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It's Just Business by Sadaf3232
It's Just Businessby Sadaf3232
BOOK 1 OF THE 'It's Just Business' SERIES Sam Anderson, CEO of Anderson's Corporation is a tough, straightforward, serious man who only speaks the language of business. ...
The Last Dance by xoStardust
The Last Danceby xoStardust
Prince John's biggest fear? Becoming King, and everything to do with it, from the sheltered life, to someday having to get married. Celia, a lady knight, minus the 'Lady...
Looking After You by SimplyFictional
Looking After Youby Skylar Fae
Jenny Loren was a firecracker, she was spirited and extremely passionate about life and everything it entailed. James Jenson couldn't help but look ahead to the pure ago...
I need this, so why not make a whole chatroom out of it?
Us │✔ by dreamcatcher0105
Us │✔by dreamcatcher_0105
- ❝So Jivika beta, how are your tenth class going?❞ - That moment when you let out an awkward smile because talking to strangers was risky, and I wasn't the one who woul...
Looking at you- Hiddleswift / Swiddleston (Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston) by violetta_rosie
Looking at you- Hiddleswift / Swid...by Violet
the question they always ask is how can you keep your eyes off somebody you love so much? This story is for @Oeuvre16 I hope you all like it
The Awakening of the Vampire Princess by MaskedAuthor
The Awakening of the Vampire Princ...by Nina
This princess is about to find out her powers aren't as harmless as they seen. Amber Young was an outcast at school and got badly bullied. Darcy her sister also convince...
Looking for Alaska by Flooo07
Looking for Alaskaby Flooo07
just some quotes I can't seem to erase off my mind. I loved Looking for Alaska and I hope you love the quotes as much as I do. Kinda a sequel to my Paper Towns quote bo...
Looking After the Harrison Boys {Old version!} by farttart
Looking After the Harrison Boys {O...by It's down there, lazy pickle...
(Please don't read this one! A newer version will be uploaded sometime soon. But just to let you guys know, some of the events in this one may occur in the new one! :D) ...
Reckless by ItsPrettyReckless
Recklessby ItsPrettyReckless
Some things are just unintended... like bumping into a conceited vampire at a party, hating his guts then - against all your better judgement and frequent protests - ine...
You're Mine // Elmo Films  by xxemily1Dxx
You're Mine // Elmo Films by xxemily1Dxx
Charlotte Kingsnorth is a British YouTuber, she is best friends with Millie T, she is also sisters with Anastasia Kingsnorth, what happens when Millie invites her down t...
Long Lost Alpha Daughter by MaskedScorpian
Long Lost Alpha Daughterby MaskedScorpian
Samantha Faith isn't just your average 17 year-old girl. Oh no, way off that actually. In reality, she is a werewolf - a she-wolf. But her childhood wasn't normal either...
Stick around, it might be pleasant. Kanao x Aoi fluff by SweetestSweet12
Stick around, it might be pleasant...by Scarlet Hearts
Aoi takes care of many people definitely more then once but to her surprise one day Kanao comes back injured. Luckily not too bad but still quite injured. Aoi and Kanao...
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They Were Expecting A Lady, Instead They Met Me (Part II) by flying-person
They Were Expecting A Lady, Instea...by Anthie
Book Two of 'The Tales of the Royal Lunatic' It has been scientifically determined that Emilee Kate Willows is most definitely insane. Well, not really scientifically bu...
wakiya x reader by babybluelion54321
wakiya x readerby babybluelion
Wakiya x reader/ short stories/ one shots And request are always open 😝 and I never have anything to do so I'll write them
Crushing on a Lioness (Harry Potter Fan Fiction) by WhyisMyRumGone
Crushing on a Lioness (Harry Potte...by Kat Shy
Cedric has been crushing on Hermione but he's never been closer than a meter away from her. But that's the least of his problems, the Triwizard Tournament is looming ove...
Looking Glass II- A Leap Of Time - HMK ( In Progress ) by HaythemHMK
Looking Glass II- A Leap Of Time...by HMK
Victor Parker found a mysterious object in front of his house. From the author of "Adam and Elena" "Black hole kid" and "My Robot Friend" C...
In My Eyes (Watty Awards 2012) by flying-person
In My Eyes (Watty Awards 2012)by Anthie
This is a spin-off of the story 'He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me', Book One of 'The Tales of a Royal Lunatic' Crown Prince Christopher of the vampire...
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