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Echoes ~ (Book Two of The Elite Series) by angel-At-heart
Echoes ~ (Book Two of The Elite Se...by angel-At-heart
Sometimes the past is so powerful, those echoes threaten to overwhelm the present.
Doll House by Ginersnap2010
Doll Houseby Gingersnap
They're the heroes of their respected tales, the rivals, and maybe a few are villains. However, due we truly know their story? We see them win and lose and learn. What i...
Trainer Hypnotist [Pokemon Fanfiction] [18+] by Feather_dark
Trainer Hypnotist [Pokemon Fanfict...by Featherdark
Rey Faustus charms and beds his way throughout the region-but is there more to him than meets the eye?
Diaper wishes  by pine_martin
Diaper wishes by pine_martin
Ben, an 18 year gay boy finds a magical button that can grant any wish.... faggotry ensues
Never trust a speedster by hypnoguy123
Never trust a speedsterby .
So Wally's discovered something new. Yaoi lemon. Hypnosis smut.
Karma's a real Bi-..sissy. by AnOdd01
Karma's a real Bi-..sissy.by Anon Smith
Zach was never a good person. But his fathers death left him very little to worry about ever again. He'd inherited a fortune freshman year in college. Suddenly academics...
Mind Control by syr456
Mind Controlby Alvin Atwater
Follow Matt and his mischievous friend, Gemini in hilarious conflicts involving mind-controlling gemstones created by an ancient tribe called the Iyans. Will Matt surviv...
Five Hypnotised by Hypnolord
Five Hypnotisedby Hypnolord
What happens when Five meets a boy that isn't all he seems? Will Five succomb to his evil will and become what he hates, or will he be able to break free, read to find o...
EXs revenge (Cbt, Foot fetish, Footjob, Hypnosis, Denial, Ballbusting) by MMXXI1
EXs revenge (Cbt, Foot fetish, Foo...by MMXXI1
The story contains strong foot fetish and CBT themes throughout. Please do not read if you are not comfortable with these topics. DO NOT READ if you are under the age of...
Meghan and Kara by babychanged
Meghan and Karaby babychanged
9 year old Kara is tired of being harshly disciplined for her occasional wetting accidents but she has a new weapon to battle against those who would diaper her. She ha...
The Gift by JK_911997
The Giftby taekook shipper
Where Jungkook is kidnapped by Namjoon who is a Scientist and want to give it to Taehyung who is his son and a Psychopath as a gift for his birthday. well better Read to...
The Train Ride by hypnogirl14
The Train Rideby hypnogirl14
A one-shot original story about a submissive, brainwashed girl, and her trip to her new master
Gift || Taekook Mind Control by srpark_ly
Gift || Taekook Mind Controlby Sara Park
In which Jungkook is obsessed to Taehyung and all his five brothers knew about this. [OneShot] Completed ✔️ ᜁᜈ᜔ᜑᜓᜌ᜔!
The Boy She Couldn't Control by catgamer47
The Boy She Couldn't Controlby ✯Cara✯
Stephanie was born with the magic ability to read and control the minds of those she looks at. Spoiled from using her powers to get whatever she wants, she meets Nate, a...
I Opened a Clinic In the Last Days by MarVLent
I Opened a Clinic In the Last Daysby MarVLent
Wen Qingling, as a wood type and mental type supernatural ability, was calculated by his cousin at a critical moment and pushed out to block the zombies. He was bitten...
The Remote by EvangelicalAnonymous
The Remoteby EvangelicalAnonymous
(Nsfw) Harrison is a college student- not that bad looking, but not too buff. One day he finds a mysterious remote in his pocket... and makes good use of it with his fem...
Personnel Modifier: Master PC Story by masterpcswap
Personnel Modifier: Master PC Storyby masterpcswap
19 year-old Chris Walker inexplicably finds himself in possession of a reality altering app whilst away on a camping trip. With the latest version of the Master PC Progr...
Finally in Charge by DeanHypno
Finally in Chargeby DeanHypno
Dean Carris, a highscool softmore, struggles with being bullied. Not only by the jerks at school, like the varsity quarterback, Shawn Barran, but also by his step-dad an...
The Beautiful and the Faultless by SprintingFox
The Beautiful and the Faultlessby sprinting fox
All she had ever wanted was to meet her family and to be free of the torment she'd suffered. Of course, her first time meeting them just had to be marred with mind contr...
The Courtesy of Kings | ☐ Queenkiller, Kingmaker #2 by AM-Prabeswar
The Courtesy of Kings | ☐ Queenkil...by A.M. Prabeswar
❖ QUEENKILLER, KINGMAKER Book 2 ❖ A year has passed since Isla rescued Tam Mai from the dungeons, but her sister's mind is still trapped and broken. There is only one pe...