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|: Cigarettes and Candy :| Carlisle Cullen Fanfiction  by greenmoths
|: Cigarettes and Candy :| Carlisl...by greenmoths
Forks seemed quiet and peaceful, the best place to live and stay out of trouble. Yet, all the town brought Declan was trouble. The town is full of the ordinary, the extr...
I'm not a princess! //ftm reader and mcyt people// by tsireyasboyfriend
I'm not a princess! //ftm reader a...by Finn
Y/n was treated all his life as his mother's little princess. After a discussion with his mother, he finds out that his mother is just using him and he doesn't like the...
Another Weasley (FTM OC) by Unordinary_Student
Another Weasley (FTM OC)by UnordinaryStudent
Ron's twin ends up being a little different from the family... Idk why but I felt like writing a fanfic tell me what you think Disclaimer: I do not own any characters th...
Night Creatures by lionwolf445a
Night Creaturesby Cato's Chaos
So this is a creature fic about Dudley and (trans) Harry running away at age five, finding three new best friends and growing up in the woods. Also bad light side and Da...
Yesterday is Today by unforgetablecrue
Yesterday is Todayby unforgetablecrue
Luciano Stone is a boy that lived with his druggie mother and stepfather. He got into a fight with a boy who was homophobic towards him. Later he finds out his mom was i...
Class 1-A Group Chat by _Insane_Bookworm_
Class 1-A Group Chatby Soba.sonaai
just as the title says. but they're crackheads literal crackheads especially one person in general enjoy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ● #1 in FTM #1 in Iideku #1 in ShinBaku #1 in Todo...
Wrong Body •Trans Tommyinnit au• by Jjboen_
Wrong Body •Trans Tommyinnit au•by Jay
"But why...why would they target you?" He asks The once comfortable feeling in the room was now replaced with tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. ...
The Dancer | #5✓ by saintc
The Dancer | #5✓by Saint Caliendo
Oliver is a dancer. He's been dancing all his life, and striving towards becoming a professional has always been his focus. Complications with his transition, skeletons...
Difference by SimplyAThought
Differenceby simply.a.thought
Everyone looked like Thomas since he's their host. Just some look a little different, especially the dark sides. Even the former ones. For example, Remus has white in hi...
✧ *: sunflower ・゚✧ by marvelkoolaid
✧ *: sunflower ・゚✧by ✧
[ #3 in transpeterparker ] peter had always been different. he never felt... right. by puberty, questions arose within him. he scoured the internet for answers to his bu...
A Man at Sea [COMPLETE] by queer_flowers
A Man at Sea [COMPLETE]by trans & queer historical roma...
Aboard ships, Eneas has always had luck finding someone to sleep with at night. But the young chef has never found romance, someone who truly understands his reasons for...
Project 43 by Ahoefromthewoods
Project 43by NotYourDad
Steve Roger's abandoned and abused little brother had to run away from the hell he was living in. He joined the war not caring if he lived or died but found something wo...
Over Him - Trans FTM Reader X Kyoya Ootori   by Canonically_Gay666
Over Him - Trans FTM Reader X Kyoy...by Ashton
Y/N is ready to celebrate their 6month anniversary with Tamaki Suoh, however Y/N had been doing some thinking about their gender identity. Once they talk to Tamaki, he b...
Click by SwapStories81
Clickby SwapStories81
15-year-old Simon Gates wakes up with the power to switch people's bodies with just a click of his finger. The best part, reality shifts with the switches.
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Kieran Valentine X MALE Reader (TRANS FTM) by MelancholyMilkshake
Kieran Valentine X MALE Reader (TR...by MILK
AN X MALE (trans FTM) READER - Because Kieran is gay. The aspect of Y/N being trans will not be of topic or of any conversation, it is not crucial to the story. So the e...
Spidey and Cricket (Friendship fic) by justa_pileof_trash
Spidey and Cricket (Friendship fic)by Alex
At an Iron-Man festival, Loki meets a young girl begging for help. Her aunt wants her to wear a dress, but the girl is having none of it. The girl doesn't realize it, bu...
Avengers x weak OC by Ineedmyhusbandos
Avengers x weak OCby Ineedmyhusbandos
Fragile, it's a word you might use to describe Eli Trace. He was kicked out of his parents kicked him out when he was 10 because they found out he was Transgender (FtM)...
Daryl Dixon x Male!OC by kingodds69
Daryl Dixon x Male!OCby king
story takes place during/after terminus this story includes trans male pregnancy because i said so, if that makes u uncomfortable please leave - Austin King(OC) is a t...
The Mystery Game by fictionster
The Mystery Gameby fictionster
Philip Got a mystery game read to check out what it is and what will happen
Beck's baby boy by gumdrop666
Beck's baby boyby gumdrop666
Reese Lopez is the new boy at school. He moved from Fort Worth, Texas to Los Angeles California a year and 2 months after a tragic accident. What happens when he starts...