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Lost Gem by Davina_K_Cruz
Lost Gemby Buttercup baby❤
After years of abuse Anastasia has shut herself within emotionless walls. Even if the physical and mental abuse have broken her to the high extent, her kindness never du...
Chaotic Relations by Niatewari
Chaotic Relationsby Nia
Ruhanika Senghal hates changes. Even though her life is not the best, she is content with how it is. What will happen when she will have to change her house, her city an...
Lost Mafia Princesses  by LKAalexxis
Lost Mafia Princesses by alexxis;)
Vera was the youngest to the Don of the Italian mafia. Her and her sisters, Ariella and Alicia, were kidnapped a young age, causing the family to break apart. 14 ye...
The mafia brothers lost Little Sister(7 Brothers And Sister) by Moonlight_storys_1
The mafia brothers lost Little Sis...by Moonlight
Sophia is a 6 year old girl who is getting hurt by her step dad but unfortunately died by a car crash so she has to go live with her 7 brothers who she doesn't really kn...
The deadly triplets by Tatiana_frog_08
The deadly tripletsby Tatiana
The Russo family hasn't had a girl born in the bloodline for generations. It all changes when Angela Rose Russo and her twins are born. The Russo family's life changes t...
Mafia's Lost Principessa by emeline_writes
Mafia's Lost Principessaby Emeline_writes
Aiden Eleanor Arcarrdi, a 5 years old living with her so-called family. She is brave like her name and is quite intelligent for her age. Her mother took her from her fam...
The Missing Mafia Princess  by AshSmith321
The Missing Mafia Princess by Ash
Alexis Miller, who lived with her "family", soon will find out that they weren't her real family Alexis Miller, a brave, strong girl and a girl that doesn't t...
Their Little Flower by Melisourire
Their Little Flowerby Meli
Maddalena is a 16-year-old girl and a life with no siblings and pain is all that she has ever known. She grew up in the city under the care of her mother and stepfather...
Darkest  by lia_lia010
Darkest by Lia-lia
Book one of the Found series 🫧Don't break a bird's wings and then tell it to fly. Don't break a heart and then tell it to love. Don't break a soul and then tell it to...
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Mafia queen *extremely slow updates* by depressionishard
Mafia queen *extremely slow update...by xcrdsmxcqkprivaterel
Meet Athena De Luca, she is 16-years-old, she has had abusive foster parents for a while but doesn't live with them she runs her own mafia. She's also the CEO of 'ena C...
Our short disaster  by llinson28
Our short disaster by llinson28
The 3 boys and The twins meet Nova and her twin Noah finally get everything they've wanted after living 16 years of torture with their mother. The 3 boys become the mos...
Mafia King and Queen by Mafialoversss_123
Mafia King and Queenby Mafialoversss_123
************************************** Young Isabella Grey runs away on her 18th birthday to find her long lost father who apparently left her and her mother when she wa...
Her Crimson Destiny  by lucine_thats_me
Her Crimson Destiny by lucine_thats_me
Ava(Stella) is a kind,smart and quiet girl who has been abused by her so called ' parents ' everyday for as long as she can remember. She has been slapped , pushed, whip...
The Return of the Mafia Princess by Zoe2596
The Return of the Mafia Princessby Zoe
If you love mafia stories then this is the story for you. I have read so many mafia stories so I wanted to write my take on the genre. I suck at writing so bear with me...
Her resilience  by Cupidx_143
Her resilience by Cupidx_143
Gianna has lived with her mother her entire life. It has always been just the two of them. After she dies what will happen to Gianna when she finds out that she has 5 ol...
Their Little Saviour by GuruGirly
Their Little Saviourby Lucy
Being given away as a child had some major effects on Sofia's life. She could never really understand why her parents didn't want her. But what happens when she finds ou...
THE MAFIA & the dragon by NaMichan4569
THE MAFIA & the dragonby Leeya N
A young girl who live in korea with her 'parent'.Thought, it was perfect but sadly it's not. The young child was mentally & physically abuse by her 'mother'.Being neglec...