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A sacrifice has to be made, Sakura knows that, but is she also ready for what it entails? Time travel and gender switch.
Reincarnated As The MALE Villain! Yandere Various Reverse Harem x Reader by xXYandereWriterXx
Reincarnated As The MALE Villain...by Yandere writer
"I'm a fucking hot man!" Y/n died of natural causes, drugs- Er- Just kidding, she was being a dumbass and fell off of a tall building. And now she gets a secon...
Small Little Secrets by OliverHisPuppy14
Small Little Secretsby Oliver L
When a transgender, self conscious, and anxiety-ridden, Age Regressor named Oliver Alcores (pronounced Al-core-ez) begins searching for a caregiver to take care of him...
My Promise To You by ravensinging
My Promise To Youby ravensinging
Cheryl is a teen with some issues Toni made a promise to always protect her This is based off the One Shot: The One With Ben There will also be stuff from it thrown in
Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile (Quick Transmigration) by KingKongggg213
Vicious Female Married Me With A S...by LibelRawr
Tao Ran's task is to prevent the blackening of the vicious female and save the lives and property of the people. He really just wanted to complete the task and bring mon...
Transgender, FTM, Izuku Midoriya (Book One) by ANonBinaryWeeb
Transgender, FTM, Izuku Midoriya (...by Gay Bitch
[I'm re-editing this story and republishing it on this account, you can read this one, but the re-edited one may be less cringy as it has less grammar mistakes and bette...
I'll Love You No Matter What // dreamnotfound by weirdcraftingtable13
I'll Love You No Matter What // dr...by weirdcraftingtable13
NOT MY ART!!! art creds to @gracelliee on Twitter. DNF high school trans ftm George au Dream is the classic high school (American) football jock and has a pretty great l...
Just Passing by rhymeswithfry
Just Passingby Brian J. Rhymer
Being trans was never supposed to be a secret, but marriage, kids, career, and hormones have made this aspect of Xander's identity invisible. For the most part he's happ...
40 weeks (Klance) by annon_author
40 weeks (Klance)by No one needs to know my name
He came out to Shiro first at the garrison. Then Coran to see if he could be any help getting his testosterone. The rest of the team soon followed. As time goes on, La...
~ The Pretty Boy's Pretty Sister ~ Akira Kunimi x Y/N Oikawa by czarmxmynnie
~ The Pretty Boy's Pretty Sister ~...by ◦ ❀ ◦ czarm ◦ ❀ ◦
Y/N is Tooru Oikawa's little sister that has just entered high school at Aoba Johsai. Read to find out more!
Little Sub And Mommy Dom by GhostWalket
Little Sub And Mommy Domby GhostWalket
a story of a female dom and male sub NSFW
Be (With) You by Sandeep1743
Be (With) Youby Sandeep1743
James looked at her, his blue eyes staring at her with passion and love. "I...I don't know," Nora said. "What do you mean?" James asked, the gleam i...
Trans and Non-binary Guidebook  by Aussie78
Trans and Non-binary Guidebook by Aussie78
A guide to help fellow Trans and Non-binary people. I see you and feel your pain. I know what your going through. You are all amazing and valid people. Being trans is my...
Journey to Joseph by rhymeswithfry
Journey to Josephby Brian J. Rhymer
A transgender medieval adventure: Abandoned while disguised as a boy, Hildegund's journey home will lead to unexpected destinations. Twice Featured: - Wattpad Editor's C...
A Boy by the Name of Theseus~a Transinnit sbi story~ by childhoodnotfound
A Boy by the Name of Theseus~a Tra...by childhoodnotfound
Cover art not mine Tws before each chapter The title pretty much explains the rest
The Master And The Slave by ch331fqw33f
The Master And The Slaveby ch331f qw33f
With the help of my friends @starlightsaturn and @_Edenevaporated we made this SMUT story over discord because we were bored
Naruto x Various Females by OriginalLigma
Naruto x Various Femalesby OriginalLigma
Naruto Morgan adopted son of Tess Morgan is a genius in his studies as well as in his physical characteristics. Raised by a single mother who was a scientist naruto alwa...
This is Me [Trans Denki AU] (ON HIATUS) by nonbinarymyheroweeb
This is Me [Trans Denki AU] (ON HI...by Dreamer
Denki always knew he was a boy. Even though he was born a girl, he never wore dresses, and he never played with dolls. Will Denki be loved or will he fail at love? and i...