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Silence - Adopted By Elizabeth Olsen by elizabethsdaddy
Silence - Adopted By Elizabeth elizabethsdaddy
Elizabeth is an actress preparing for her next big movie by following a teacher's internship in a small, conservative town. It doesn't take long for one of her students...
I Once Met a Stranger... by wandaassemble1
I Once Met a WandaOlsen10
Y/N, 23, living in L.A as an architect, has no time for fun and dating. What happens when her closest friends sets up an online dating account for her? Will she finally...
Love On-Screen // Elizabeth Olsen by MagandangAnghel18
Love On-Screen // Elizabeth Olsenby MagandangAnghel18
Fem Y/n x Elizabeth Olsen Elizabeth and Y/n have never met but what happens when fate collides and Y/n finds Lizzie in the middle of a panic attack? And what happens wh...
Lizzie Olsen and Dr Axwell by Wandasmagicalfingers
Lizzie Olsen and Dr Axwellby Wandasmagicalfingers
You are a neurosurgeon at Seattle Grace Mercy West. What happens when you meet a woman at the local bar. Will she change your life forever. You are Dr Theo Axwell and i...
two doors down by loon_maximoff
two doors downby loon_maximoff
lizzie olsen au tw emotionally absent father, alcohol @buse. others will be on the chapter so basically lizzie (who isnt famous) moves into the same street as y/n and ro...
One soul, two bodies | Wanda Maximoff by bibliothecariusa
One soul, two bodies | Wanda Miko
(Y/N) is a vampire, she wasn't searching for love or anything else. She just wanted peace for herself, but will it be that way or is something else coming her way? There...
Natasha/Scarlett daughter one shots by maximoffjohansson
Natasha/Scarlett daughter one shotsby wandanat
Oneshots of mama nat/scarlett with daughter reader :)
Earphones by fan_stars
Earphonesby Fan_stars
Locked in her little routine, Alexia lives her life too comfortably until her life begins to fall apart as the same time that she meets a famous actress, Elizabeth Olsen...
just a spark by olsenismywifey
just a sparkby sen
Y/N's life changes one day when she is rushing to her next class. Y/N is in her final year of studying acting at NYU, when all a sudden something, well someone, changes...
Wrong Number by wandaaaromanoff
Wrong Numberby mentally kate’s wife
Lizzie - The girl you fell the hardest for. Beautiful and sweet. Hailee - Your first love. Cute and funny, but very jealous girl. Alissa - The person you most care abo...
marvel women | one shots  by flobelova
marvel women | one shots by flobelova
marvel women one shots, includes characters plus their actors. gxg, g!p etc.
Natasha romanoff x daughter wanda oneshots by maximoffjohansson
Natasha romanoff x daughter wandanat
what the title says :) requests always open.
Adopted by Scarlett Johansson by marvlfann89
Adopted by Scarlett Johanssonby Marvel fan
What happens when Y/n, a 14 year old orphan meets a famous actress at the store? Y/n has lived at an orphanage for most of her life, because her parents died in a car ac...
this is going to be that same as the scar/Nat one but just Lizzie/Wanda one. Hope you guys like it!!
Marvel CAST Whump shots by belovasxlove
Marvel CAST Whump shotsby belovasxlove
So my one shots book was becomming a whump book, So I decided to do one just purely dedicated to whump shots, especially when the only ones I see on Wattpad a Peter Park...
Breath love - adopted by Elizabeth Olsen by nienwrites
Breath love - adopted by nienwrites
[WEEKLY UPDATES! FRIDAY] Riley Mae Foster has been an orphan for four years now. She is waiting to turn 18 so she can leave the orphanage. Nobody wants to adopt a random...
Social Media | H.S&F.P by angstydisaster
Social Media | H.S&F.Pby katebishopsfavassasin
Hailee Steinfeld & Florence Pugh's story after 'Hawkeye' [Also includes A LOT: Elizabeth Olsen/Scarlett Johansson] Don't like? DON'T READ. This is not to be taken seriou...
female celebrity comfort stories by marleyromanoff
female celebrity comfort storiesby marley:)
one shots of female celebrities/characters + non-binary/female reader. requests open:) no smut. literally just for all the little ones with mommy issues out there lookin...
Scarletwidow One Shots by perfxctlynat
Scarletwidow One Shotsby ella <3
one shots written about wanda maximoff and natasha romanoff's relationship!! important milestones: 100k - 23rd of February 2021
Adopted by Elizabeth Olsen by imfinekxx
Adopted by Elizabeth Olsenby imfinekxx
14 year old Alexa Harrison had given up all hope on ever being adopted a long time ago. She had been between foster families and care homes all her life. After all she j...