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Thomas Jefferson's Coming Home (A Thomas Jefferson x Reader) by Chromatica_Schuyler
Thomas Jefferson's Coming Home ( Kindness Punk
Y/n Washington, the only child of America's first President George Washington. At 18 years old you are the most desirable woman in America right now, but you're not inte...
Hamilkid - Adopted by Hamilton by calyork
Hamilkid - Adopted by Hamiltonby cal
Evie hasn't had the best luck. She's been tossed in and out of homes for years. She's come to accept that people don't stay in her life for very long. And that's fine...
Adopted by Hamilton by anothercrazyfangirll
Adopted by Hamiltonby anothercrazyfangirll
Paige lives a gruesome life in the foster care system. Every home makes it look like her life is going to get worse. She's about to give up on home when someone walks in...
What The Heck I Gotta Do To Be With You (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader) by TheREALElizaHamilton
What The Heck I Gotta Do To Be Eliza Hamilton
You met Lin at "Hamilton" auditions, and since then, you've had a huge crush at him. Then, you're introduced to your best friend's new boyfriend... a.k.a., Lin...
Family of Hamilton-ON HIATUS by DaniaDewese
Family of Hamilton-ON HIATUSby LoveIsLove_Dania
Dania is orphaned at the age of 9 in 2009. She moves to NYC to live with her aunt & uncle. She meets Lin Manuel Miranda one fateful night. What happens next...
Fearless // Lafayette x Reader by newtselvish
Fearless // Lafayette x Readerby ash!
When (Y/N) joins the rebellion, she has no idea what she's in for. She'll meet her best friends. She'll meet the bravest soldier she ever knew. She'll meet the love o...
Belong - an adopted by Hamilton fanfic [Hamilton] by Chilnava
Belong - an adopted by Hamilton chilnava
To belong is a verb that Ruth has barely ever experienced. Her parents gave her up, only nine years old. And as any nine-year-old would've done - she waited for them to...
Times : Daveed Diggs by EuphoriaInMania
Times : Daveed Diggsby Euphoria
Previously Titled: Out Alexandria Miranda found herself left alone in the theatre one night after her older brother, Lin-Manuel, left her there, thinking she was already...
Adopted by Hamilton by abi_fanzel
Adopted by Hamiltonby Abigail
Major Cover Creds to @mayzealand ORIGINAL ADOPTED BY HAMILTON FANFIC Follow Abigail as she gets adopted by the entire cast of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton, and basi...
Suddenly Bodies Switch by enby-jaque
Suddenly Bodies Switchby Jaque McLaughlin
After Lin and the crew are supposedly done with Hamilton, they have a sort of goodbye party to their career in the theatre, at least concerning the show. Little do they...
Out Into The Light (A Hamilton Fanfic) by hlwing
Out Into The Light (A Hamilton hlwing
Lark Evans is a girl that bleeds secrets, she doesn't mean to, but it's just in her best interests. Incredibly, she ends up meeting Lin-Manuel Miranda. And that just mig...
I Fall Apart by lmmfan882
I Fall Apartby lmmfan882
Takes place two years after the conclusion of "Stranger". Nora is 15 and her mother is on a downhill spiral.
Back to: 1780's (A Hamilton Fan Fiction) by lagopusalopex
Back to: 1780's (A Hamilton Fan Rêve
Alyssa founds herself in a situation that many would call a dream and many others a nightmare. She is forced to give up on the life she always knew to get used to a comp...
Wish: A Hamilton Fanfiction by bLueButterfly13_
Wish: A Hamilton Fanfictionby blue
When she wrote a fan letter to Lin-Manuel Miranda, she never thought her wildest dreams could come true. But an unexpected surprise leaves her alone in New York with nob...
Stranger by lmmfan882
Strangerby lmmfan882
Lin discovers he has a 13 year old daughter by an ex-girlfriend. She's had a rough life up until now. When her mother is arrested, Lin and his wife Vanessa take her in.
Hamilton watches Hamilton by adi_2020
Hamilton watches Hamiltonby Hamilton_fangirl
Exactly what the title says. Inspired by a lot of different similar books. characters included: Me, Adi (to help them out ) Alexander Hamilton ( duh) Aaron burr John La...
{Magical Life} {READER X JACK} by ScarlettBlack413
{Magical Life} {READER X JACK}by Scarlett Black
What if Mary Poppins was part of the Wizarding World? (Y/N) was Kate Banks older sister and moved into her brother in-law's home about a year later to be closer to the o...
Let me in by LittleBird1041
Let me inby Raven Skyy
Annalise is a 24 year old woman going through a nasty divorce. What happens when she drags her date to the local theater to watch Hamilton and things go haywire. How wil...
hamilton one shots (smut & floof) by alexs_lazy_corner
hamilton one shots (smut & floof)by Alex
Just some one shots. Both fluff and smut ;). I update whenever i feel like it so once in the 1 or 2 weeks. Hope you enjoy!
Befallen childhood- Adopted by Hamilton by gm_stories
Befallen childhood- Adopted by gm_stories
Olivia Park is a hurting girl with lots of talent, lost dreams, a lonely young life, and ten dollars. Ten dollars to see a show. Three lucky meetings. And a chance for a...