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D O L L  [l.s] by lovemeplease28
D O L L [l.s]by love me please?
"Because you're mine, from now on you belong to me. Understood?" "Wha- what do you mea-" "Understood, Harry?" "Yes." "Yes wh...
Look After You by Linnaax3
Look After Youby Linnaax3
Harry is the father of a beautiful baby boy named Adrian, he moves out to Doncaster in search of a new start with his son. When Adrian starts school, he gets bullied, Ha...
Undead Angels by Linnaax3
Undead Angelsby Linnaax3
What would happen if your whole life was suddenly lost, you awake in the mist of an apocalypse, unaware of what's to come. What would your first thoughts be? Family? Fri...
SEX [LARRY STYLINSON // ENGLISH] by secret_in_armis
SEX [LARRY STYLINSON // ENGLISH]by without_feelings
Tired of having no experience, they decided to have sex together. Louis and Harry are two friends who have sex. Excited storyline with a bit a drama and smut. [Ziam inc...
Don't you dare - Larry Stylinson smut by Only_Angel_31
Don't you dare - Larry Stylinson s...by Angel 丰
It is just one of One Direction's usual performances. Yet this time, poor Louis get's teased by band member Harry. While Louis struggles with a problem 𝘥𝘰𝘸𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘳...
Maybe one day by randymyqueen
Maybe one dayby randymyqueen
Louis is a very gentle alpha, he wants nothing more then to meet his omega and take care of them. Harry and Marcel are two very sweet omegas who lost trust in alphas a...
written on these walls||larry by cqlamityaep
written on these walls||larryby madi
"I don't wanna teach you English, I wanna kiss your lips." Or where Harry is a cute Italian boy who needs a tutor and Louis is a messed up boy with bad grades.
Larry Stylinson Smut // L.S. by 5t2646
Larry Stylinson Smut // L.S.by Sofia Hysler
Larry Smut Harry!top Louis!top Harry!bottom Louis!bottom Gonna be updating soon. English is not my first language so please don't judge me for grammar or vocabulary mis...
Larry One-Shots by xavocadozx
Larry One-Shotsby xavocadozx
exactly what the title says.
Dear Mr T.  by tamalverde_stylinson
Dear Mr T. by ci joseph
¿Un director de preparatoria frustrado sexualmente? No. Un director que no puede acostarse con quien desea, desquitándose con sus queridos estudiantes, es como se descri...
Hoping to be loved by you....... by larrys_love_xoxo
Hoping to be loved by you.......by larrys_love_xoxo
"What did I do to deserve your hate , louis. You were never like this before the marriage .,." Harry whimpered " don't you know what happened? Do you want...
Louis pet (Legoshi x Louis)  by Cindy_Loo_whoo
Louis pet (Legoshi x Louis) by GyhattBigGhost
Idk what to put well uhmmm😕 ✨WARNING✨ Gay😋 A bit of smut❤️ (maybe cringy)😔 AND I might not Finnish this 😬
Teasing You Is Only Making Me Want You More by awkwardkylie
Teasing You Is Only Making Me Want...by Kylie
Louis has been teasing me all week. Constantly touching me where ever and when ever he gets the chance and it's driving me absolutely insane...
You and I forever 💚💙(l.s){One Shots} by Larryisrealfckers
You and I forever 💚💙(l.s){One Sh...by sucker_for_larry💚💙
Harry and Louis being cute little boyfriends(fluff) and a side of very detailed smut😗✌️💚💙
Baby boy by MuchFanFic
Baby boyby MuchFanFic
While simply looking for a baby boy Harry ends up with falling for the one and only Liam Tomlinson who's anything but submissive but so is Harry
Into You by wotyouwant01
Into Youby i'm gay af
"hazza, are you drunk?" "I'm not Thomas, I'm Harry Styles" "I love you, why don't you ignore me and even fuck with a lot of men" "I...
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«My ballet dancer.» [Larry Stylinson] by 1Dir3ct1on
«My ballet dancer.» [Larry Stylins...by ✨Rozay✨
Mi pequeño bailarín de ballet, tanta gente que te a lastimado por celos de lo que podrías llegar a ser, pero no te preocupes, yo te enseñaré a como seguir brillando pase...
Zèle by louiblossom_28
Zèleby cogemos?🤍
que pasaría cuando te llega tu primer celo mientras estás en el baño de la universidad en la que estudias y te encuentra tu mejor amigo? o en donde a harry le llega su p...
Uniquely Perfect by British0boy0bands
Uniquely Perfectby Lou'srightbuttcheeck
"Hey, what happened" Niall almost whispered closing the door awkwardly because he had ice cream and movies in his hands. Bless that boy, what would I do withou...