can live and grow where nothing else can. It can survive bad tim...
Legend of Zelda twilight princess Midna x male reader by Icedemon34
Legend of Zelda twilight Jordan White
yeah I gotten a request to do this story so I thought thy not could be fun to do so yeah on how the reader should be involve please let me know
The Assassin from Hyrule (twilight princess fanfiction) link x reader x darklink by Animefan446
The Assassin from Hyrule ( Animefan446
In the land of Hyrule, there used to be a group of assassins who once protected the royal family but they were all killed by Ganondorf. A few years later a girl named (Y...
Link X Reader One-Shots (DISCONTINUED) by ThatSleepyBoi
Link X Reader One-Shots ( 𝕮𝖑𝖔𝖚𝖉 𝕾𝖙𝖗𝖎𝖋𝖊
!STORY IS IN ENGLISH! --update: Occasionally going through and editing out some of my awful grammar and just making it more readable.-- I've no more inspiration/motivati...
Legend Of Zelda; Link x reader One~shots!! by ShizukaKioko
Legend Of Zelda; Link x reader ✮Vani~Chan✮
I mostly wanted to do this because I have a few ideas I'd like to use, and not make into long drawn out stories. So, yeah. That's my reason for even making this. (P.s Mo...
Call me princess Zelda by SethDragon
Call me princess Zeldaby Sammy Olsson
(SIDON X LINK) (Finished) This is a story about Link who has to take over Zelda's duty to get force married with prince Sidon. zelda got a letter from the Zoras there t...
The Rest Is Silence by Reigenlovets
The Rest Is Silenceby Reigenlovets
Based off of Jojo's tumblr artwork, the story follows the heroes chosen by the goddess and how they met their newest member, Link from Breath of the Wild.
The Prophecy | Link × Reader Oneshots by aliencopter
The Prophecy | Link × Reader lē
A book filled with short stories of the reader (you) and the Hero! This includes the following versions of Link: Twilight Princess (TP) Skyward Sword (SS) Breath of the...
The Legend of Zelda - Endless (Zelink) by HyruleCastle
The Legend of Zelda - Endless ( HyruleCastle
After being forced back together after an unanticipated attack on Hyrule Castle, Link and Zelda thought that the torment was finally over. However, when Link finds himse...
MLP Lord Tirek x Reader by CatsSecretShadow
MLP Lord Tirek x Readerby ~Psychopath ~
This is my first X Reader fan fiction, so sorry if its a little rusty. Please give me constructive criticism on how I can improve! WARNING: MLP DOES NOT BELONG TO ME, AN...
Linked Worlds by aLm0sT01
Linked Worldsby Lunar_Tear
Inspired by jojo56830's Linked Universe AU. When Link woke up, he expected another normal day. After all, his journey was complete. He was done being a hero. He could l...
Zelink: Princess Bride  by Sunshinehappygirl81
Zelink: Princess Bride by Sunshinehappygirl81
When Link left Hyrule after the Twilight Invasion, he left Princess Zelda with a broken heart. He promised her that he would come back to Hyrule; back to her. But what h...
Promises : A Zelink Story by EmberMan_
Promises : A Zelink Storyby EmberMan
(Editing/Rewriting) Set in the time of Twilight Princess. Not in the same Plot. Rated T (Teen) for Strong Language Link and Zelda, miles apart in stature as the Knight a...
Riptide (Zelink|Modern AU) by Sunshinehappygirl81
Riptide (Zelink|Modern AU)by Sunshinehappygirl81
Link is a ranch hand from Ordon who yearns for a life of adventure. With a suitcase and a guitar, Link moves to Castle Town. He had no idea he would spend his first nigh...
Father Time | Legend of Zelda by FirefliesNightcore
Father Time | Legend of Zeldaby Firefly
Eight times Time unintentionally proves why he is their 'old man.' One where they return the favour. WARNINGS: - nightmares - self-doubt - fear of heights - mentions of...
The twilight curse  by SethDragon
The twilight curse by Sammy Olsson
(Sidlink)(LinkxLink)(GanonLink) You can read this book without reading the first book. This is the sequel to 'call me princess Zelda'. If you haven't read that yet and...
Link Boyfriend Scenarios  by Toshiro_Hitsugaya01
Link Boyfriend Scenarios by Toshiro_Hitsugaya01
This is a rewrite of a story I enjoyed. The Link (lmao get it?) will be in the description Also, there will be swearing because I'm like that...
Linked universe || Oneshots by MageinaBarrel
Linked universe || Oneshotsby Mage in a Barrel
A collection of oneshots from my AO3 account, some are about members of the chain bonding some rope in a gender neutral y/n. My personal favourite is 'The Piper of Krysa...