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Sympathy Side Character by Mixture_Feels
Sympathy Side Characterby -Selene-
Etelle cannot accept it and she never will. Somehow after being transferred into an Otome Psycological Romance game, Etelle found herself in a body of an androgynous sex...
Wrong Body •Trans Tommyinnit au• by Jjboen_
Wrong Body •Trans Tommyinnit au•by Jay
"But why...why would they target you?" He asks The once comfortable feeling in the room was now replaced with tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. ...
Journey to Joseph by rhymeswithfry
Journey to Josephby Brian J. Rhymer
A transgender medieval adventure: Abandoned while disguised as a boy, Hildegund's journey home will lead to unexpected destinations. Twice Featured: - Wattpad Editor's C...
SICK BOY • TVD by DeformedCherry
SICK BOY • TVDby Cherry
In when the new person of Mystic Falls catches the eyes of both Supernatural gangs. OR When Vanya "Travis" Tafelski comes to Mystic Falls to escape his past.
Ethan And Life by GentlemanSnail
Ethan And Lifeby Gentleman Snail
Ethan, a 17 year old trans boy with mental health issues and strict parents, meets Ryan, a fun loving artist, and they quickly become friends, but as time goes one, will...
You Make Me Strong by abbynicole_
You Make Me Strongby abby
Harry was born a girl, but he was never happy that way. He kept it a secret for years, and didn't tell his mom until he was 17. Unfortunately, his mom didn't accept him...
Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile (Quick Transmigration) by KingKongggg213
Vicious Female Married Me With A S...by LibelRawr
Tao Ran's task is to prevent the blackening of the vicious female and save the lives and property of the people. He really just wanted to complete the task and bring mon...
Him  by GothamCityNews
Him by Zero
a story about a trans man who isnt yet exepted.
Reincarnated As The MALE Villain! Yandere Various Reverse Harem x Reader by xXYandereWriterXx
Reincarnated As The MALE Villain...by Yandere writer
"I'm a fucking hot man!" Y/n died of natural causes, drugs- Er- Just kidding, she was being a dumbass and fell off of a tall building. And now she gets a secon...
Elliot by aaaaaa_pain
Elliotby aaaaaa_pain
CW: homophobia, use of f-slur and t-slur Elisa Anderson always felt different. She didn't like female pronouns, she didn't like dresses, she didn't like feminine things...
Damian's Journey x3[FTM] by Ihaveneverlikedthis
Damian's Journey x3[FTM]by Joker Devil Boy x3
Donavon Montgomery wasn't always considered a freak...He use to be popular, and he had lots of 'friends' he was always at the top of his class, he had the best looking c...
Bound by screamingcheeses
Boundby Ash
For trans teen Gabe, his life has always been rough. After losing his dad to cancer and his sister to suicide, his mom turns to alcohol for comfort. When his mom discove...
Everyone can be Manly by SpeckledAspen
Everyone can be Manlyby Immortal Librarian
There he sat, in the girls' bathroom, crying. Tap tap tap "Hey! Are you okay in there?" A very kind, feminine voice rang out. She only wanted to help whoever c...
"What's your name?" by yuhluvvv
"What's your name?"by Whyhelloe
Oliver is transgender and is struggling with homophobic and transphobic parents, and just general dysphoria. His parents are pastors, so you can see how that complicates...
Lost boy (i am thinking of editing this) by emi_is_dead_inside
Lost boy (i am thinking of editing...by Emi is dead inside
Tw transphobia, abuse, trauma and mention of medical treatment Link is a trans guy but he finds out that his mum is dead and he has to navigate his way through life wit...
This is Me [Trans Denki AU] (ON HIATUS) by nonbinarymyheroweeb
This is Me [Trans Denki AU] (ON HI...by Dreamer
Denki always knew he was a boy. Even though he was born a girl, he never wore dresses, and he never played with dolls. Will Denki be loved or will he fail at love? and i...
Camdyn by Pancake_With_Class
Camdynby Sawyer Johnson
The story of an abused teenage boy
I'll Love You No Matter What // dreamnotfound by weirdcraftingtable13
I'll Love You No Matter What // dr...by weirdcraftingtable13
NOT MY ART!!! art creds to @gracelliee on Twitter. DNF high school trans ftm George au Dream is the classic high school (American) football jock and has a pretty great l...
Oxenfree by oliveroxenfree
Oxenfreeby Oliver Fields
Jacqueline Maressa has never felt comfortable with herself. She has always felt wrong beneath her skin. After months of consideration and discussions with her close frie...