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Captured To Become A Vampire Prince's Bride by byugancrystal
Captured To Become A Vampire Princ...by Jessica
Arianne Rosalina DeWynters found herself in trouble one evening while she was exploring the park with her best friend. She's kidnapped, taken to another place- another w...
The Vampire King by miss__imperfection_
The Vampire Kingby Jitika Salhan
Highest rank - #1 in Vampire ** In a world far beyond human imagination, into the deep roots of the vampire realm he ruled. For over a century, he's known to be the most...
Just let me go by imweirdsoareyou
Just let me goby alix
Michael is unlucky and always was. A few years ago, he ended an overwhelming relationship with his boyfriend because of reasons that have yet to be uncovered. Years la...
Locked away • Jonah Marais  by lovebird971
Locked away • Jonah Marais by lovebird971
Back by popular demand...Locked away • • • After a few seconds of me struggling and fighting against the person who grabbed me, they finally got me into the back of the...
Denied! [Book 1 Of The Denied! Series] (Editing Terribly Slowly) by AmorAuctor
Denied! [Book 1 Of The Denied! Ser...by AmorAuctor
WARNING! MAJOR ROOKIE BOOK!! READING THIS WILL BE THE WORST MISTAKE YOU COULD EVER MAKE!! Roxanne Never Wanted A Mate, But Every Wolf Had One.. Including Her.. She Find...
Goku betrayed and sent to Dc | Goku x Harem  by Fan-_-Fiction
Goku betrayed and sent to Dc | Gok...by Fan-_-Fiction
In this exciting crossover scenario, Goku finds himself betrayed and trapped in the Time Chamber, but his fortunes take a turn when he is granted a remarkable opportunit...
✔~Locked In Paradise~✔ by Alex_Furry_Fiction
✔~Locked In Paradise~✔by Dyl <3
Zach, a fifteen year old deer furry is going on a vacation to a luxurious resort in Mexico! When it comes to entertainment, he'll get everything he wants; pacifiers, bot...
Beyond Control by Astral_Astraea
Beyond Controlby Astraea
Entering the world of high technologies, you see the modern and futuristic life, which allows you to live lavishly and comfortingly undisturbed. Behind all the technolo...
Fastest of the Woods by Wolfbane
Fastest of the Woodsby Aconite
"You have to believe me," he whispered in my ear, making my knees go a little weak at the effect. "How? How can I ever believe anything that comes out of...
DIARY OF A JAIL KID by Josh-Jensen
Summer vacation turns into a nightmare for 11-year old Josh. He gets arrested for shoplifting, spanked by his father and sentenced to juvenile jail.
Locked | Muke by darkness288
Locked | Mukeby darkness288
Połączyły ich kajdanki, więc co tym razem może ponownie połączyć ich relacje? ❄❄❄ "Locked" jest drugą częścią "Handcuffed". Zalecałabym przeczyta...
Locked Up by kittylodge
Locked Upby Kitty
Draco and Hermione returned for their 8th year. It all started during Potions. Ginny and Blaise seemed to be planning something, and suddenly, Hermione and Draco found t...
The Lost Princess by PS_Love
The Lost Princessby Lily & Emma
In the balmy seaside kingdom of Astolat, Princess Gwenifver led a peaceful and content existence, training to claim the throne and unite her kingdom with Camelot's throu...
His Captive Light by merethoughts24
His Captive Lightby Mere Thoughts
"You are a beast. You are such a beast " screamed by Laila .This was the first time he heard her voice. It was melodic for him. Gabriel said " You think t...
Locked together  by UbaLala9
Locked together by UbaLala9
Some AUs get trapped together for a year, what will happen?
Locked in by TEPTheIdiot
Locked inby TEP
An Omori Sunburn Fanfiction Thumbnail Source: https://twitter.com/liaromori/status/1395646148325543938/ This fanfaction was based on the image. Omori was created by Omoc...
Locked fifth harmony/you by EvelynHuff
Locked fifth harmony/youby Humanbean
After the legal system fell through, the United States decided that after criminals, no matter how big or small got out of prison they would be paired with a person or g...
Victorious Gang: Locked Up! by HypnoticMemories16
Victorious Gang: Locked Up!by ℐadelyn. =Þ
Take place after Robbie accidentally kills the Chancellor's octopus, which landed the whole gang to be put in Yerbanian prison. Some changes - including the fence separa...
Locked (Artemis x Kid Flash) Young Justice Fan Fiction by RinzlerHero
Locked (Artemis x Kid Flash) Young...by Rinzler Productions
While out on a mission, Artemis and Kid Flash get locked together in a dark and cramped room with nothing inside it other than each other. What will happen between these...