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Melting Your Metal Heart by torturelover
Melting Your Metal Heartby someone's hope
A journey of an innocent boy who got trapped in the clutches of Kim's due to some unexpected turns in his parents life and to save his youngers brother .... He became a...
obsessed // j.m. by FadedCarnation
obsessed // j.m.by C
He leaned in close to me. "W-w-what are you doing." "I own you sweetheart," he whispered in my ear. "I possess your mind, body, and spirit.&quo...
What's mine is yours. by Reeuq1
What's mine is yours.by Amazing
Max, Col and Conner have been best friends since childhood. While Max and Col are the handsome, popular jocks loved all around town, Conner is a nobody. As the boys grow...
Submit To Me by babyyxpsych0
Submit To Meby 𝓑𝓪𝓫𝔂𝓹𝓼𝔂𝓬𝓱𝓸
Your life is a living hell. You have become a hermit due to an abusive father and a traumatic bullying experience. But just when She thinks life can't get any worse, she...
Obey Me x Reader Scenarios {FINISHED} by Curseblood17
Obey Me x Reader Scenarios {FINISH...by Curseblood17
The reader is whatever gender you want them to be since they are you. Requests are closed because this book is finished~ I wished to get this book to 200 chapters but sa...
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Obey me: a headcanon and ficlet collection by Officially_Nexidus
Obey me: a headcanon and ficlet co...by Nexidus
Headcanons and ficlets, just like the title suggests. The spicy version gets updated on my Ao3 account before here, jsyk. Please enjoy!
Obey me memes I found by lilypuppp
Obey me memes I foundby Yeveyi
I will be putting the memes in here cause I find them funny and want to share them. *I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE ART* to continue to go to the 2nd book, this book reached...
A REALM AWAY [obmxreader] by nxfelitare
A REALM AWAY [obmxreader]by astrea
(this is a sequel to my fanfic 'a text away'.) getting kidnapped by your online besties is totally normal! such a common experience! wait. why do they have horns? [she...
Obey Me (Fanfics, Head Cannons, One shots, and more!) by CALLINGMAYDAY
Obey Me (Fanfics, Head Cannons, On...by CALLINGMAYDAY
Just some Obey Me writings for you all! I own no characters or places mentioned unless mentioned otherwise!!!I don't really update on a schedule so I apologize if there...
♡Sweet as sugar ♡ by Chuus_Lover
♡Sweet as sugar ♡by Chuu’s Lover🧌
[ Obey me x Mitsuri Kanroji reader] [I do not own Obey me or Demon slayer]
Obey me Lucifer x Female reader - I Promise You Sequal by ATA-Onyx
Obey me Lucifer x Female reader...by Onyx
Sequal of "I Promise You" my very first obey me book Make sure you read the first version before this one so you get the memo of where we all left off ...
Out Of The Ashes  (MC x Lucifer) ✓ by axgirl13
Out Of The Ashes (MC x Lucifer) ✓by Kamila
Hi, This is a fanfic for the game Obey My by NTT Solmare. It's a love story of my MC Lhori and Lucifer. The first six chapters are more or less canon and happen while...
stories from hypnosis paradise by Lapi_scribbles
stories from hypnosis paradiseby Scribble
One shot stories from hypnosis paradise, be ready to be mesmerized. Do you want safe for work hypnosis stories? Do you want to read stories about mind control without s...
Obey me x Reader Oneshots by Beels_Wifey
Obey me x Reader Oneshotsby Beels_Wifey
Hi so I have a crush on all the characters but Lucifer and the twins have my heart Anyways I wanted to create oneshots because why not? Most of the stories are going to...
Obey | ∆Connor x Reader∆ by xhqnny
Obey | ∆Connor x Reader∆by hannah
Connor x Reader Fanfiction (gender neutral) Androids are machines, created to Obey humans and complete their tasks without a thought. They do so... That is until they b...
💛 Mammon x Reader 18+ Oneshots 💛 by splinterteeth
💛 Mammon x Reader 18+ Oneshots 💛by Jasper ♡
[DONT U DARE ATTACK ME FOR WHAT YOUNGER ME WROTE OK???!?!?!] I am an uber Mammon fan!!! So I've decided to write some oneshots, they will be marked with the emojis liste...
Velleity by -greeenn
Velleityby akiakiaki
(Obey me! Mammon x male reader) "Who are you?" "Secret!" In which you became accidental penpals with your guardian angel. . . . . . . (I do not own O...
🌸 Obey Me Scenarios/HC 🌸 by Fuzzybuns0w0
🌸 Obey Me Scenarios/HC 🌸by Fuzzybuns0w0
Hey everyone this book will have scenarios, headcannons, and one shots, II'll try to post as often as possible but please keep in mind that I do have school :)
Moved In || Obey Me Bothers || Depressed Mc by xxgachasunflowerxx
Moved In || Obey Me Bothers || Dep...by xX_Kãy Ãnïmãtïōnz_Xx
⚠️!!TW!!⚠️: This story includes self harm, an eating disorder, attempted sewerslide, purging, etc. You have recently moved to a house that was claimed to be haunted. You...